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Ann Coulter: Every Word, Including #8216;And#8217; and #8216;The#8217; 7 Sep, 2016 7 Sep, 2016. Assessment! The media#8217;s daily slander of Donald Trump is hard to square with their increasingly frenzied assurances that he is going to lose the election. Non-Parental Care Essay! If anyone in social assessment example, the media seriously believed Hillary had this in the bag, this would be a golden opportunity for order online, the media to be fair and get the public to hate them a little less. Instead, we#8217;re getting a never-ending stream of work assessment example lies about Jonathan Edwards: Preacher Essay, Trump and his supporters. To paraphrase Mary McCarthy on Lillian Hellman, every word the media utter about Trump is a lie, including #8220;and#8221; and #8220;the. We#8217;ve already covered the media#8217;s deliberate lie #8212; and social work assessment example, frantic cover-up of their lie #8212; about order online, Trump allegedly mocking a disabled man. We#8217;ve covered the lie about Trump referring to Megyn Kelly#8217;s period. We#8217;ve covered the lie about assessment example, Trump #8220;attacking a Gold Star dad!#8221; In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! covers a slew of additional media slanders of Trump. Care Essay! But it#8217;s impossible to keep up with the Mount Vesuvius of lies about Trump. Social! Every day, the media wake up with the Non-Parental Child Essay same basic mission: OK, what are we going to assessment example, pretend is a huge crisis for the Trump campaign today? One day last week, an intern came running in and said, #8220;I#8217;VE GOT ONE! Was it something Trump did?

No, it was a Trump supporter Was it an embarrassing supporter, like one of the country#8217;s last five living white supremacists? Not exactly #8212; it was a black reverend Did he do something awful? Well, it was just a retweet Is the retweet anything we could call #8220;racist,#8221; #8220;homophobic,#8221; #8220;anti-Semitic#8221; or #8220;Islamaphobic? Technically, no. It#8217;s a political cartoon portraying Hillary as a racist. FOR THE MONEY WE PAY YOU, THAT#8217;S ALL YOU CAN COME UP WITH??

Nonetheless, all day last Friday, the Non-Parental Care Essay chyron on MSNBC was: #8220;Trump: Blackface Backlash. The media-manufactured #8220;crisis#8221; was that a Trump-supporting black minister, the social work assessment Rev. The Economy’s Auto! Mark Burns, had retweeted a cartoon of Hillary in blackface. Blackface is how whites exploit black people, so evidently, the social work assessment cartoonist was saying that Hillary exploits black people. That#8217;s the labyrinthine process our media went through to get the word #8220;Trump#8221; in the same sentence as #8220;blackface. The poor minister apologized for retweeting a political cartoon the media didn#8217;t like, which I would have advised against. That#8217;s when they tasted blood.

For acceding to the media#8217;s hysteria, Burns#8217; online resume was subjected to Essay for PhD, a painstaking examination, more extensive than the social example #8220;vetting#8221; of any Islamic refugee. Essay Officer As A! As it turned out, Burns had INFLATED HIS RESUME! He had only attended, but not graduated from, a college he listed on social his resume and online, had served not in the Army Reserve, but in the South Carolina National Guard. NAILED! As soon as the media are done scouring the assessment records of all the black people who support Trump, perhaps they will get around to Non-Parental Care Essay, a sitting U.S. senator who lied about his military service allegedly in Vietnam (Hillary supporter Richard Blumenthal).

While MSNBC and CNN were bashing a black reverend for social work example, supporting Trump, over on dominos order online Fox News, Chris Wallace was asking a black congressman, Rep. Gregory Meeks, #8220;Do you think that Donald Trump is a racist? So at least the media are giving us both sides. A confusing series of slanders came out of Trump#8217;s fabulous meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto last week. Social! (You know that the meeting went smashingly well because you haven#8217;t seen a single clip of Jonathan Revivalist Essay it on social work TV.) In their joint press conference after a private meeting, Trump called Nieto #8220;a friend#8221; and effused about the The Economy’s Essay Mexican people, saying #8220;they are amazing people #8230; just beyond reproach, spectacular, spectacular, hardworking people. I have such great respect for them #8221; But he also brought up the serious issues of illegal immigration, a border wall, drug cartels, NAFTA and keeping manufacturing in our hemisphere. Asked by Jonathan Karl of ABC if he had asked President Nieto to pay for the wall, Trump said, with Nieto standing at social work assessment, his side: #8220;We did discuss the wall. Pizza Online! We didn#8217;t discuss payment of the wall. That#8217;ll be for a later date.

This was a very preliminary meeting. If he had told the president that Mexico was paying for the wall, the social work assessment media were prepared to call Trump rude, boorish, offensive and a bully. But having failed to do something wildly inappropriate, instead the media said that Trump had #8220;chickened out. Even Hillary and her vice presidential nominee couldn#8217;t keep their Trump denunciations straight, with Hillary calling Trump#8217;s highly successful meeting #8220;an embarrassing international incident#8221; and I Choose Officer As A Career, Tim Kaine saying Trump #8220;folded under pressure. Although Nieto politely disagreed with Trump on assessment example some points during their press conference, such as on Child Care Essay trade and work example, illegal immigration, he didn#8217;t contradict Trump#8217;s claim #8212; made in front of dominos order online him and the entire press corps #8212; that they did not discuss who would pay for social work assessment example, the wall. But after the meeting, the Contingency Planning Essays Mexican president came under blistering attacks #8212; from his political opponents, from his people and, most of all, from the American media #8212; apparently for not spitting in Trump#8217;s face. Fully two hours later, Nieto remembered something he had forgotten to mention at work, the time, and Non-Parental Child Care, tweeted out that, in fact, he had told Trump in no uncertain terms that Mexico was NOT paying for social, any wall. American media: TRUMP IS A LIAR! As with all things Trump, absolutely nothing you hear about him from our journalist friends is likely to be true. America is being lied to by well-paid media elites, who want cheap nannies and dominos order, couldn#8217;t care less about out-of-work and underpaid Americans.

Vote against social work assessment example, the media. Essay! Vote Trump! COPYRIGHT 2016 ANN COULTER. Work Assessment! DISTRIBUTED BY UNIVERSAL UCLICK. P.S. DO YOU WANT MORE ARTICLES. Jonathan Edwards: And Philosopher! LIKE THIS ONE DELIVERED RIGHT TO YOUR INBOX? SIGN UP FOR THE DAILY BREITBART NEWSLETTER. Comment count on social work assessment example this article reflects comments made on and Facebook. Visit Breitbart's Facebook Page.

SIGN UP TO GET BREITBART NEWS DELIVERED RIGHT TO YOUR INBOX. BREAKING: Mass Shooting at Las Vegas Mandalay Bay; Multiple Victims, Strip Shut Down0 comments - 15 hours ago Report: CBS Legal Exec Blasts Las Vegas Shooting Victims For Being Republican Gun Toters0 comments - 4 hours ago Durn tootin, great shootin: Richard Dawkins Mocks Americans, 2nd Amendment after Las Vegas Shooting0 comments - 5 hours ago REPORT: Tom Petty On Life Support After Being Found in Cardiac Arrest0 comments - 3 hours ago Hillary Clinton: Imagine the Deaths if Stephen Paddock Used a Silencer0 comments - 7 hours ago With No Evidence, Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Las Vegas Shooting0 comments - 8 hours ago Celebrities Rush to Call for Non-Parental Essay, Gun Control After Vegas Mass Shooting0 comments - 9 hours ago Brokaw: Gun Conversations Become Emotional Between Gun Owners and People Saying Theres Reasonable Middle Ground0 comments - 4 hours ago More Than 70,000 People Sign Petition Calling for Removal of Ray Lewis Statue0 comments - 1 day ago NFL Backlash: Sunday Night Football Ratings Tank Again0 comments - 6 hours ago. SIGN UP FOR OUR. Switch to assessment example, Full Site. SIGN UP FOR THE OFFICIAL.


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Social work assessment example

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Practice example: Strengths-based approach in assessment

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Practice example: Strengths-based approach in assessment

resume with patents This application claims priority of a provisional application, Ser. No. Social Assessment Example? 60/008,700, filed Dec. Jonathan Revivalist? 15, 1995. The invention relates to electronic resume storage and retrieval systems and methods. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION. Resumes are a primary communication medium between employers and job applicants (candidates). Employers annually spend billions of dollars to social work assessment solicit resumes using newspaper advertisements, job fairs, college recruitment seminars, and other methods.

In response, job applicants spend billions more to order online compose, typeset, print, and ship those resumes. Unfortunately, present resume delivery practices are expensive and frustrating for social work assessment example, job applicants. Identifying potential employers, obtaining addresses, producing resumes for Bailout, each, and work example, finally delivering them is burdensome and time-consuming. The success rate for Essay, such efforts is discouragingly low, and the associated expenses can be quite significant. Social Work? This makes the entire process quite inefficient from the applicant's point of view. Employers, too, suffer from the inefficiencies of resume collection and handling. The solicitation, receipt, storage, management, search, and retrieval of dozens, hundreds, and in some cases thousands of resumes can be a difficult, unwieldy, and expensive burden on the employer. Physical, paper-based resumes are often stored in desk drawers and filing cabinets. The numerous limitations of present resume practices include consumption of substantial physical space; difficulty in searching through large quantities of paper documents; the near-impossibility of correlating applicants whose resumes may vary widely in organization, content, and clarity; and the lack of uniformity in the search process from one practitioner to Non-Parental Essay another.

From the above discussion, it is example, clear that a very significant need exists for an improved method of resume solicitation, sorting, delivery, handling, and management. Yet prior attempts to resolve some of these problems have achieved only limited success. Document scanners have been used in some attempts to reduce the physical space consumed by physical resumes. However, search methods do not work well on Jonathan Edwards: Revivalist Preacher and Philosopher, scanned images because scanned resumes are stored as pictures, not searchable words or text. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has been used in some attempts to assessment convert paper-based resumes to pure text. However, employers are typically unwilling to The Economy’s Auto Bailout Essay forgo the traditional resume because of the widely held belief that the ability to review the social format, style, and Jonathan Edwards: Revivalist Essay, presentation of the resume itself is social assessment, of value.

Still other attempts have employed the aforementioned OCR conversion to allow the use of keyword search methods on the resulting text of full resumes, in an attempt to find those which contain key words or phrases. However, such methods have proven inefficient because of the nature of written language. As just one example, an employer seeking applicants residing in the state of Indiana will find numerous false matches when searching with the standard postal service abbreviation IN. The letter pair in appears frequently in Jonathan Edwards: and Philosopher, the English language (many times in this sentence alone), yet most such matches in the full text of a resume would have little or nothing to do with the searcher's true intent. A further difficulty with keyword search methods is the requirement that the words or phrases in question must match with near-perfect accuracy. The diversity of job applicant writing skills and vocabularies causes many resumes, which otherwise might describe applicants with similar attributes, to be written using very different terms and phrases. Work Assessment? Such wide variation causes keyword search methods to often erroneously exclude qualified applicants--without notification to the searcher--while simultaneously including unqualified ones.

Prior attempts at Application Essay, applying computer technology to resume management have been limited in scope, applicability, and usefulness. For example, many have been intended for social work assessment, use only by employers, employment specialists, or headhunters. Job applicants themselves are completely excluded from accessing such systems. One prior attempt, described in U.S. Non-Parental Care? Pat.

No. 5,164,897 to Clark et al. (incorporated by social work assessment example reference), is illustrative. The first sentence of the prior art section of this patent describes the prior art as applying to employment agencies (sometimes called search firms). The preferred embodiment section of the patent then describes a system designed for use by such agencies and firms--without direct applicant involvement of any kind. Other attempts have allowed applicants to initially enter some data, but make no explicit provision for Essays, ongoing involvement. Such approaches can result in outdated information and questionable results. Other attempts have required the installation of specialized computer hardware and/or software, or personnel training at the employer's place of business. Social? The difficulty in learning and using the system often effectively restricts access to just those who have been appropriately trained.

Other attempts have incorporated rudimentary computer-based searching methods. The most common method involves the aforementioned keyword searches on the contents of entire resumes, such as offered by Online Career Center, Indianapolis, Ind. and TMP Interactive, Framingham, Mass. The inherent limitations of order online such methods have already been discussed. Another attempt at incorporating computer-based searching methods is social work assessment, seen in the services available from Intellimatch, San Jose, Calif., (Internet address: Essays? This attempt accepts weighted ranking data provided by applicants and employers. There are several disadvantages of social work example this type of method: First, the Essay user interface for interacting with such ranking systems can be complex, non-intuitive, unfamiliar, difficult to learn, and slow to operate.

Second, there is no objective reference for ranking standards--individual applicants are asked to rank themselves, leading to an extremely subjective collection of personal opinions. Social Work Assessment? Third, employers are asked to rank their requirements in a like fashion, again without reference to an objective standard. Fourth, these highly subjective data are then compared to each other, compounding assumptions upon assumptions and often yielding startlingly mismatched and valueless results. Another attempt at providing resume services on the Internet is provided by Child Care Beverly Hills Software, 469 South Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif. 90212, (Internet address: http://www.Bhs.Com). Social Work Example? This attempt prompts applicants to enter text-only information using a template. However, keyword searches still involve searching the entire contents of resume data; no searching by fields is Contingency, available. Work Assessment Example? A visual template is provided for applicant data, but the resulting pure text is sorted as one large text file, like other systems. There is also no provision for charging or collecting fees. Some of the Contingency aforementioned examples have attempted to incorporate various remote connection means. Assessment? Such remote methods have traditionally been limited to text-only resume storage and keyword-based searches of the full resume text.

None have succeeded in addressing all of the problems described above. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION. The invention provides a method of and apparatus for storage and retrieval of resume images in a manner which preserves the appearance, organization, and information content of the original document. One embodiment of the invention provides a method of and apparatus for storing formatted summaries or outlines of resume images, and Essay, efficient searching and subsequent selection of the resume outlines and their associated resume images. One embodiment of the invention provides a user interface for creating the aforementioned resume outlines which is based on a familiar paper-based method already in common use, thus reducing the social work assessment example training required to Contingency Planning Essays effectively use the work system. One embodiment of the invention provides a method of and apparatus for computer-assisted searching of the aforementioned stored resume outlines in a manner which minimizes the Edwards: need for specialized equipment and training.

In one embodiment, such searches can be or suspended, and resumed at a later time. One embodiment of the invention provides a method of and apparatus for enabling the automatic and continuous execution of the searches through resume outlines, thereby determining when a potentially qualifying applicant has entered their resume outline and resume image and enabling employers to be automatically notified thereof. One embodiment of the invention provides a method of and example, apparatus for coordinating the terminology and vocabulary used by applicants and potential employers in the entry and searching for the aforementioned resume outlines. One embodiment of the invention provides a method of and apparatus for the controlled expansion of the terminology and vocabulary used by applicants and potential employers in Essay on Why Becoming Officer, the entry of and searching of the aforementioned resume outlines. One embodiment of the invention employs modern communications systems, such as the work assessment example Internet, the online World Wide Web, or other commercial connectivity services, for applicant submission of outlines or resume images, or employer searches through outlines or viewing of resume images. One embodiment of the invention employs modern communications systems to work example automatically notify applicants or employers under certain conditions, such as the expiration of a time interval or occurrence of an event.

One embodiment of the Contingency Planning invention employs common and commercially available computer hardware and software to social assessment reduce or eliminate the need for specialized equipment by and training of the applicant or employer. One embodiment of the invention employs modern communications systems for billing and payment for services. Other features of the invention will become apparent to those of on Why I Choose Becoming Officer Career ordinary skill in the art upon review of the following detailed description, claims, and drawings. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS. Preferred embodiments of the invention are described below with reference to the following accompanying drawings. FIG. 1 is a block diagram illustrating a system embodying the invention. FIG. 2 is a block diagram of a server included in the system shown in social assessment example, FIG.

1. FIG. 3 is an example of a resume outline form sent from the server of FIG. 2 to an applicant's client machine included in Jonathan Preacher Essay, the system of FIG. 1. FIG. 4 is an example of a search request form sent from the server of FIG. 2 to social work example an employer's client machine included in the system of FIG.

1. FIG. 5 is an example of Jonathan Edwards: Revivalist a summary of work a resume outline sent from the Essay server of FIG. 2 to an employer's client machine in social work assessment, response to a search request. FIG. 6 is an example of The Economy’s Auto Essay a vocabulary assistance process in accordance with one embodiment of the invention. FIG.

7 is an example of a resume image stored by the server of FIG. 2. FIGS. 8A, 8B, 9-11, 12A, 12B, and 13 define a flowchart of a process performed by the server of FIG. 2. in accordance with one embodiment of the invention. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS. This disclosure of the invention is submitted in furtherance of the assessment example constitutional purposes of the U.S. Patent Laws to order online promote the progress of science and useful arts (Article 1, Section 8) FIG, 1 shows a resume storage and retrieval system 10 embodying the invention. The system 10 comprises a server 12 including a memory 14, and a database 16 defined in social example, the memory 14. The server 12 can be a minicomputer, a microcomputer, a UNIX (TM) machine, a mainframe computer, a personal computer such as an Intel (TM) PC, 286, 386, 486, Pentium, P6, etc. (TM) personal computer or clone, or Apple (TM), Macintosh (TM), or PowerPC (TM) personal computer or clone, or any other appropriate computer.

The memory 14 is preferably long term memory (e.g. hard drive, disk drive, tape unit, CD-ROM, etc.). On Why Becoming A Police Officer As A? The server 12 includes typical components (FIG. 2) such as a CPU or processor 18, input devices such as a keyboard (not shown), and mouse (not shown), output devices (not shown) such as a monitor and printer, RAM 20, ROM 22, serial ports (not shown), parallel ports (not shown), and communication hardware 24, which may either be internal or external, such as internal communication cards (e.g., modem card or network card) or external communication hardware (e.g., external modem), etc. In one embodiment, the communication hardware 24 connects the social work example server 12 to the Internet, so that the server 12 defines an Child Internet node. More particularly in one embodiment, the server 12 is a World Wide Web server connected to the Internet. In this embodiments the server 12 has a multi-user, multi-tasking operating system such as UNIX (if the server is a UNIX machine), Windows NT, LINUX (if the assessment server is a personal computer), etc.

The system 10 further includes a job applicant's client machine (or applicant's client machine) 26 in selective communication with the server 12. The job applicant's client machine 26 is connected to the server 12 via a communication link 28. Various possible types of communication link can be employed for the communication link 28 between the Contingency Essays server 12 and the applicant's client machine 26. Social Assessment Example? For example, the communication link 28 can comprise a hard wired connection, a telephone connection, a satellite RF, or other wireless connection, an Internet connection, a local area network or wide area network connection, a combination of the preceding, or any other desired type of connection. Dominos Pizza Order Online? Many applicant's client machines 26 can communicate with the server 12 at the same time. Different applicant's client machines can connect with the assessment server using different types of communication links 28. For example, one of the communication links 28 can be a hard wired connection while another one of the communication links 28 is a telephone connection. After the communication link is established, communications can take place over the link using any of various protocols, such as e-mail, FTP (file transfer protocol), TCP/IP (Internet protocol, which can be used with HTTP-hyper text transfer protocol, or GOPHER), ASCII, X-MODEM, Y-MODEM, KERMIT, any variation s on these protocols, or any other appropriate protocol. During a session, the server 12 communicates to the applicant's client machine a resume outline form 30 (FIG. 3) to be completed by a job applicant.

The form 30 has a plurality of fields 31 relevant to employment, using which typical information found on a resume is The Economy’s Auto Bailout Essay, summarized by the applicant, The form 30 has fields that are similar to social example blanks found on traditional job application forms available from employers. In the illustrated embodiment, the form 30 has various sections, such as a personal information section 32, an optional information section 34, a position desired section 36, an education section 38, and an employment history section 40. Other sections can be used, as desired. Each section has various fields 31. For example, in the illustrated embodiment, the personal information section 32 has fields 39, 41, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, and 56 for the job applicant's first, middle, and Contingency Essays, last names, address, city, state or province (e.g., the two letter postal service abbreviations), zip code or postal code, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address, respectively; the optional information section 34 has fields 58, 60, 62 and 64 relating to social example citizenship, fields 66 and 68 relating to security clearance, and a field 70 for a social security or social insurance number; the position desired section 36 has a field 72 for job title, fields 74, 76, 78, and 80 relating to the type of employment sought (full time permanent, full time temporary, part time permanent, or part time temporary), fields 82, 84, 86, and 88 relating to compensation requirements, and a field 90 relating to the date when the applicant will be available for the new position, the education section 38 has fields 94, 96, 98, 100, 102, 104, 106, and 108 relating to majors, degrees, school names and locations, and grade point averages (multiple copies of fields 100, 102, 104, 106 and 108 can be included for multiple colleges attended); and the employment history section 40 has fields 110, 111, 112, 114, 116, 118, and 120 for employer name, employer city, employer state or province, previous job title, start date for that position, and end date for that position (multiple copies of fields 110, 111, 112, 114, 116, 118, and 120 can be included for multiple prior positions). Other or additional fields can be used, as desired, or synonyms can be used in place of the words shown in FIG. 3 adjacent the fields. For World Wide Web applications, the form 30 is an HTML form, and has submit and Application Essay for PhD, clear buttons 122 and 124 using which the applicant can either send the example information from the filled fields to the server, or can clear the form and start over. The form 30 further includes a vocabulary assistance button 146, the function of which is for PhD, discussed below. Upon receiving the form 30, the job applicant fills in (using his/her machine 26) as many fields 31 as desired, including some mandatory information such as name and contact information (address and/or phone number) in section 32. Social Work Assessment? The applicant also effects creation of a graphics file 126 (FIG.

7) of the applicant's resume for receipt by the server. The graphics file 126 contains all the formatting, fonts, and for PhD, margins of a traditional paper resume, and is of great assistance to employers wishing to gain some insight into social assessment the professionalism of an applicant. The graphics file can be, for example, in a file format identified by one of the following extensions: .GIF,.TIF (or .TIFF), .JPG (or .JPEG or .JPE),.BMP,.TGA,.EPS,.PCX or another form of graphics file that maintains the appearance, format information, and font information of the original document. The applicant can create the for PhD graphics file in any appropriate manner at a location 134 remote from the server 12. For example, the applicant can create the graphics file using a scanner 128 (FIG. 1), by assessment scanning his or her actual printed resume. Alternatively, the applicant can use a facsimile machine 130 (FIG. 1) to fax his or her actual printed resume to a facsimile machine 132 in the possession of the administrator of the system 10 (e.g., located at the location of the server 12).

The facsimile machine 132 creates graphics file 126 that is stored by the server. In one embodiment, the Jonathan Edwards: Revivalist and Philosopher system administrator can convert the graphics file from a fax format to one of the above mentioned graphics file formats. Preferably, however, the server 12 itself will automatically perform the conversion from fax format to work a more appropriate format such as described in the previous paragraph, so that human intervention is not required. In this preferred embodiment, the facsimile machine 132 may comprise a fax card housed in the server 12. In another embodiment, the system administrator can receive a mail copy of a printed resume, and can scan it into Jonathan Edwards: Preacher the server 12 for the applicant using a scanner 133 in the possession of the system administrator (e.g., located at the location of the server 12).

The server 12 receives and work example, stores in the database 16 the graphics file 126 as well as an entry defined by the summary information filled in on the form 30 by the job applicant. In one embodiment, the Non-Parental Care graphics file 126 can be communicated to the server using a different protocol than was used for transmitting the summary information. For example, the summary information can be sent from the applicant's client machine 26 to social work assessment example the server 12 via HTML, and the graphics file 126 can be sent from that applicant's client machine 26 to the server 12 via e-mail. Any other combination of protocols can be used, at the applicant's option. The form 30 is useful in that it provides searchable information. The information of the graphics file 126 cannot be easily searched. In addition, the form defines fields 31, so that searches can be performed by field, by prospective employers. Further, the form 30 is The Economy’s, of a format known to both applicants and employers (i.e., a format like a traditional employer's job application), so that the work assessment example need for training applicants and employers in using the system is avoided.

Instead, applicants can easily fill the form 30, and employers can easily search the database. In a preferred embodiment, the employers search the database using a form 136 (FIG. 4) that is very similar in appearance to the form 30 presented to Contingency Planning applicants The forms 30 and 136 provide a standard framework to social example be used by all applicants, and all employers. The server 12 associates or links the summary information entry from the form 30 with the graphics file 126 submitted by pizza order online the applicant's client machine 26. In other words, if a search by an employer turns up the summary information for a particular applicant, the graphics file 126 containing an image of that applicant's resume can be easily pulled up as well. The form 30 and graphics file 126 may be transmitted by the applicant's client machine during a single session.

It is also possible that the applicant may fill out and transmit the social work assessment example form 30 during one session, and then upload the resume image during another session. Or, the applicant could fax a resume at some later time. In other words, it is not required that the two actions occur during a single session. The system further comprises an employer's client machine 138 in selective communication with the server 12. The employer's client machine is connected to Child Essay the server 12 via a communication link 140.

Various possible types of communication link can be employed for the communication link between the server 12 and the employer's client machine 138. For example, the communication link 140 can comprise a hard wired connection, a telephone connection, a satellite RF, or other wireless connection, an work assessment Internet connection, a local area network or wide area network connection, or any other desired type of connection. Several employer's client machines 138 can communicate with the server 12 simultaneously. Employer's client machines 138 can communicate with the server 12 at the same time that one or more applicant's client machines 26 are connected to Jonathan Preacher and Philosopher Essay the server 12. Different employer's client machines 138 can connect with the server 12 using different types of communication links 140. For example, one employer's client machine 138 can be communicating with the work example server 12 using a telephone connection, while another employer's client machine 138 communicates with the on Why A Police Officer server 12 using an Internet connection. Social Assessment Example? Employers may prefer to dominos pizza order online use a telephone connection, instead of an Internet connection, because of less security risk in transmitting credit card information. If an Internet connection is used, some security precautions are taken in the preferred embodiment. For example, a secure server can be used for the server 12, or encryption can be used (e.g., using PGP--pretty good privacy encryption, such as is provided by ViaCrypt (TM) software, or some other encryption method). Upon connection, the server 12 provides the employer's client machine 138 with search form 136 (FIG. 4).

The search form 136 is preferably similar to the form 30 filled by applicants, as described above, and preferably includes fields 31 corresponding to fields contained on the form filled by applicants. After filling in the search form, entering search terms in the fields of importance to the employer, the employer sends the search form to the server (e.g., by pressing a submit, send, or search button 142 on the form in a HTML application). This results in the employer's client machine 138 providing a search request to the server 12 and initiating a search of the summary information in the database 16. Social Assessment? As was the case with the applicant's form 30, the form 136 also includes a clear button 144, in Planning Essays, an HTML application, using which the employer can clear the form 136 and start over. The search parameters are defined by the filled search form 136 The filled search form 136 indicates which fields 31 are to example be searched for which keywords.

For example, based on which fields 31 are filled with which keywords, a search query can be constructed which takes the logical OR of Essay on Why I Choose Becoming Officer As A each word contained in work assessment example, a field, and Essay I Choose Becoming A Police As A Career, which takes the logical AND of each of the fields 31. Other logical and weighted combinations are possible. Work? In one embodiment, if an employer fills in US in I Choose Officer As A, the citizenship field, and fills in Engineer, Scientist in example, the job title field, a search query can be constructed requiring that qualifying applicants be U.S. citizens AND be engineers OR scientists. Alternative appropriate systems for creating search queries can also be employed. For example, different fields 31 can be assigned different importance weights.

It may be more critical to dominos online have a close match in work assessment example, the city field in the Personal Information section than to have a close match in the compensation field. In one embodiment, employers are able to indicate logical connectors between keywords, such as engineer NOT chemical (e.g., if an employer is looking for any type of engineer other than a chemical engineer) In a preferred embodiment, the employer can use natural English (without logical connectors), and the server 12 creates an appropriate search query. Upon completing the search, the pizza server 12 communicates to the employer's client machine an amount of the summary information for work, entries that satisfy the search parameters (search query). Preferably, contact information (e.g., name, address, phone number, e-mail, fax number, etc.) of qualifying applicants is suppressed at this stage, In one embodiment, the information presented to the employer for each entry that satisfies the search parameters is summarized information, for easy and Jonathan Revivalist and Philosopher, quick review in a standardized, compact, format. Work Assessment Example? An example of Preacher summarized information is shown in FIG. 5. Relevancy ranking is performed in a preferred embodiment. The relevancy ranking identifies entries in the database 16 which, while perhaps not perfectly matching the criteria specified in the search form 136, are substantially similar enough to be of potential interest to the employer. Relevancy ranking can be performed in a manner such as performed by: CPL Retrieval Engine, sold by Personal Library Systems, 2400 Research Blvd., Suite 350, Rockville, Md.

20850; NexTrieve Indexing Engine from Nexial Systems, St. Annastraat 4, 6109 RH, Ohe en Laak, The Netherlands; MetaMorph Text Retrieval Engine sold by example Thunderstone Software--EPI Inc., 11115 Edgewater Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 44102; InTEXT Retrieval Engine, sold by InTEXT Systems, 715 Sutter Street, Folsom, Calif. 95630; or Fast Data Finder, sold by Paracel Inc., 80 South Lake Avenue, Suite 650, Pasadena, Calif. 91101, or any other appropriate manner. Summarized information (as shown in FIG. 5) is online, provided for the best matches to the search request, after taking into example account the relevancy ranking described above The maximum number of matches supplied to the employer's client machine can be set to any appropriate number by Contingency Planning either the administrator of the system 10, or the employer performing the search. In one embodiment, the social assessment employer can request summarized information for additional, less relevant, entries than those initially presented.

The server 12 then queries the employer's client machine as to whether to present graphics files 126 of resumes associated with the entries that satisfy the search parameters. The server does not present the graphics files 126 of the resumes or the Essay I Choose Becoming A Police contact information for entries that satisfy the search parameters until payment is made or authorized by the employer. The employer may establish an account, and provide billing information (such as by providing a credit card number) to the administrator of the system 10 at social, one time, and will then be able to subsequently log in using a password, and order contact information and graphics files without having to again transmit a credit card. In this manner, the employer can connect once using a telephone connection or secure connection, transmit the billing information, and Planning, subsequently use an social work assessment example insecure connection. In a preferred embodiment, no password is required of Essay employers unless they choose to set up an account as described above. Assessment? In this preferred embodiment, they can search without establishing an account, but can only The Economy’s Auto obtain contact information and graphics files if they provide billing information such as a credit card. Means other than passwords can be employed to establish secure access to the server 12.

For example, the employer can transmit to a specific IP (Internet Protocol) address, or can initiate a dialup connected to a specific telephone number and transmit billing information for that session without setting up a password. The server 12 is capable of storing employer's search requests, and periodically later repeating the search (update searching). Thus, additional entries matching the search parameters can be located in work example, the event the database has been modified and Care Essay, contains new entries that satisfy the search parameters. If the social work employer desires the ability to store search requests and perform update searches, he or she will be required by the server 12 to obtain a user name and password, so the employer can be identified by the server in a subsequent connection session. The server 12 is Non-Parental Care, also capable of suspending execution of a search request upon receiving a suspend request from the employer's client machine, and of resuming the search at a later time upon social assessment example receiving a resume request from the employer's client machine 138. For example, the employer may view the Application Essay summary information for a certain number of hits (entries that satisfy the search parameters) and wish to take a break before more closely studying the social example results, or before looking at less relevant matches. Again, if the employer desires the ability to suspend and later resume search requests, he or she will be required by the server 12 to obtain a user name and Bailout Essay, password, so the work assessment employer can be identified by the server 12 in Child Care Essay, a subsequent connection session. The server further comprises vocabulary assistance capability for assisting an applicant in filling form 30, or for work assessment, assisting an Application Essay employer in formulating a search request using form 136. Social Work Assessment Example? The vocabulary assistance routine provides to the applicant's or employer's client machine alternative terminology which can be selected for Jonathan Preacher and Philosopher, filling the form 30 or the form 136. An example of vocabulary assistance is social work example, illustrated in FIG.

6. If the Contingency applicant or employer requests vocabulary assistance while filling the job title field 72 (e.g., by social assessment pressing a vocabulary assistance button 146 or 148 while the Application for PhD cursor of the machine 26 or 138 is in field 72), alternative terms to those filled in the field will be presented (e.g., by presenting a menu, such as a pop-up menu, to social assessment example the machine 26 or 138). The applicant or employer can then select alternative terminology from the Essay menu, which will then be added in social work example, the field. Alternatively, instead of using the vocabulary assistance while initially filling the form 136, an employer may be dissatisfied with the results of Edwards: Preacher Essay a search, and may then return to the form 136 and social work assessment example, initiate vocabulary assistance on one or more of the fields. The vocabulary assistance routine of the server 12 preferably learns related terms over time. The vocabulary assistance routine can operate in a manner similar to spell check routines found in Child Essay, word processing programs. The server also sends reminders to applicants, after some time has passed, that they should update their summary information and social work assessment, graphics files.

This can be via e-mail, or any other desired manner. FIGS. 8A, 8B, 9-11, 12A, 12B, and 13 define a flow chart illustrating operation of a system according to one embodiment of the invention. At step S1, a determination is made as to whether a client has connected to the system. If so, the system proceeds to step S2; if not, the pizza order online system proceeds to step S7. At step S2, the server sends a main menu to the connected client, and requests a selection. After performing step S2, the system proceeds to step S3. At step S3, a determination is work example, made as to whether the user selected to Non-Parental enter new applicant data. If so, the system proceeds to step S12; if not, the system proceeds to step S4. At step S4, a determination is made as to whether the user selected to update existing applicant data.

If so, the social assessment example system proceeds to step S25; if not, the system proceeds to step S5. At step S5, a determination is Non-Parental Child, made as to whether the user selected to begin a new search of applicants. If so, the system proceeds to work step S34; if not, the Essay on Why Becoming Officer system proceeds to step S6. At step S6, a determination is made as to assessment example whether the user selected to Essay continue a previously suspended search of social example applicants. Contingency Planning? If so, the system proceeds to step S29; if not, the social work system proceeds to step S64.

At step S7, a determination is made as to whether it is time for an applicant to update the Jonathan and Philosopher information they have provided to the server, If so, the system proceeds to step S8; if not, the system proceeds to step S9. At step S8, the server notifies applicants that it is work assessment, recommended that they update their resume information. After performing step S8, the system proceeds to step S9. At step S9, a determination is made as to Child Care Essay whether it is time to continue suspended searches. If so, the system proceeds to work example step S10; if not, the Non-Parental Care Essay system proceeds to step S11. At step S10, suspended searches are performed. After performing step S10, the system proceeds to step S11. At step S11, a determination is made as to whether the operator of the system has requested a system shutdown (for maintenance, or some other reason). If so, the social assessment system shuts down; if not, the Becoming A Police Officer As A Career system proceeds to step S1. At step S12, a new applicant identification number is assigned by the server, and the server sends to the client a request for a selection of a password After performing step S12, the system proceeds to step S13.

At step S13, the system receives a response from the client. Social Assessment? After performing step S13, the system proceeds to step S14. At step S14, the server prepares an empty resume outline form. After performing step S14, the system proceeds to Edwards: Preacher step S15. At step S15, the server sends the resume outline form to work example the connected client, and requests that the applicant fill out the Preacher and Philosopher Essay form. After performing step S15, the system proceeds to step S16.

At step S16, the server receives the response from the social example client. After performing step S16, the system proceeds to dominos pizza order step S17. At step S17, a determination is made as to work whether the client requested vocabulary assistance. If so, the system proceeds to step S18; if not, the Care Essay system proceeds to step S19. At step S18, the requested vocabulary assistance information is added to the resume outline form. An example of vocabulary assistance is work assessment, shown in Non-Parental Child, FIG. Social Work Assessment Example? 6. For example, if an applicant has listed cellular and satellite in the job title field, and requests vocabulary assistance for the job title field, the server will generate a list of alternative terms such as development, firmware, software, and systems, and will transmit that list to the applicant's client machine, The client can then select any of the Auto listed vocabulary assistance terms for addition to the job title field. Vocabulary assistance is social, available for many of the The Economy’s Bailout fields on the outline form. After performing step S18, the system proceeds to step S15.

At step S19, the server stores the information filled in the resume outline form in the database After performing step S19, the system proceeds to step S20. At step S20, the server sends to social the client a list of available resume image reception methods and requests that the applicant select a method. After performing step S20, the system proceeds to step S21. At step S21, the Jonathan Edwards: Preacher and Philosopher Essay server receives the response from the client After performing step S21, the system proceeds to step S22. At step S22, the server prepares to receive the resume image from the work client using the Jonathan Edwards: Revivalist Essay selected reception method. After performing step S22, the system proceeds to step S23. At step S23, the server receives the resume image. After performing step S23, the system proceeds to step S24. At step S24, the social work server stores the resume image in the database.

After performing step S24, the system proceeds to step S2. At step S25, the Essay I Choose Becoming As A Career system sends to the client a message requesting an applicant identification (user name) and password. After performing step S25, the social assessment example system proceeds to step S26. At step S26, the server receives and verifies the password and ID. After performing step S26, the system proceeds to step S27. At step S27, the server retrieves the existing resume outline information from the database for this applicant. Essay For PhD? After performing step S27, the system proceeds to step S28. At step S28, the server fills the empty resume outline form with the social assessment example outline information retrieved from the database After performing step S28, the system proceeds to S15. At step S29, the The Economy’s server sends to the client a message requesting a client ID (user name) and password. After performing step S29, the system proceeds to step S30.

At step S30, the server receives and verifies the ID and password. After performing step S30, the assessment system proceeds to step S31. At step S31, the server sends to the client a list of this client's suspended searches and requests that the Contingency Essays client make a selection. After performing step S31, the system proceeds to social work assessment example step S32. At step S32, the server receives the selection from the client. After performing step S32, the Non-Parental Essay system proceeds to step S33. At step S33, the server fills the social work assessment example empty resume outline form with selected search criteria for the suspended search which was selected for execution. After performing step S33, the Edwards: Preacher and Philosopher Essay system proceeds to step S35.

At step S34, the social assessment example server prepares an empty resume outline form. After performing step S34, the system proceeds to step S35. At step S35, the server sends an outline form to the client and requests that the client return the pizza order form with desired search criteria. After performing step S35, the system proceeds to step S36. At step S36, the server receives the response from the example client After performing step S36, the server proceeds to step S37. At step S37, a determination is made as to dominos online whether the client requested vocabulary assistance. If so, the system proceeds to step S45; if not, the system proceeds to step S38. At step S38, a determination is made as to whether the client requested suspension of the search.

If so, the system proceeds to step S46; if not, the system proceeds to step S39. At step S39, the server searches the database of existing resume outline information After performing step S39, the system proceeds to step S40. At step S40, the server summarizes compliant resume outlines, sends the social example summarized outlines to the client, and requests desired action. For example, the desired action can be a request that the employer select whether to modify the search, or to view a entire (not summarized) outline satisfying the search parameters. After performing step S40, the system proceeds to Bailout step S41.

At step S41, the server receives the response from the client. Work Assessment Example? After performing step S41, the system proceeds to step S42. At step S42, a determination is Planning Essays, made as to whether the client chose to modify the search criteria. If so, the system proceeds to step S35; if not, the social work system proceeds to step S43. At step S43, a determination is The Economy’s Bailout Essay, made as to whether the social work assessment client chose to Non-Parental Essay view an entire outline. If so, the system proceeds to step S44; if not, the system proceeds to assessment step S40. At step S44, the server sends to the client a list of available resume outline delivery methods, and request selection by the client.

After performing step S44, the Application for PhD system proceeds to step S49. At step S45, requested vocabulary assistance is added to work assessment the resume outline form. After performing step S45, the pizza online system proceeds to social work assessment step S35. At step S46, the server sends to the client a request for client ID (user name) and password. After performing step S46, the system proceeds to step S47. At step S47, the server receives and verifies the Planning client ID and password. After performing step S47, the system proceeds to step S48. At step S48, the work assessment example server stores the search criteria.

After performing step S48, the system proceeds to step S2. At step S49, the Planning Essays server receives the response from the client. After performing step S49, the system proceeds to step S50. At step S50, the server sends a complete resume outline to social work assessment the client. By complete resume outline, what is meant is non-summarized information, in a format such as is shown in FIG. 3, except with contact information suppressed.

After performing step S50, the system proceeds to step S51. At step S51, a determination is made as to whether the client chose to purchase the dominos order online resume image associated with the work assessment example resume outline that matched the search criteria. If so, the system proceeds to step S52; if not, the system proceeds to step S40. At step S52, the server sends to the client a message asking if the employer has an existing account, After performing step S52, the dominos online system proceeds to step S53. At step S53, the server receives the work example response from the client. After performing step S53, the system proceeds to step S54. At step S54, a determination is made as to whether the client indicated that employer does have an existing account. If so, the system proceeds to step S55; if not, the Jonathan Edwards: Preacher system proceeds to step S61. At step S55, the server sends to work the client a request for account ID and password. Essay I Choose A Police Officer As A Career? After performing step S55, the social example system proceeds to step S56.

At step S56, the Child Essay server receives and verifies the social assessment example response. After performing step S56, the system proceeds to step S57. At step S57, the server sends to the client a list of available resume image delivery methods, and requests selection of one of Auto Essay those methods. After performing step S57, the system proceeds to step S58. At step S58, the server receives the response from the client. After performing step S58, the system proceeds to step S59. At step S59, the server retrieves the social assessment example resume image from the database. After performing step S59, the system proceeds to step S60. At step S60, the server delivers the resume image to the client via the method selected by the employer After performing step S60, the system proceeds to step S40. At step S61, the server sends to and Philosopher Essay the client a request for a credit card or other billing information.

After performing step S61, the system proceeds to step S62. At step S62, the server receives the response from the social work assessment client. After performing step S62, the system proceeds to step S63. At step S63, a determination is made as to whether the Contingency Essays client's billing information can be confirmed by a bank or other appropriate financial institution. If so, the system proceeds to step S57; if not, the system proceeds to assessment example step S52. At step S64, a determination is made as to whether there has been inactivity for too long of a time. If so, the The Economy’s system proceeds to step S65; if not, the system proceeds to step S2. At step S65, any searches that are in progress are suspended, and the connection is terminated with respect to this client. In compliance with the statute, the social example invention has been described in Care, language more or less specific as to structural and methodical features. Assessment? It is to be understood, however, that the Non-Parental Child Care Essay invention is not limited to the specific features shown and described, since the means herein disclosed comprise preferred forms of putting the invention into effect.

The invention is, therefore, claimed in social assessment, any of its forms or modifications within the Auto Essay proper scope of the work assessment example appended claims appropriately interpreted in accordance with the doctrine of equivalents.

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Aib Exam Guide Essays and Research Papers. Social Assessment? THE AIB EXAM GUIDE July 2011 Australian Institute of Business 1 V3-1July2011 . Essay I Choose Becoming As A Career? GUIDE TO EXAMINATIONS This guide has two parts: ? Preparing for exams ? Taking exams It has an appendix with an work assessment example exam answer with comments about why it was so good. PREPARING FOR EXAMS ? ? Make sure you have noted the correct date, time, duration and place for the exam . Start a revision schedule for the exam several weeks beforehand many rehearsals is dominos pizza, a key to success and if you have not planned. Costs , Fixed cost , Marketing mix 3185 Words | 10 Pages. Services: A Systematic Approach (7th edition) EXAM CHAPTERS: 1, 2, 7, 18, 19, 20 and example 21 EXAM REQUIREMENTS: - . Closed-book exam (no text, notes, etc.) - Limited to dominos order 90 minutes - Pencils and erasers (no calculator required) EXAM POINT DISTRIBUTION: Total Points 150 (50 Multiple-Choice questions) By Chapter: Chapter 1 = 15 points Chapter 2 = 21 points Chapter 7 = 6 points Chapters 18, 19, 20 and 21 = 27 points each EXAM STUDY APPROACH: 1. Carefully review ALL of your. Audit , Auditing , Auditor's report 332 Words | 3 Pages.

Final Exam Study Guide YOU MAY WANT TO PRINT THIS GUIDE . 1. The Final Exam is open book, open . Work? notes. The maximum time you can spend in Essay on Why A Police As A, the exam is 3 hours, 30 minutes. Assessment? If you have not clicked the Submit For Grade button by then, you will be automatically exited from the Planning Essays, exam . In the Final Exam environment, the Windows clipboard is social work assessment example, disabled, so you will not be able to copy exam questions or answers to or from other applications. 2. You should click the Child, Save Answers button in the exam frequently. Example? Computer security , Confidentiality , Information security 1446 Words | 5 Pages. ?Study Guide for Exam 1 Exam 1 (Feb. 2 5 by 11:59 pm) The exam is AVAILABLE ONLY between Feb. 2 . and 5 by Contingency Planning Essays 11:59 pm at Exams section of Blackboard.

You MUST COMPLETE the exam by social work assessment example Feb. 5 by 11:59 pm. Non-Parental Child Care Essay? In addition, the social work assessment, exam is TIMED (30 minutes) and taken TWICE. I Choose Becoming As A? The instructor will take an exam with a better score for grading. It will CLOSE DOWN 30 minutes after you begin the exam . Thus, you MUST COMPLETE the exam in 30 minutes. Topics Textbook (Ch.

1 3) Questions 25 questions + 2. Articles of Confederation , Charles de Secondat, baron de Montesquieu , Connecticut Compromise 464 Words | 3 Pages. Summer 2013 Final Exam Study Guide The final exam is worth 35% of your overall course grade. No exceptions . will be made for social work assessment example lateness, please arrive early. No study notes, text books, dictionaries or electronic devices will be permitted. Leave all of these items at home.

Please note, students are NOT allowed to petition to RE-WRITE a final examination. This document is a study guide indicating the course material you are responsible for Contingency Essays reviewing in preparation for the exam . All questions on. Answer , Cultural studies , Final examination 631 Words | 3 Pages. ?PSYC 100: Introduction to work assessment Psychology Study Guide for Exam 4 Chapters 12, 14, 15 The following Study Guide is Care, . to be used as a tool to help you guide your studying through the work assessment, chapters covered for dominos pizza order this exam . There may be information covered in this study guide that is not on your exam or information on the exam which is social assessment, not covered on this study guide . Remember, you are responsible for Contingency Planning all information in the text and class, including videos, lecture and discussions. However, having a solid understanding. Abnormal psychology , Anxiety disorder , Anxiety disorders 1288 Words | 6 Pages. SOCS350: Final Exam Study Guide 1. Some of the key concepts that will be covered include: (While these are key areas, remember . that the exam is assessment, comprehensive for all assigned course content, and this study guide may not be all- inclusive). Institutional (structural) discrimination Lecture 1 Individual discrimination Lecture 1 Diversity Chapter 1 Averse racism Chapter 3 Social identity Chapter 3 Stereotypes Chapter 3 Neosexism Chapter 3 Sex segregation Chapter. Jonathan Edwards: Revivalist Preacher Essay? Affirmative action , Cross-cultural communication , Culture 516 Words | 3 Pages. Social Work? ? Exam I Guide IS 5800 Exam Directions: Exam is dominos pizza order, given online Exam is closed notes, . closed Internet. There are 50 questions Each question is worth 2 points You have 2 hours to complete the exam , but 95% of assessment example you will finish in 45 minutes Test Assumes: You have closely read readings and Contingency watched the assigned webinars You have attended the first two classes and paid attention and social participated You have watched the two assigned Freidman videos and three you-tube videos You understand HTML.

Best practice , International trade , Management 663 Words | 5 Pages. Essay? current balance? A. $603.63 B. $796.38 C. Work? $554.26 D. $660.88 DIRECT LINK TO THIS STUDY GUIDE : . Instantly Download! Get Better Grades in Less Time! DESCRIPTION FOR THIS STUDY GUIDE : Mary Palms checking account had a starting balance of Non-Parental Child $785.63. She wrote a check for $57.00 for groceries and a. Automobile , Cheque , Final examination 688 Words | 8 Pages.

University of Phoenix Material Final Exam Study Guide Purpose: The purpose of this study guide is to assist in . preparation for the Final Exam . How to use this study guide : Use this study guide to social work example review the content covered in Application Essay, each week of the course. The guide highlights Week One: Lets Get Real and Personal |Objective |What to Study | |Recognize the power of financial planning. Credit , Credit card , Credit history 751 Words | 6 Pages. Political Economy Spring 2013 Exam #2 STUDY GUIDE Your Name:_________________________________________ (Please keep your . completed study guide to study for the Final Exam ) # | Term | 1 | Price Ceiling | 2 | Sherman Act | 3 | Middlemen | 4 | Clayton Act | 5 | Entrepreneur | 6 | Cartel | 7 | Federal Trade Commission Act | 8 | Speculators | 9 | Price Searcher | 10 | Hedge | 11 | Monopoly | 12 | Competition | 13 | Price Floor | 14 | Tariff | 15 | Rent Seeking. Capitalism , Competition , Economics 560 Words | 4 Pages. Work Assessment? Marketing 360 Fall 2013 REVIEW SHEET FOR EXAM #1 Exam #1 is Jonathan Revivalist Preacher Essay, Thursday September 12th, 2013 8:00pm 10:00pm Todd . Auditorium (116) What to bring. 1) #2 pencils. Always a good idea to bring a back-up 2) Your photo ID 3) A prepared mind What NOT to bring: 1) a bag of any kind Exam #1 will cover Chapters 1-4, and 7 as well as any material presented in class. Social Assessment Example? Please study your lecture notes and the text. You are responsible for what was covered in class as well as some concepts.

Competition , Economics , Marketing 418 Words | 4 Pages. MGMT 4020 Exam 3 Study Guide Fall 2012 As I discussed in dominos pizza order online, class, exam 3 will cover chapters 11-14. The . exam will consist of 40 multiple choice questions worth 5 points each, and example a one-page essay. You choose one of the essay questions to and Philosopher answer. Please bring your essay with you to the exam . I am expecting well-written five-paragraph essays with the first and last paragraphs being your introduction and conclusion, respectively.

Keep in mind I want a one-page essay. Keep it. Collective bargaining , Employment , Human resource management 851 Words | 5 Pages. ACC 444 Exam 2 Guide Summary of Questions (approximate): Topic # Multiple Choice Questions (2 pts each) Total Points . Information Security 25 Computer Controls 12 Auditing Computer-Based Information Systems 13 Total # questions 50 100 Study Guide While there could be questions from other topics discussed in class, the main emphasis will be on the following subject matter: Information Security Time-based model of social security Defense in dominos order, depth Types of preventive controls, especially authentication. Certificate authority , Cryptographic hash function , Cryptography 649 Words | 3 Pages. Work Assessment? Exam 1 Study Guide :: Art 1010 Art Appreciation :: Fall 2011 :: Professor Anderson Chapter 1 The methods of . prehistoric painters The most important meaning of an Essay for PhD artwork (according to Getlein) The relationship between perception and example art The reasons why art is made, and Non-Parental the tasks art accomplishes Familiarize yourself with the following images from the text: Vanitas, tim Hawkinsons Emoter, Stonehenge, Chapter 2 How to determine the following aspects of a work of. Additive color , Color theory , Drawing 373 Words | 3 Pages.

?ACC 340 Final Exam Guide To purchase this material click below link . Exam - Guide 1. The process by social work example which a financial transaction is recorded so that its flow through the system can be followed is called: a) Financial shadowing b) Managerial trace technique c) Concatenation d) Audit trail 2. Justifying expenditures for Application new technologies is work assessment example, especially difficult because: a) You do not know how many jobs will be affected b) Expenses are often recurring and. Contingency Essays? Accounting software , Business process , Business process reengineering 721 Words | 3 Pages. COM 425 SEC 002 Exam #2 Study Guide Please note that this is an overview of the work assessment, topics covered thus far. It is intended to . Revivalist Preacher? serve as a guide for work assessment studying. It is not an order exhaustive list or a thorough review by example any means. Please prepare for the exam accordingly. Chapter 11: Conflict ? The Nature of Conflict o What is conflict o Dialectics o Frequency of Contingency conflict ? The Course of Conflict o Instigating events o Attributions o Engagement and social assessment example Escalation o Demand/Withdraw Pattern o Negotiation. Affect , Affective neuroscience , Concepts 467 Words | 2 Pages.

Final Exam Study Guide YOU MAY WANT TO PRINT THIS GUIDE . 1. The Final Exam is I Choose Becoming As A, open book, open notes. Work? . Jonathan Edwards: Revivalist Essay? The maximum time that you can spend in the exam is three hours, 30 minutes. If you have not clicked the social, Submit For Grade button by then, you will be automatically exited from the exam . In the Final Exam environment, the Application, Windows clipboard is disabled, so you will not be able to social work assessment example copy exam questions or answers to or from other applications. 2. You should click the Save Answers button in the exam frequently. Dominos Pizza? Click , Final examination , Management 1133 Words | 3 Pages. Midterm Exam Study Guide YOU MAY WANT TO PRINT THIS GUIDE . 1. The Midterm Exam is open book, open . notes. The maximum time that you can spend in the exam is work assessment example, two hours. If you have not clicked the Submit for Grade button by then, you will be automatically exited from the exam . In the Midterm Exam environment, the Windows clipboard is disabled, and so you still will not be able to copy exam questions or answers to or from other applications.

2. Bailout? You should click the Save Answers button in the exam frequently. Construction , Essay , Pricing 1283 Words | 5 Pages. 111 Study Guide Exam #1: Some of Ch. 4, the brief discussion summarizing Ch. 6, and Chptrs. 5, 7, and social work assessment example 8 HOW TO USE THIS . STUDY GUIDE : You should be able to provide fairly detailed answers to the following questions and directions this means you will probably use more room than is provided by the small spaces between them. Some of those answers will include things I talked about in lecture, as well as concepts that are explained by your textbook. You may want to on Why Becoming Officer As A reformat the social assessment example, guide on the computer.

Bacteria , Cell , Cell membrane 983 Words | 5 Pages. Final Exam Study Guide YOU MAY WANT TO PRINT THIS GUIDE . Non-Parental Care? 1. The Final Exam is open book and open . Social Work Assessment Example? notes. Essay On Why I Choose Becoming As A Career? The maximum time you can spend in the exam is 3 hours, 30 minutes. If you have not clicked the Submit for Grading button by then, you will be exited from the exam automatically. In the Final Exam environment, the Windows clipboard is disabled, so you will not be able to copy exam questions or answers to assessment example or from other applications. 2. I Choose Becoming A Police Officer Career? You should click the Save Answers button in the exam frequently. Cost , Cost accounting , Job costing 1319 Words | 5 Pages. ?October 29, 2012 To: All MGS 3400 Instructors From: Rhonda S. Palladi RE: Content and Security in the MGS 3400 Final Exam . Hello, The content of the final exam will be focused on the learning objectives of the course as follows: MGS 3400 FINAL EXAM CONTENT (Fall 2012) Topic Chapter Job Performance 2 Organizational Commitment 3 Motivation 6 Learning Decision Making 8 Personality (Including the example, following sections. Decision making , Final examination , Organizational culture 519 Words | 3 Pages. Exam 3 Study Guide Math 219 1. The probability that a randomly selected patient who visits the emergency room will . die within 1 year of the visit is 0.05. (binomial probability distribution) a) What is the probability that exactly 1 of 10 randomly selected visitors to Application for PhD the ER will die within 1 year? b) What is the probability that fewer than 2 of 25 randomly selected visitors to the ER will die within 1 year? c) What is the probability that at least 2 of 25 randomly selected. Binomial distribution , Cumulative distribution function , Normal distribution 651 Words | 3 Pages.

Final Exam Study Guide YOU MAY WANT TO PRINT THIS GUIDE . Assessment? 1. The final exam is open book, open . notes. The maximum time you can spend in the exam is 3 hours, 30 minutes. If you have not clicked the Jonathan Revivalist Preacher and Philosopher Essay, Submit For Grade button by then, you will be automatically exited from the exam . In the final exam environment, the Windows clipboard is disabled, and so you will not be able to copy exam questions or answers to or from other applications. Social Example? 2. Application Essay For PhD? You should click the Save Answers button in the exam frequently. Database , Database management systems , Database model 1123 Words | 4 Pages. BIS261: Final Exam Study Guide Exam Structure Class, the Final Exam consists of the following: . 42 Questions worth 250 points, which breaks down as follows: o 34 Multiple-Choice questions @ 5 points each o 8 Essay questions @ 10 points each There are four pages in the exam . Covers all of the reading assignments for the course: o Chapters 1-5, 7, and 16 from the assessment, textbook o International Association of Facilitators Basic Facilitation Primer o The articles from the DeVry University. Hardware testing , Integration testing , Requirement 1587 Words | 6 Pages. LING 160 Guidelines for Application for PhD Exam 2 Exam Date, Time, and Room # Exam 2 is on Thursday, March 28, 2012, room #3310, at . 2:30 p.m. Social Work Assessment? It will be about one hour long. Application? Exam Format Mostly multiple-choice questions and a few open-ended, short-answer questions, like exam 1. Well have between 45 and social work example 50 questions total.

Unless stated otherwise, provide short, bullet-like, answers to the open-ended questions including only the relevant information and skipping unnecessary parts. Edwards: Revivalist And Philosopher Essay? For example, do not write I. Answer , Grammar , Language 953 Words | 3 Pages. Assessment? ?HRM592 Final Exam Study Guide YOU MAY WANT TO PRINT THIS GUIDE . 1. The Final Exam is online, open book, open . notes. The maximum time you can spend in the exam is 3 hours, 30 minutes. If you have not clicked the social example, Submit for Revivalist Preacher Grade button by then, you will be exited from the exam . Social Assessment Example? In the Final Exam environment, the Windows clipboard is Application Essay, disabled, and so you will not be able to copy exam questions or answers to or from work other applications. 2. You should click the Application Essay, Save Answers button in the exam frequently. Social Work Assessment? This. Child? Adult education , Assessment , E-learning 1489 Words | 5 Pages. Let this serve as a really good study guide for your final exam . Please fill this out to example the best of your ability. However many . you get correct, I will add to missing assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. For example: If you get all 38 points on this study guide , I will spread the 38 points around to some of Contingency your other assignments.

It would be in social assessment example, your best interest to get this done as quickly and correctly as possible. Essay? (1 pt each) Define the following: Absorption The act of absorbing or the. Work? Body mass index , Body shape , Food guide pyramid 1024 Words | 4 Pages. MGMT520 Midterm Exam Study Guide YOU MAY WANT TO PRINT THIS GUIDE . The Economy’s Auto? 1. The midterm exam is social work example, open . book, open notes. The maximum time you can spend in the exam is 2 hours, 30 minutes. If you have not clicked the Submit For Grade button by then, you will be automatically exited from the exam . In the midterm exam environment, the Windows clipboard is Essay, disabled, and so you will not be able to social example copy exam questions or answers to or from other applications. 2. Auto Bailout Essay? You should click the Save Answers button in. Business , Business ethics , Common law 1139 Words | 4 Pages. Social Work? Exam Study Guide : Chapter 2 Strategic Management and the Entrepreneur 1) The strategic management process: Topic: . Application? Introduction 2) A small business's aggregation of work assessment factors that sets it apart from its competitors is its: Topic: Building a Competitive Advantage 3) How is the strategic planning process for small companies different from that for large Page Ref: 41 Topic: Building a Competitive Advantage 4) ________ focuses everyone's attention and efforts on Edwards: and Philosopher the same target market. Business , Business terms , Management 851 Words | 4 Pages.

ECON 1150: Principles of social Macroeconomics Exam 4 Study Guide Exam 4 will be given on on Why I Choose Becoming Officer As A Career Tuesday, November 26, 2013. You . should bring a dark pencil to social the exam . The purpose of this study guide is to Child Care Essay list all the major topics and concepts that will be tested on Exam 4. It is intended to help you to focus your study on example the important points. You will need to understand these points in Essays, depth in example, order to do well on the exam . The exam covers parts of chapters 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 in the textbook. Chapter 9. Central bank , Federal Reserve System , Fractional-reserve banking 682 Words | 3 Pages. ------------------------------------------------- PM586 Final Exam Study Guide YOU MAY WANT TO PRINT THIS GUIDE , . FIND THE LOCATION AND AREA OF THE CONCEPTS TO STUDY AND USE THIS GUIDE TO INSURE YOUR SUCCESS FOR THE FINAL EXAM . 1. Essay For PhD? The final exam is open book, open notes. The maximum time you can spend in the exam is 3 hours, 30 minutes. If you have not clicked the social work example, Submit For Grade button by then, you will be automatically exited from the exam . Care Essay? In the final exam environment, the Windows clipboard is disabled. Critical path method , Management , Project 1395 Words | 6 Pages.

Study Guide Exam #2 1. In marketing we have five general attack strategies. HOW DO YOU SELECT Frontal attacker . Work Example? matches opponents product, advertising, price and distribution Side with greater resources will win Cutting price can work if market leader doesnt retaliate Flank - indentifying shifts that cause gaps to Contingency Planning Essays develop then rushing to fill the gaps ie market newspaper where internet is weak Good for work assessment challenges with few resources, more like to Application for PhD succeed with frontal attack. Consultative selling , Economics , Elasticity 868 Words | 4 Pages. Midterm: Modernism and Exam Study Guide. Midterm Exam Study Guide HUMN 303 The midterm will cover all of the readings from the textbook and social assessment example lectures in weeks 1-4 . and pizza online the following TCOs in the course: 1/A: Given a work of work assessment art (such as a painting, poem, sonata, or cathedral), analyze the works content, form, materials, meaning, and method of creation to enrich understanding of and appreciation for Non-Parental Care Essay that work. Social Work Assessment Example? 2/B: Given a work of art (such as a painting, poem, sonata, or cathedral) and a critical interpretation or statement.

Art , Arts , Critical thinking 649 Words | 3 Pages. BUSN319 Final Exam Study Guide Format * Your final exam is Essay on Why Becoming A Police Officer, comprehensive * It covers all TCOs and all . Example? assigned course work: Chapter readings, Lectures, etc. Contingency? * The total points for the final exam is 300 * There are 33 multiple choice questions (18 @ 5 points each; 15 @ 8 points each) * There are 3 essay questions @ 30 points each * You have 3.5 hours to take the final exam * Reminder to SAVE frequently, because when the time limit is assessment example, reached you will automatically be. Management , Marketing , Marketing management 512 Words | 3 Pages. Mgmt Study Guide Exam 3 Chapter 9 * Acquired needs theory: motivation theory that focuses on learned needs-such as those . for achievement, power and affiliation- that becomes enduring tendencies * Content theory: a motivation theory that focuses on what needs a person is trying to satisfy and on what features of the work environment seem to satisfy those needs * Equity theory: a motivation theory proposing that individuals will compare their circumstances t those of others and that. Cognition , Decision making , Decision theory 1769 Words | 6 Pages. ?ACC 490 Final Exam Guide Exam - Guide 1. . Planning? An audit that involves obtaining and evaluating evidence about the efficiency and effectiveness of an entitys operating activities in relation to specified objectives is a(n): a. internal audit. b. external audit. Social Assessment? c. operational audit. d. compliance audit. e. financial statement audit. 2. When providing audit services , the CPA is dominos order online, expected to be: a. independent of. Audit , Auditing , Auditor's report 385 Words | 4 Pages. ?CB Exam 2 Topic Guide Chapter 8 1. Work Example? What are some qualities of group influence? 2. What are the types of group influence . (e.g., primary, formal, etc.)? 3. Distinguish between peer influence and conformity. 4. Essays? What are the types of social work assessment social power (e.g., legitimate) 5. What are the types of reference group influence (e.g., informational, etc.) 6. Child Care Essay? Understand utilitarian/hedonic value and reference groups. 7. What individual differences affect susceptibility to group influence (e.g., embarrassment) . Culture , Heteronormativity , Mores 812 Words | 5 Pages. Assessment? ? EXAM I STUDY GUIDE CHR 101 1. Kinds of truth a. literal historical truth, or what really happened b. literary what author . affirms about God and Planning Essays human existence c. Work? contemporary the truth of the text for our day 2. Exile a. Planning? Babylonian Babylon invades Jerusalem, destroying the example, city and Temple, and deported people (587 BCE) b. responses to Exile (creative time): i. Literary creativity Torah is Application Essay, collected and canonized.

1st 5 books of exile (JEDP), former (Deueteronomic histoty) and latter. Social Example? Bible , Biblical canon , Jesus 1109 Words | 4 Pages. 23) 24) 3 Answer Key Testname: EXAM 3 PRACTICE 1) - 1 + 1 x1/2 2x2 2 2) 1 sin ?x - 36 cos x ? 6 6 3) 2 t3/2 - t7/6 + C 7 3 4) sin . ? + ? + C 5) 69 6) y 56 52 48 44 40 36 32 28 24 20 16 12 8 4 -4 2 4 6 x 3 2 7) 6 + 108n + 162n + 54n ; Area = 24 6n3 8) - 252 9) 3x2 sin (x3) 10) 16 15 11) 36 12) 2 x3 + 3 3/2 + C 9 13) 1 +C 5(8 + cos t)5 14) s = - 2 cos 4t - 10t + 12 15) 15 16) 7 3 17) 937 12 18) 16 19) 5 4 20) 4? 4 Answer Key Testname: EXAM 3 PRACTICE 21) 297 ? 5 22) 57 ? 5 23). 1 , Analytic geometry , Curve 764 Words | 5 Pages. ?BUSN115 Final Exam Study Guide The BUSN115 final exam is 3 pages long. It is a timed exam worth . 250 points that you may enter only The Economy’s Bailout Essay once. You have 3.5 hours to complete the exam . It consists of 25 multiple choice questions worth 6 points each. There are 7 essay questions, 6 worth 15 points and 1 worth 10 points. Be sure to save and save often while you are working on the exam , and work submit the exam when you are finished. To earn full credit your response to each essay question should answer. Balance sheet , Business , International trade 1667 Words | 5 Pages.

Man 4720 Chapters 1, 2 3 60 QUESTIONS Below are the major areas you need to Child Care Essay focus on. THESE ARE NOT THE QUESTIONS JUST THE AREAS THAT YOU NEED TO . Assessment Example? KNOW IN ORDER TO DO THE EXAM . YOU MUST READ THE TEXT ALONG WITH YOUR NOTES TO ENSURE THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPTS PRESENTED IN THESE AREAS. Strategic Management Business policy Strategic Management process know each of the Non-Parental Child, components several questions will be asked about each. Evolution of strategic management Impact. Ecology , Environment , Environmentalism 597 Words | 4 Pages. ? The following is a sample of the type of exams that I will be giving in class. Try completing this exam in 45 minutes. . Work Assessment? This should be roughly half the Application Essay for PhD, size of social assessment example your exam . Nick 1) Which of the Edwards: Revivalist and Philosopher, following pairs is mismatched? a) immunologist studies ecology of Legionella pneumophila b) virologist -- studies human immunodeficiency virus c) Microbial ecologist -- studies bacteria that degrade oil d) Microbial physiologist studies fermentation of sourdough bread e) Molecular biologist. Bacteria , Bacterial cell structure , Cell 905 Words | 3 Pages.

OM335 Final exam study guide 1. (6 points) Daily demand for the ice creams at I-Scream parlor is social assessment, normally distributed with a . mean of Jonathan Preacher 160 quarts and a standard deviation of 100 quarts. The owner has the ice cream supplied by a wholesaler who charges $2.20 per quart. The ice cream sells for $4 per quart. The wholesaler charges a $400 delivery charge independent of order size. It takes 4 days for an order to be supplied. The opportunity cost of capital to I-Scream is social work, estimated to be 25% per. Arithmetic mean , Assembly line , Economic order quantity 1559 Words | 6 Pages. I Choose As A? HRM/531 Final Examination Study Guide This study guide will prepare you for the Final Examination you will complete in Week . Six. It contains practice questions, which are related to each weeks objectives. In addition, refer to social work each weeks readings and your student guide as study references for the Final Examination. Week One: Influence of Employment Laws on Application Essay Human Resource Management Objective: Determine if an example organization is in compliance with employment laws.

1. Title VII of the 1964. The Economy’s Auto Bailout? Affirmative action , Employment , Human resource management 590 Words | 4 Pages. ?Below is a study guide for Exam #1. Keep in mind that I am looking at your exam questions while writing the social work assessment example, study . I Choose Becoming A Police Officer Career? guide . Work? Be sure you know what the terms are, how they have been researched, and dominos describe your answers in your own words. I decided to limit your test to work assessment the first three chapters. You can do quite well focusing on the material below.

Enjoy! Why is drug withdrawal a painful experience for Edwards: and Philosopher Essay addicts? Using drugs puts an excess amount of neurotransmitters in social, the body. Application Essay For PhD? When there is. Social Work Assessment? Brain , Central nervous system , Cerebrum 1138 Words | 7 Pages. Auto Bailout Essay? QNT/561 Final Examination Study Guide This study guide will prepare you for the Final Examination you will complete in the . final week. Social Work Assessment? It contains practice questions, which are related to each weeks objectives. In addition, refer to each weeks readings and your student guide as study references for the Final Examination. Week One: Descriptive Statistics and Probability Distributions Objective: Compute descriptive statistics for given data sets.

1. In 1995, the cost of unleaded gasoline. Arithmetic mean , Average , Mean 812 Words | 5 Pages. ?Management Second Exam Study Guide Chapter 5: Gaining Power and Influence - Power the capacity to on Why Becoming A Police Officer As A Career influence someones . Assessment Example? behavior - Human capital an individuals power - Social capital power over other people - 4 sources of personal power - Expertise, personal attraction, effort, legitimacy - Likability is a kind of dominos power - If you are well liked it is work assessment example, often because you have open, honest relationships, you are emotionally accessible, and you exercise unconditional. Authority , Motivation , Power 1471 Words | 6 Pages. Auto Bailout Essay? ?Professor Thompson Western Civilization I, Exam I Study Guide Terms that may appear on the exam : 1. . Akhenation- created a religious upheaval in Egypt by introducing the worship of Aten. Pg 30 2. Book of the social, Dead- negative confession. Pg 25 3. Cuneiform- wedge-shaped system of writing; impressions on clay tablets, which were then baked or dried in the sun. Pg 16 4. For PhD? Epic of Gilgamesh- records the social, exploits of a legendary king of Uruk. Pg 17 5. Erbil- can be dated back to at.

Ancient Egypt , Egypt , Euphrates 1227 Words | 5 Pages. ?IT 214: Database Fundamentals Test 2 Study Guide Test 2 consists of multiple-choice/true-false questions and covers the Auto Bailout Essay, topics listed . Social Work Example? below. The questions are based on dominos online the material discussed in class, covered in A Guide to example MySQL textbook (Chapters 1, 3, 4, and Essay on Why Becoming Officer As A Career 5), and social presented in Power-Point presentations. Students are expected to know the syntax for all SQL commands discussed. Test 2 is Non-Parental Care Essay, closed book, closed notes. Topics include but are not limited to: Chapter 1: Introduction to social work Premiere. Articles with example SQL code , Data Definition Language , Data Manipulation Language 1372 Words | 4 Pages. Non-Parental Essay? ?Notes on example Board Oct. 2, 2013 Exam one was returned for order students review. Listening assignment for work assessment example this week was distributed and uploaded to . mix. Application Essay? Ensemble- usually a small group of social work example performers Polyphonic- The simultaneous sounding of two or more melodies of The Economy’s Essay equal importance. Group Work: Sidney Bechet First notable jazz saxophone player, soprano sax Played clarinet, too. Composer Professional by age of social 6. Louis Armstrong 1901-1971 [Greatest trumpet player] The most influential jazz.

Benny Goodman , Big band , Count Basie 1250 Words | 5 Pages. Exam 1 Review Questions BUS2 130 Online Chapter 2: Strategic Planning and the Marketing Process 1. What is a strategic plan? What is . strategic planning? 2. What are the steps in Edwards:, the strategic planning process? 3. What is social assessment, a mission statement?

What are characteristics of Becoming A Police Officer As A Career a good mission statement? What is the assessment, difference between a market-oriented versus a product-oriented mission statement? 4. What is a business portfolio? 5. What is a strategic business unit (SBU)? 6. What is dominos pizza online, a portfolio analysis. Customer relationship management , Marketing , Mission statement 779 Words | 5 Pages. Social Example? ?Study Guide this is only a study guide to assist in Contingency Essays, preparing for the first test. Make sure you are ready to answer questions . like those that appear in guide much more in-dept. Be prepared to define, describe and social discuss each of the Jonathan Edwards: Revivalist Preacher and Philosopher, following terms/concepts. Be prepared to social work example answer questions on current events relating to I Choose Officer chapters one through three discussed during class time. Assessment Example? Chapter One What is politics?

The activities associated with the dominos pizza online, governance of work assessment example a country or other area, especially. Essay I Choose Becoming Officer? Constitution , Democracy , Federalism 1178 Words | 4 Pages. ? ENG 4823 7 October 2013 Study Guide Americo Paredes (b 1915-1999)- Mexican American Folklorist, poet, teacher, and writer. Reading: . Hammon and social assessment example the Beans (1994). Jonathan Edwards: Essay? Getting an Oboe for social assessment example Joe (1994). Literary Tradition: Fiction, Folklore, and History.

Collection (Poetry and Jonathan Edwards: Preacher Folklore): With His Pistol in His Hand (1958). Collection (Novel): George Washington Gomez (1990). Recognition: Guggenheim Fellowship 1962, Charles Frankel Prize 1989. Work Assessment? (Pearson 402-403, Class Discussion) Satire- a literacy. Charles Frankel , Irony 786 Words | 3 Pages. authority, consistency, reciprocity, social validation). You will be graded on your creativity and pizza order knowledge of the social work example, three weapons you choose. Note: You . cannot use any form of the incredibly entertaining QVC show. Comprehensive Portion of Contingency Final Exam (Part II-10% of social assessment final grade) 40 Minutes for 20 questions Take anytime (but only once) on Blackboard Dec. 5, 6, or 7. Core Concept Areas covered Marketing fundamentals (8 questions) Define marketing Define market Define.

Advertising , Marketing , Marketing research 594 Words | 4 Pages. Exam 1 Chapter 1 * In statistics the group we wish to study is called the population * A sample is a subset of the The Economy’s Auto Essay, population . Social Work Example? which is dominos pizza order online, used to gain insight about the work assessment example, population. Samples are used to represent a larger group, the population. * Descriptive statistics the The Economy’s Auto, collection, organization, analysis, and presentation of data. * Inferential statistics uses descriptive statistics to estimate population parameters; an social work example educated guess about the Auto Bailout Essay, population based on sample. Arithmetic mean , Mean , Median 1015 Words | 4 Pages. EXAM I Fundamentals of Speech COMM. 1110 Multiple Choice: 1. Communication is a process that requires shared: 2. The model . of communication that views communication in the most complex manner is the ______________________ model. 3. The _________________ states that we are more likely to remember the first and last items conveyed orally in social example, a series of items than the items in between. 4. Dominos Online? A speaker who is ethnocentric believes: 5. Which communication. According to Jim , Audience , Audience theory 1504 Words | 7 Pages. ?BUAD 500 Equivalency Exam Study Sheet International Business Multiple Choice, True/False, Short Answer Essay, Fill in social example, the Blank, . Matching Books Either: Wild, Wild, Han, International Business (Prentice-Hall) or Charles Hill, International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace (McGraw-Hill). Topics The worldwide transition to Essay Becoming globalization Globalization if the process of integration and interconnectedness among economies. The process is social work assessment, characterized by declining.

Common law , Comparative advantage , Economics 1802 Words | 7 Pages. Contingency Planning Essays? ?MKT 300 Exam 1 Study Guide Modules 1-3 Module 1: Marketing, Marketing Mix definitions Concept of Exchange Demographics vs. . Psychographics Marketing Concept Marketing Management Philosophies Market Orientation Module 2: Marketing Environment Social Changes Competition Consumers Porters Five Forces STP Bases of social assessment Segmentation Targeting Strategies Positioning Perceptual Maps Repositioning Webers Law Strategic Market Plan Elements SWOT analysis BCG Matrix Market Strategy Focus Competitive Advantage. Consumer , Consumer protection , Distribution 496 Words | 3 Pages. IT321 Final Exam Review Guide A review guide is just that, a guide . Revivalist Preacher And Philosopher? It is not a blueprint of what . you will be tested on. This guide will consist of key points that have a very high probability of being on the quiz/test/ exam that you will see. I feel review guides are important because students new to the topic may waste time and social study the wrong materials. This normally leads to frustration and concepts not covered that are deemed important in not only passing this course, but what would/could.

Data Link Layer , Ethernet , MAC address 1270 Words | 7 Pages.

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Essay on Child Sex Tourism in Developing Countries While it might not seem that way in the United States, or in other developed nations, child prostitution is a significant issue around the world , and it still manages to exist under the radar of public health authorities. Each year, as many as a million children are coerced into prostitution; the total number of children in prostitution at one time could be as high as 10 million. Social Work Assessment? Because of the privation that these children face, there is not enough data about the health problems that these children face but the maladies include forced pregnancy, substance abuse, violence, mental illness, and infectious diseases. Just like any other form of child abuse, child prostitution not only leads to Non-Parental Essay death for far too many, but it also takes away their dignity and their basic rights. The purpose of this research is to social assessment analyze existing literature on child prostitution, particularly with regard to health issues as well as best practices in the tourism industry, and emerge with recommendations to help promote sustainable tourism in developing nations without resorting to the use of child prostitutes. The need for finding a way to prevent child prostitution from happening should be a global priority. There are several empirical models that have already been identified for tourism industries to follow in different nations, and this paper will call for the use of The Economy’s Auto Bailout Essay those models in work example practice, as tourism companies and government agencies have the ability to institute these professional practices and public policies, as long as they can eliminate some of the barriers that may yet be in place. The primary frame for this discussion is the context of maintaining social responsibility on the corporate level while also maintaining sustainable tourism industries.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child defined a child as anyone who is not yet 18 years old; child prostitution consists of forcing a child to carry out sexual acts for financial or other forms of compensation, or even offering the use of a child for sexual services. It differs from other forms of child sexual abuse because of the commercial aspect; however, because children cannot legally consent (or intellectually consent) to Jonathan Preacher and Philosopher Essay those activities, it is also quite similar to other forms of abuse. Currently, both boys and girls (UNICEF 1997, 36) are prostituted at different places on the globe, starting as young as ten years old (ECPAT 2001). The majority of these children are prostituted by local pimps, but there are also foreign tourists and pedophiles who exploit them as well. Many of social work these children will service five to ten customers each day. The number of children is up for debate, particularly in developing nations, but research indicates that there could be as many as 10 million children trapped in prostitution worldwide (UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, 2000). Auto Essay? It is work, difficult to get an Bailout accurate count, because the people controlling them keep them in hiding and move them frequently (United Nations, 1996). The fact that organized crime is often bankrolling this practice makes it even more difficult to find them. There are a number of social, economic and cultural factors that contribute to the growth of child prostitution. Poverty is the main factor, but gender discrimination and social work example low levels of education also play a role (United Nations, 1996).

There are communities in Planning the world that condone prostitution and do not enforce the laws proscribing child prostitution (if those laws exist). There are also communities in which the male clients do not think that children will pass on HIV or other STDs as easily as adults will (United Nations, 1996). Work Assessment Example? Also, sex workers who have children end up seeing those children being prostituted as well (Deisher et al. Essays? 1989, 1163). Likely targets for pimps include children who have been abandoned or who have run away from home. Girls are often lured or even kidnapped and then compelled to social work assessment prostitute themselves. International sex tourism has become a major cause for child prostitution in some countries (Focal Point against Sexual Exploitation of Non-Parental Child Essay Children, 2001). As one might expect, different countries with child prostitution tend to have different causes for children ending up in that position.

In Nepal, for example, the cause is usually poverty (Poude 1994, 10); in Nigeria, though, child prostitutes usually fled their homes because they were being abused there (Adedoyin and Adegoke 1995, 28). Thailand is one of the nations in example which child prostitution is Child, art of the sex tourism trade (Silbert and Pines 1981, 408). Social Assessment Example? The common thread, though, is that child prostitution brings in money. Overall, the sex industry around the world brings in an estimated $20 billion $5 billion alone coming from child prostitution (Lim 1998). Indeed, children in prostitution often have to send money home to support their families. Socioeconomic structures in Jonathan Edwards: Preacher and Philosopher countries where this is taking place must take this issue into social assessment example account, so that other children simply do not end up being shoved into sex labor. The vast majority of reports into child prostitution include acknowledgment of the health problems that can arise. However, because of the difficulty of even finding child prostitutes, there is Application for PhD, little in the way of reliable data on mortality and morbidity.

Sometimes, the studies are done and assessment example then discarded; those studies that do make it to publication are not easy to find, and Bailout Essay often they focus on qualitative health data instead of quantitative information. The funding for major quantitative studies is difficult to find; again, this is not a problem that is registering in a significant way on the worlds radar. However, there have been some significant quantitative studies that serve as a starting point for this discussion. One example was the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) study of 176 children who were in social assessment prostitution in six countries. Rates of HIV infection varied from 5 percent in Vietnam to Application Essay 17 percent in Thailand (Economic and social work example Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, 2000). However, a different report studying children who had been rescued from brothels throughout southeast Asia found that 50 to 90 percent were infected with HIV (WCACSEC, 1996). Obviously, there are a number of factors at work in these cases, including existing levels of HIV infection, as well as access to and use of condoms. The Economy’s Auto? There are some communities in which the total population of work assessment sex workers has an Application for PhD HIV infection rate of as high as 86 percent adult and children combined (UNAIDS, 2000). Social Work Assessment Example? Every time an adolescent girl has unprotected sex with an infected partner, she has a 1 percent chance of getting HIV (Alan Guttmacher Institute 1999).

However, if those children already have an STD that has created genital ulcers, that percentage jumps to 4 percent (WHO 2000). Dominos Pizza Order Online? With as many as ten clients a day, it will not take long for those long odds to become a reality. Once HIV infection sets in, the risk of contracting active tuberculosis also spikes (Willis and Levy, 2002, 1418). With regard to other STDs, the numbers are even more grim. Within the ESCAP study, STD rates among prostituted children ranged from 36 percent in Cambodia to 78 percent in China (Economic and Social Commission for work assessment example, Asia and the Pacific, 2000). If one compares this to the 5 percent incidence of Essay I Choose Career STDs in adolescents worldwide, these numbers are staggering. The numbers as far as pregnancy are also eye-opening. Any sexually active adolescent who does not utilize contraceptives has a 90 percent chance of pregnancy within a year. Many of the girls forced into social prostitution do not have contraceptives, and Application Essay for PhD so they are almost guaranteed to become pregnancy.

Because of substandard medical care, these girls also fall into the risk of complications in pregnancy including mortality. Social Example? According to Auto Bailout Essay the ESCAP study, 66 percent of the girls who became pregnant while prostituted sought abortions (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, 2000). On a worldwide level, between 1 and 4.4 million abortions are performed on adolescents each year many of them using unsafe practices. For child prostitutes, these procedures bring a significant risk of injury and death. Nearly 13 percent of all the maternal deaths worldwide each year are a result of unsafe abortions (Willis and Levy, 2002, 1419). Of course, there are many other harmful outcomes for child prostitutes. A study of 475 sex workers in five countries found that two-thirds of them fit the criteria for a diagnosis of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) (Farley et al. 1998, 407). This is the same malady that makes it so difficult for soldiers returning home from war to reintegrate themselves into society. Substance abuse takes place at almost a 100 percent rate in social assessment many communities among all sex workers, not just children (Carr et al.

1996, 491). This leads to a risk not only of overdose but infection with any number of bloodborne pathogens, not to mention permanent organ damage and Contingency Essays cancer. Many child prostitutes suffer violence at the hands of clients, pimps, police and work even those with whom they have intimate relationships. Auto Essay? That study with 475 sex workers found that 73 percent had been physically assaulted while working on the job, and 62 percent had been raped since becoming a prostitute (Farley et al. Social? 1998, 411). For children, these experiences can be deadly. In 1987, the Brundtland Commission presented the Contingency Essays idea of sustainable development as meeting the needs of the social assessment present without compromising the Jonathan Revivalist and Philosopher Essay ability of future generations to meet their own needs (WCED, 1987).

However, the notion of sustainable tourism did not appear for ten more years. In 1997, Agenda 21 for the Travel and Tourism Industry appeared, composed by social work, the World Tourism Organization, the Earth Council, and the World Travel and Tourism Council. There were several reasons for the delay in developing these ideas specific to The Economy’s the tourism industry, such as the wide variety of tourist activities around the world (WTO, 2001). The primary research into sustainable tourism has focused on the social, cultural, ecological and economic impacts of tourism (Cooper et al, 1998; Fennell, 1999; Mason, 2003; Ryan, 2003; Swarbrooke, 1999), until recently. Social Work? The most current research now focuses on globalization and tourism (Bianchi, 2007; Dodds and Joppe, 2005). Because of a wave of neo-liberal governments coming into dominos power and driving economic philosophy, the questions of the social assessment responsibility for business to push sustainable development have come to the forefront, and so corporate social responsibility (CSR) and business ethics have also entered the realm of study (Tepelus 2008, 100). At its most basic, CSR has to do with businesses adopting and implementing standards that are conscious of the environment, ethical and for PhD socially responsible (Tepelus 2008, 100). The European Commission (2001) defined CSR as a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis(European Commission 2001, 8).

There were four relevant elements to this: covering social and social environmental issues; integration with operational strategies; remaining a voluntary condition; and interacting with stakeholders inside and outside the company (Tepelus 2008, 100). Tourism has been one of the The Economy’s Essay last industries to adopt CSR practices (World Bank and International Finance Corporation 2003). Even with the work assessment example adoption of CSR practices, though, many industries (including tourism) have focused on matters of environmental remediation and Application stayed away from questions regarding labor and human rights (Epler-Wood and Leray, 2005). Fennell (2006) has argued that there is an immense void in ethics (xiii) that has kept tourism from following other industries into the areas covered by CSR, and has also argued that ethics in tourism could well emerge as the next main research platform(358) in this particular field. While it would be nice to study ethics, of course, the free market is certainly not pushing for a moral overhaul of the tourism industry. Both the assessment example industry and the consumer are motivated by price: as Brackenbury (2003) noted, price competition and its consequences of productivity improvement, and not product innovation, has occupied the minds of senior managers in this sector over the past ten years (8). In other words, when there is a financial return on investment, the tourism industry will get involved; when it is not, there will not be innovation (Weiermair 2005). And so the likelihood of an industry-spurred drive to eradicate sex tourism seems like a murky prospect at best, at least under the current paradigm. However, the lack of ethical concern in the industry has made sex trafficking and child sex tourism a widespread practice (Payne and Dimanche, 1996).

After all, sex tourism came about as a legitimate sector of the industry in the 1970s (Tepelus 2008, 102). Non-Parental? As a result, there have been some studies on child sex tourism just as a part of industry research (OConnell Davidson, 2004; Garrick, 2005; Cabezas, 2004) covering everything from similarities between child sex tourism and adult sex tourism, rationalizations that tourists give for engaging child prostitutes, and even classifying child sex tourists by social assessment example, citizenship. While there is child sex tourism going on all over the world, Asia is currently the epicenter. The Philippines have a reported 60,000 child prostitutes; there are over 400,000 in India and over 800,000 in Thailand. The vast majority are girls who are younger than 16; however, in Sri Lanka, most of the Non-Parental Child Essay 20,000 child prostitutes are boys (Glover, 2006). Example? However, as has been already noted, the tourists are not the only ones to blame, as there is Essay I Choose A Police As A, a specific set of cultural conditions that have to be in place for child prostitution to be condoned. In Thailand, for example, 3 out of social work 4 men are estimated to Application Essay have had sex with a prostitute (Sachs, 1994).

Small wonder, then, that there should be such a vast supply of child prostitutes. The problem is social work assessment, global and it is deeply entrenched in certain corners of the planet. There are already innovations that have been suggested by public and private entities to find ways to eradicate the child sex tourism industry, while maintaining sustainable tourism even in countries that base a good deal of their tourism income on foreigners entering the country on a sexual vacation. My research objectives are as follows: Identify existing ideas for Essay on Why As A, innovation that could lead to the reduction and social removal of child sex tourism from common practice in developing nations Identify barriers to the implementation of those innovation Compare and contrast the dominos online various ideas for innovation and appraise the ones that are most likely to be effective, based on social work assessment, the cultural contexts involved Develop a series of recommendations for public and Planning Essays private entities based on the research. My research will be primarily qualitative in nature. Social Work Assessment Example? The quantitative documentation about the A Police problems that lead to child sex trafficking and tourism in developing countries is fairly exhaustive, based on assessment, both private studies and research carried out by governmental and intergovernmental agencies. Learning more about the specifics of sexually transmitted diseases and the average of child prostitutes will not contribute significantly to the existing body of The Economy’s Bailout knowledge on the topic; for this reason, my focus will be primarily on ways to implement and social assessment improve existing suggestions for innovation within the tourist industry and within public policy. The methods I will use will include researching and comparing the various suggested innovations with an eye toward matching them with culturally amenable contexts.

There are some alternative methodologies that could be used, and The Economy’s Auto could also contribute to the body of knowledge on this subject. Work Assessment Example? For example, these three methodologies would also be quite useful: Conducting a quantitative attitudinal study of Application adult males in the countries in which child sex tourism and child prostitution are the most widespread Performing a longitudinal study on the economic indicators of countries that depend heavily on child sex tourism for industry income Conducting a quantitative attitudinal study of sex tourists who visit one (or several) of the countries in social which child sex tourism is most widespread. The benefit of the Application for PhD first alternative study would be helpful in example identifying cultural attitudes in specific countries toward child prostitution. As one study mentioned in the literature review found, Thai men are extremely unlikely to speak out against prostitution, as 3 out of Non-Parental Child Care Essay every 4 Thai men were found to have had sex with a prostitute.

In a country like that, prostitution would bring little outrage, if any, among those in position to make changes in public policy. Child prostitution would be less likely to inspire a similar outrage in a country in which prostitution is so common, because sexual partners would be more likely to be viewed as things to use or consume, rather than people. The second alternative study would be of interest based on social assessment, the definition of sustainable development mentioned near the beginning of this paper development that sustains a country today without sacrificing its ability to provide for itself in the future. The children who enter prostitution either end up dead or damaged dramatically in terms of dominos health, emotional stability, and mental status. The possibility that, once these children are no longer viable sex workers, they would then head into other sectors of the economy and become productive citizens is remote at best. This longitudinal study would analyze the effects of the loss of so much of the working-age population. The third alternative study would bring some intriguing results provided that enough sex tourists could be found to answer, and provided that they gave accurate answers. After all, if someone is going to travel to another country for a sexual vacation, it is likely that the topic is not one that he (or she) would be squeamish about discussing on an anonymous basis with a researcher. Finding out the motivations that lead one to travel abroad for sexual activity would be of some interest, but a greater area of contribution to this study would be to learn the attitudes of sex tourists (who are more likely to work assessment example feel a sense of Non-Parental Care Essay liberation than the general population in social sexual matters) about child sex tourism. At what age should sex be legal? What should the consequences be for child prostitution for the purveyors who provide children to clients?

Those answers would be of interest, more from a sociology perspective. A degree of outrage from those who use the sex tourism industry, though, might spur entities within the countries that depend so heavily on sex tourism to make changes. Obviously, in a highly qualitative study like the one I propose, there is little in the way of analysis at least in the statistical kind. Instead, the discussion will focus on finding existing methods of innovation and identifying barriers and recommending ways to overcome those barriers. While this might seem to be covering some existing ground instead of being innovative, it is clear that the Essay I Choose A Police Officer barriers have not yet been overcome as a result of the social work assessment research that is already out Auto Bailout, there. Because of the assessment example epidemic that child sex tourism continues to Becoming Officer Career comprise, it is necessary for research to take place that will persuade those who are in positions of social assessment example authority, both in Contingency the industry and within halls of social work assessment example government, to find a different way to bring in Contingency Planning Essays tourists and their cash. Researching Innovations to Eliminate Child Sex Tourism. As has already been mentioned in this study, there is not much existing knowledge about child sex tourism and trafficking, and there has been minimal research done on the connections between sustainability and CSR and example this touchy subject.

Because tourism changes quickly, and because sex crimes take on such a volatile hue, any research that has been done can become dated quickly. Dominos Order? However, there have been some innovations taken on by public and social assessment example private entities to prevent and even end sex tourism for children and for PhD trafficking. Some of example these innovations have been steps taken to match laws not just national law but also legislation that covers behaviors outside annexed territories. The first step seems to on Why Officer Career have been finding ways to build awareness within the social work example tourism industry about the ways it could keep children from Application, being sexually exploited; subsequent steps have been to give tourism businesses the wherewithal to exercise that ability, to social example find alternative socioeconomic opportunities for the children who are at most risk for coercion into prostitution, to build awareness among the public at large, and to generate incentives to turn in child sex tourists and traffickers. Innovation Models from Nongovernmental Organizations. ChildWise is an organization that is focuses on eradicating child sex tourism in international destinations where Australians travel. ChildWise is the Non-Parental Essay Australian wing of ECPAT International, which is social assessment example, a consortium dedicated to the elimination of the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Founded in Thailand in Non-Parental Child Care 1962, ECPAT now has offices in 63 countries and was one of the initial groups that fought back against example, child prostitution in tourisn in Non-Parental Asia (ECPAT International, 2007). ChildWise began with the assumption that child sex tourism, at least involving Australians, is not part of the mainstream tourism industry (Hecht, 2001). As a result, simply changing codes of assessment example conduct for Application Essay for PhD, mainstream tourism providers would not have much of an effect on child sex tourists leaving Australia. The agency designed ChildWise Tourism in 1999, to serve as a training program through the entire ASEAN region. This program includes educational materials for assessment, tourism students, teachers, and practitioners in the industry. The focus of the training is to help tourism professionals identify situations in which children might be in danger of sexual exploitation, and for PhD then turn them into the relevant authorities.

All seven of the ASEAN countries allow ChildWise to come in and hold training sessions in social work assessment the community: Myanmar, Lao PDR, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Edwards: Preacher and Philosopher Thailand (ChildWise 2007). This way, there are people on the ground in the countries most affected by social assessment example, child sex tourism who now know what to Contingency Essays look for. ChildWise also started Travel With Care in 2003, which conducts training seminars on the particulars of the Australia Child Sex Tourism law. World Vision started in 2004 and is a Christian humanitarian agency that serves almost 100 countries. Assessment Example? One of Application Essay for PhD its areas of focus is the social example deterrence of foreign sex tourists and Jonathan Edwards: Revivalist Essay the creation of awareness about legislative efforts against child sex tourism. The slogan Abuse a child in this country, go to jail in yours was used widely in Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand and Cambodia and was primarily aimed at American tourists. The agency also has developed a series of in-flight videos as well as street signs and billboards in countries where child sex tourism is rampant (World Vision, 2007). The focus of this group on Americans comes from the research that American citizens represent 1 of social assessment every 4 child sex tourists (Tepelus 2008, 105). The youth career initiative (YCI) is a subsidiary program of the Planning Essays International Business Leaders Foundation (IBLF), based in London.

The main purpose of this initiative is to work boost the employability of young people in the hotel industry, and so to reduce the number of young people who are forced to Preacher Essay turn to prostitution in social assessment order to Essay survive. Such international hotels as Orient Express, Sol Melia, Starwood, and social assessment example Sheraton have all agreed to provide on-site education for high school graduates who come from disadvantaged homes. After completing the course, the participants receive assistance in career placement. Since this program began in 1995, more than 1,300 youth have completed the program; now it runs in eight countries: Poland, Brazil, Thailand, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Australia, Indonesia and Romania (IBLF, 2007). The direct target of this program is not child sex tourism or trafficking, but the fact that it targets at-risk youth by helping them find potential employment in the hotel industry does take potential prostitutes off the Essay I Choose Becoming Career streets in countries where they could likely end up working for a pimp. Innovation Models from Government Organizations. One of the assessment example governments that took the lead in fighting child sex tourism has been that of Brazil. The Economy’s Auto? In 1997, the country started a no child sex tourism campaign, and social work its logo for Jonathan, the campaign fighting the exploitation of children was adopted by the UNWTO for the worldwide campaign (Tepelus 2008, 106).

In 2002, the work government created the Ministry of Tourism, and within the National Tourism Chamber, a Sustainable Tourism and Childhood Thematic Chamber was established. The main goals of this program were to start the public discussion on such issues as the protection of children in tourism and the best practices in the private sector of tourism, with an eye toward ultimately formulating public policy and legislation . From 2004 through 2007, the Ministry of Planning Tourism held a World Tourism Forum for work, Peace and Sustainable Development as part of its Sustainable Tourism and Childhood campaign. This led to the first declaration against child sex tourism on October 26, 2005, in Rio de Janeiro, and a combined South American campaign against child sex tourism, to begin 2007 in Contingency 12 countries. Also, the Brazilian government reached out to social work example such entities as Save the on Why I Choose Children Sweden and World Childhood Foundation Brazil to research other ways to help bring child sex tourism to an end (Gorenstein 2007). Innovation Models from social work assessment example, Intergovernmental Organizations. From the very earliest efforts to fight child sex tourism, the UNWTO (UN World Tourism Organization) has provided input to interested organizations, including the first two Congresses against Commercial Exploitation of Children. In 1997, the UNWTO set up a Task Force to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation in Tourism, designed to find and eliminate child sex tourism (UNWTO 2007a).

This committee meets twice a year at dominos pizza order online the major international tourism expositions, and has developed the Global Code of Ethics of Tourism. The part that is relevant to assessment example child sex tourism reads: The exploitation of human beings in any form, particularly sexual, especially when applied to. children, confl icts with the fundamental aims of tourism and is the negation of tourism; as such, in accordance with international law, it should be energetically combated with the cooperation of all the States concerned and penalized without concession by dominos order online, the national legislation of both the countries visited and the countries of the perpetrators of these acts, even when they are carried out abroad ( UNWTO, 2007b , Art. 2, point 3). In addition to the GCTE, though, the social work assessment example UNWTO has put together a set of Essay on Why A Police As A guidelines that would inform the creation of a voluntary mechanism for example, implementing changes in tourism policies on the national level, and has created a World Committee on Tourism Ethics (WCTE) to intervene whenever there might be a dispute. Auto Essay? The UNWTO has also designed a set os sustainability indicators within the metrics that govern tourism, to ensure that the social assessment child sex tourism trade is dominos pizza, being monitored quantifiably (UNWTO, 2004). The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OCSE) comprises the largest security organization assigned to a region in the world. There are 56 participating countries, in North America, Central Asia and Europe, all coordinating efforts to provide warnings for conflicts and crises that might break out, and to work rehabilitate areas that have suffered from conflicts. In 2003, the Edwards: Preacher and Philosopher OSCE Economic and assessment Environmental Activities (OSCE-OCEEA) office was given the charge to find ways to bolster efforts in the private sector to Essay fight human trafficking by building awareness of the problem and distributing best practices, specifically including guidelines for designing policies, instituting self-regulation, and writing codes of conduct.

Because tourism and hospitality remain vital sources of revenue for many countries around the world, the travelers themselves have a powerful weapon against child sex tourism traffickers by assessment example, simply choosing where they will or will not go. However, the tourism providers themselves can work together to dominos build an environment that refuses to condone human trafficking particularly the sexual exploitation of assessment children. The OSCE promotes the Non-Parental Essay building of a code of conduct to raise awareness and has suggested the extension of that code to cover companies that do business in work assessment southeastern Europe, which is also an area that can be susceptible to human trafficking. The OSCE has gained industry and government commitments to fight child sex tourism and human trafficking (Telepus 2008, 107). The United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF) is the agency within the United Nations that fights for for PhD, childrens rights around the social work assessment example globe which includes the responsibility for such issues as child sex tourism and I Choose child trafficking. When the tourism industry adopted a Code of Conduct in North American in 2004, UNICEF joined in support of the code with ECPAT and UNWTO (UNICEF, 2004). This agency has enacted awareness campaigns about the issue of child sex tourism in such countries as Gambia, Kenya, Spain, Sri Lanka and the Dominican Republic, and has lobbied governments for assessment example, laws against child sex tourism in countries throughout the Caribbean and pizza order online Central America (Telepus 2008, 107).

Other intergovernmental agencies that have undertaken efforts to root out child sex tourism have included the International Labor Organization, the International Organization on Migration, and the UN Office of social work Drugs and Crimes. Auto Bailout Essay? The ILO put together the International Program on the Elimination of Child Labor to assessment example fight child labor in countries that lack national legislation protecting their youngest, and all three organizations have enacted training programs designed to prevent and fight human trafficking. None of Application for PhD these agencies have done work specific to tourism, but their efforts on assessment, the other end of the supply chain all affect the funneling of children to tourists. Perhaps the most important measure that has emerged from the fight against child sex tourism came from industry itself: the Code of Conduct for The Economy’s Auto Bailout, the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism. This code was signed by tour operators, hotels, airlines, travel agents, and other related entities. All of the signatories committed to six measures:

Developing company policies against child sex tourism Training staff on ways to social work identify and prevent child sex tourism Informing travelers about child sex tourism in particular destinations Adding language to contract boilerplate with suppliers in which both parties repudiate the practice of child sex tourism Working with government and private entities in Contingency Essays destinations to prevent child sex tourism Giving an annual report on the internal implementation of these commitments (Tepelus 2008, 106). This code came about in social assessment example 1998, through the efforts of ECPAT Sweden and the UNWTO, and it was finally launched in North America in 2004. Currently, more than 600 companies have signed it from 23 countries in North America, Asia, Europe, and Central and Latin America (Tepelus 2008, 106). Application? The primary concerns include enforcement and monitoring processes that vary widely among countries. Relying on self-regulation has proven to be an uneven method of accountability thus far. In The Scarlet Letter, the work assessment first observation that Nathaniel Hawthorne makes is that the Contingency first two things a new town needs are a cemetery and a prison, as the two certainties are death and wrongdoing. The personal tastes that lead tourists to go to other countries and seek out work assessment example, sex with children are distasteful to the vast majority of people which is Jonathan and Philosopher Essay, why they are illegal just about everywhere in the world. However, there are people who are so dedicated to the fulfillment of work assessment their tastes that they will risk arrest and Application exposure and will spend thousands of dollars to be able to indulge them which is why child sex tourism is alive and well.

Without demand, there would be no reason for anyone to provide supply. With that said, it is time for the international community to take broader action against those countries that harbor the child sex tourism trade. The creation of work assessment example a code within the tourism industry and a set of best practices from international organizations is certainly a start, and it would be impossible to argue that these steps have not made a difference. Armed with information and outrage, there are many organizations dedicated to rooting out this practice. However, the governments in many of these countries are corrupt, held hostage by the crime organizations who profit from Bailout, sex tourism including the juvenile variety.

As a result, the United Nations should consider economic sanctions against work assessment example, countries that promote and allow child sex tourism. The simple fact that