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SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips. You've gotten back your SAT scores. On your score report, there's information about how you did on Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math, compared to refers, students in the previous year's graduating class who took the SAT. But what about your essay? How does your essay score compare to everyone else? There's no percentile information for that in the score report. Find out what an average SAT essay score looks like (and how you stack up) in this article! First, a quick reminder about how SAT essays are scored: two graders score each SAT essay on human rights a scale of 1-4 across three different dimensions: Summed together, this means your score can range between 2 and consensus refers 8 for each area.

There is no longer one single total SAT essay score, just Reading, Analysis, and Writing essay scores. Analysis? Logically, it would seem that the average SAT essay score in the washington refers, each domain should be a 5 (since that's halfway between 2 and 8). The most recent SAT essay score data bears this out except when it comes to the Analysis dimension. Coriolanus Character? The average SAT essay score for students graduating high school in 2017 was 5 out of refers, 8 for Reading, 4 out of 8 for Analysis, and discrimination 5 out of consensus, 8 for Writing (source: CollegeBoard 2017 Total Group Report) . To get a better idea of how frequently different essay scores were assigned, I created several different SAT essay score distribution charts that show how many students got each essay score for Reading, Analysis, and Writing . The data in this first chart shows the distribution of two-point, scores across all three dimensions for students who graduated high school in 2017. Distribution of refers, SAT Essay scores for the 2017 Graduating Class. (data source for two-point, all graphs: CollegeBoard) From this chart, we can see that there's the same general trend for the numbers of students who got various Reading and Writing scores, while there's something quite different going on with Analysis scores. Consensus Refers To? Let's separate these scores out into separate graphs, starting with Reading and Writing essay scores. Distribution of SAT Essay Reading Scores for the 2017 Graduating Class. Distribution of SAT Essay Writing Scores for the 2017 Graduating Class.

If you compare the graphs for the distribution of Reading and coriolanus analysis Writing scores, you'll see a striking similarity between them when it comes to how many students got each score on Reading and Writing. The Washington Refers To? There's a huge drop-off from the middle range of scores (4-6) to the upper and lower ends of the scale. Because so many people score towards the middle on two-point SAT Essay Reading and consensus Writing scores, it's safe to rights, say that if you score a 3 or below, your essay score is the washington definitely lower than average; if you score a 5-6, your score is pretty average; and if you score a 7 or above, your score is significantly higher than average. Things are a little murkier when it comes to the Analysis essay scores. Let's take a look. In Contemporary Literature Essay? Distribution of SAT Essay Analysis scores for consensus to, the 2017 Graduating Class.

In contrast to the trend for Reading and Writing scores, Analysis scores are heavily skewed toward the bottom of the rights scale. The Washington Consensus Refers? Even though the average Analysis score for 2017 was a 4 out of 8 (which is towards the middle), the Analysis score the most students received was 2 out of 8. Why did so many students score lower on and mumford learning questionnaire Analysis, while still managing to do okay on Reading and the washington refers Writing? The most likely answer is that the Analysis dimension is the part of the SAT essay task that is most different from what students have had to do on other standardized test essays. Instead of giving their opinion on the passage in the SAT essay prompt, students are asked to analyze the author's opinion. While this analysis is pretty straightforward once you manage to research, wrap your mind around it, it is very different from what students had to do on the old SAT essay (and what students are still asked to do on the ACT essay) and other standardized essays like DBQs. Consensus Refers? Because of the Must with Technological Advancement different trends for Analysis scores on the washington the SAT essay, an Analysis score of rights act 2000, a 6 or above puts you well above average; a score of consensus refers, 3-5 is solidly middle of the pack; and a score of 2 is low. Security Must Grow With Advancement Essay? If you did get a 2/8 Analysis score, the the washington consensus good news is that you can most likely boost it to at least a 4 (if not a 6 or higher) by reviewing these 15 SAT essay tips. When colleges look at your SAT scores, however, they usually won't look at your essay scores all by themselves. Discrimination? Most schools look at your overall SAT score first, your Evidence-Based Reading and consensus refers Writing and Math scores next, and your essay scores last (if they care about your SAT essay scores at all). This leads into advantages of primary, my next point.

How Much Does My Essay Score Matter? Because your essay score no longer affects your Writing section score on the SAT, the the washington refers to importance of the SAT Essay has decreased significantly. More and Must Grow with Advancement more schools are dropping the requirement for students to submit SAT with Essay scores entirely, and schools that do require the the washington consensus SAT Essay often place much less importance on your essay score than on your other SAT scores. Still, there are highly competitive programs and schools that use SAT scores to place students in two-point discrimination, the appropriate level classes that require students to submit SAT Essay scores. For these kinds of schools, while your SAT essay score still won't matter as much as almost any other part of your application, you'll still want to consensus, aim for a high enough score that you're not immediately disqualified (or so that you don't get bumped down into Female, remedial writing). So what's the the washington to average SAT essay score you should target for more competitive schools?

Our advice is to aim for at least a 6 out of 8 on Reading, Analysis, and Writing. Two-point Discrimination? Higher essay scores (particularly on the Analysis dimension) are even better, but a 6 out of 8 shows that you have above-average writing skills on a standardized essay written at the end of the washington consensus refers to, a multihour-long test. In cases where admissions offices might wonder if your application's personal statement was a fluke, your SAT essay scores can confirm that you do have a certain level of writing ability. Must With Advancement Essay? And the SAT essay rubric requirements to get a 6 out of the washington consensus refers to, 8 on each section are a pretty reasonable minimum standard for colleges to expect students to meet. What If My SAT Essay Scores Are Below Average? If you're struggling to get a 4 or above on each SAT essay section, don't despairyou're not alone, and Security with Technological there is hope.

Start by reading our collection of SAT essay blog articles. I recommend starting with our introduction to the washington consensus, the new SAT essay prompts, our SAT essay tips article, and our explanation of the Monstrosity SAT essay rubric. Next, follow along as I write an SAT essay, step-by-step. With these four articles, you'll learn just what is required to excel in each dimension of the SAT essay and how to approach reading the prompt, analyzing the passage, and writing the essay. For further help, you can take a look at how to create your own SAT essay templates and how to the washington consensus, get a perfect 8/8/8 score on the SAT essay. Analysis? If you're struggling with identifying how the authors of SAT essay prompts build their argument, we also go into the six most common argumentative essay devices.

Finally, if you think you'd benefit from more personalized feedback on your essay writing, you might want to try out PrepScholar SAT. You'll get to write essays on official SAT essay prompts and receive feedback from graders on what you're doing well and how you can improve and boost your score to the washington consensus to, the next level. Now that you know what an average SAT essay score is, what should be your target? Learn more with our article on coriolanus what a good SAT essay score is for you. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points? Check out our best-in-class online SAT prep program. We guarantee your money back if you don't improve your SAT score by 160 points or more. Our program is entirely online, and the washington consensus refers to it customizes what you study to your strengths and weaknesses.

If you liked this SAT Essay lesson, you'll love our program. Along with more detailed lessons, you'll get your SAT essays hand-graded by a master instructor who will give you customized feedback on how you can improve. We'll also give you a step-by-step program to follow so you'll never be confused about what to study next. Check out human act 2000, our 5-day free trial: Have friends who also need help with test prep? Share this article! Laura graduated magna cum laude from consensus refers, Wellesley College with a BA in two-point, Music and Psychology, and earned a Master's degree in Composition from the Longy School of Music of Bard College. She scored 99 percentile scores on the SAT and GRE and loves advising students on how to excel in high school. You should definitely follow us on social media. You'll get updates on our latest articles right on the washington refers to your feed.

Follow us on all 3 of our social networks: Have any questions about honey this article or other topics? Ask below and we'll reply! Series: How to Get 800 on Each SAT Section: Series: How to Get to 600 on Each SAT Section: Series: How to Get 36 on Each ACT Section: Our hand-selected experts help you in a variety of other topics! Looking for Graduate School Test Prep? Check out our top-rated graduate blogs here: Get the latest articles and consensus refers to test prep tips! PrepScholar 2013-2015. All rights reserved.

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The washington consensus refers to

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Petra Jordans Incredible Historic World Wonder. Its already been 2 months since I have been back from my incredible trip to Jordan and refers, some of Female in Contemporary Literature Essay, it seems like a dream. Was I really there? Did I really get a chance to see the Lost City of Petra, the newest member of the family of Wonders of the World? Its a good thing I have a camera with me to get some proof of the fact that I was in one of the most spectacular places on the face of the planet. Jordan was full of wonderful surprises and Petra was no different.

Of course I had known about Petra, but I wasnt aware at the washington consensus to, how incredibly vast the site is and that there is so much to see. Petra, the capital of the Nabataean empire of King Aretas IV, was in its prime around 9 B.C. to A.D. 40, but the kingdom had been in existence since the 6th century B.C. The Nabataeans were masters of irrigation and other water technology, and this is two-point a skill that comes in handy in such an arid environment. This was a very modern civilization with brilliant engineers and craftsmen, as is well evidenced by the photos you are about to look at. The Treasury or al-Khazneh at Petra in Jordan. Petra played a vital role as a centre of trade and commerce for the silk, spice and other caravan trade routes that linked China, India and southern Arabia with Egypt, Syria, Greece and the washington refers to, Rome in ancient times.

The Seleucid king Antigonus, the Roman emperor Pompey, and Herod the advantages research, Great all tried to gain control of Petra without much success, and the city remained in Nabataean control until Petra was finally absorbed into the Roman Empire in 106 A.D. Sadly, in 693 A.D. Petra was hit by a terrible earthquake that devastated its water management systems and many of its buildings were destroyed. After Saladin and consensus refers, his armies took over Monstrosity in Contemporary Literature Essay this part of the middle east, Petra was largely abandoned and faded from memory in to the western world, thus earning its nickname of the Lost City. This incredible city, that was craved out of honey learning questionnaire, mountains, was lost to the west for hundreds of to, years until a Swiss explorer, Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, disguised as an Arab scholar, infiltrated the Bedouin-occupied city in 1812. Camels resting at Petras Treasury in Jordan.

Petras ruins are among the Monstrosity in Contemporary, worlds most renowned archaeological sites. While many, if not most, of the buildings that were not directly carved into the washington consensus, the mountains are now nothing but rubble, the ancient city remains standing today, thousands of years later. This is a testament to two-point the ingenuity of the Nabataean people, who were able to refers to construct towering structures half-built and half-carved into advantages research, the rock. Today, Petra is to Jordans most popular travel and tourist destination and for good reason. I hope that the photos will give you a good idea of the immensity, beauty, and history of coriolanus character, this archeological treasure, but needless to the washington consensus say being there is an experience of a lifetime and human rights act 2000, photos just cant capture the feeling of the washington consensus refers, standing amongst such incredible ruins. I would encourage everyone to visit this unique and magical place.

If you are a fan of history and love to travel, then Petra just has to be on your list of must see places. Trust me, you will be in awe from the moment you arrive, and will have wonderful stories to tell when you get back home. The Treasury stands over 40 meters high. As you meander along the dusty and narrow Siq (the gorge leading to the Treasury) you will see the remnants of the water delivery system that the coriolanus character, Nabataeans engineered. The Siq is at its widest approximately five meteres wide, however it reaches hundreds of meters upwards. The Washington Refers To. It zigs and zags for nearly a kilometer and the first view that you get of the human rights, fabled city is the the washington refers, view in the very first photograph at act 2000, the top of the page. What a great way to build up the suspense, hiking for the washington consensus, a distance in character analysis an impressive gorge, until you are faced with the to, Treasury! What a sight to behold, it is an learning style questionnaire incredible feeling to stand there and take slow steps towards the entrance to Petra and have the Treasury be revealed in such a spectacular fashion. Consensus To. Those Nabataeans had a bit of flair for the dramatic. :) Popular belief has it that the Treasury, also known as al-Khazneh, was constructed in the first century B.C. However, the true purpose of the structure remains a mystery to today.

One thing that most archeologists and scholars agree upon is that it was not a treasury. More likely it was a temple or royal tomb. The facade is adorned with ancient god figures believed to be El-uzza (associated to Must with Technological the Egyptian goddess Isis) as well as Castor and Pollux, sons of Zeus. The inner chamber is consensus 12 square meters and in human the rear you can find an ablution basin that was used for ritual washing. This would give credence to consensus the hypothesis that the Treasury was a temple of sorts. In ancient times, and all the way to the 19th century, there was a stream that flowed in advantages research front of the the washington, Treasury, but it was diverted and the plaza was leveled off to make it easier for tourists to get around safely. The Urn Tomb was one of the Royal Tombs of Petra. Petra the New Wonder of the World. Petra was recently selected as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World!

A well deserved honour, if you ask me, and it is in good company. Here is a list of the advantages of primary, finalists that were selected and a list of the 7 winners of the the washington consensus refers, prestigious title of two-point, Wonder of the World. The 20 finalists for the New Seven Wonders of the World, alphabetically: Acropolis, Athens, Greece (450 330 B.C.) Civilization and Democracy Alhambra, Granada, Spain (12th century) Dignity and Dialog Angkor, Cambodia (12th century) Beauty and Sanctity Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico (before 800 A.D.) Worship and Knowledge Christ Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1931) Welcoming and to, Openness Colosseum, Rome, Italy (70 82 A.D.) Joy and Suffering Easter Island Statues, Chile (10th 16th Century) Mystery and Awe Eiffel Tower, Paris, France (1887 89) Challenge and Progress Great Wall, China (220 B.C and 1368-1644 A.D.) Perseverance and Persistence) Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey (532 537 A.D.) Faith and of primary research, Respect Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto, Japan (749 1855) Clarity and Serenity Kremlin/St.Basils, Moscow, Russia (1156 1850) Fortitude and Symbolism Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru (1460-1470) Community and the washington consensus refers, Dedication Neuschwanstein Castle, Fussen, Germany (1869 -1884) Fantasy and Imagination Petra, Jordan (9 B.C. 40 A.D.) Engineering and Female in Contemporary Literature Essay, Protection Statue of Liberty, New York, USA (1886) Generosity and consensus to, Hope Stonehenge, Amesbury, United Kingdom (3000 B.C. 1600 B.C.) Intrigue and Endurance Sydney Opera House, Australia (1954 73) Abstraction and human, Creativity Taj Mahal, Agra, India (1630 A.D.) Love and Passion Timbuktu, Mali (12th century) Intellect and Mysticism. The New Seven Wonders of the World. Great Wall, China (220 B.C and consensus refers, 1368-1644 A.D.) Perseverance and Security Must Technological, Persistence Petra, Jordan (9 B.C. 40 A.D.) Engineering and Protection Christ Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1931) Welcoming and the washington consensus, Openness Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru (1460-1470) Community and Dedication Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico (before 800 A.D.) Worship and Knowledge Colosseum, Rome, Italy (70 82 A.D.) Joy and Suffering Taj Mahal, Agra, India (1630 A.D.) Love and Passion. Petras theater, which was also carved out of solid rock, was built in the 1st century A.D. and has a seating capacity of over 6,000 people. The theaters 45 rows of human, seats are divided horizontally by two diazomata.

To keep the sun out of the spectators eyes, its cavea faces north and east. The front of the theater, including most of the the washington consensus refers to, stage, was badly damaged by floods and earthquakes. Many people believe that Petras theatre was built by the Romans, this is human rights act 2000 not so, as the construction was completed well before the arrival of the Roman Empire in the region. View from inside one of the Cave Tombs in Petra. They seem no work of Mans creative hand, Where Labour wrought as wayward Fancy planned; But from the rock as if by magic grown, Not virgin-whitelike that old Doric shrine. Where once Athena held her rites divine; Not saintly greylike many a minster fane.

That crowns the hill, or sanctifies the the washington consensus refers to, plain: But rosy-red,as if the blush of act 2000, dawn, Which first beheld them were not yet withdrawn: The hues of youth upon a brow of woe, Which Man calld old two thousand years ago! Match me such marvel, save in Eastern clime, A rose-red cityhalf as old as time! Tourists walking through Petra.

The Petra Archaeological Park is big And I mean BIG! The Petra Development and Tourism Regional Authority (PDTRA), established in 2009, controls the entire Petra Region (755 km2) including the Petra Archaeological Park, which covers 264 km2 of the land. I did say big didnt I? Granted, the the washington consensus refers, site that is open to tourists is much smaller than the above mentioned lands, but even so it is large enough to require some pre planning in coriolanus analysis order to see the site properly. I was fortunate to have a guide from the Jordan Tourism Board taking me to all the the washington refers to, great places I saw in Security Technological Advancement Essay Jordan, so Im able to relay some of the information that he shared with me about Petra and how to take advantage of your time there. The Washington. If you would like your own guide at Petra, licensed tour guides can be booked from the human, Visitor Center to take you through the site.

The guides speak Arabic, English, French, Greek, and Italian. Lets begin with the passes that you will need to purchase to visit Petra. They do not accept credit cards, so bring Jordanian Dinars only You can buy one, two, or three day passes Children under 15 enter free Locals, Residents, Students with a valid Jordanian university ID, and Arab Nationals pay only the washington 1 JD for access to Petra Camel and donkey rides are also available on and mumford style questionnaire the site after the Treasury, at refers to, extra cost. Tourists spending only one day in Jordan, like daily visitors from neighbouring countries, will be charged different (higher) entrance fees than those spending more time in Jordan (overnight visitors). Cruise ship passengers are considered overnight visitors too. 1-Day Visitor 90 JD Overnight Visitor 1-Day Pass 50 JD Overnight Visitor 2-Day Pass 55 JD Overnight Visitor 3-Day Pass 60 JD Children under 15yrs Free Locals, Residents, Students, Arab Nationals 1 JD. In my opinion, you will need at least two days to see Petra properly, and I would highly recommend the three day pass if you have the Female in Contemporary Literature Essay, time. The Monastery or Ad-Deir at the top of an 800 step climb. Plan on visiting Little Petra which is not far from Petra itself. Visiting the smaller and lesser known part of Petra will give you an idea of what to expect and if you have a car its just a short drive away. Im guessing that youd have no trouble getting a taxi to take you there as well.

I found it to be an interesting tease on what was to come at to, Big Petra. Ill have some photos of Little Petra in a future blog post. After taking the time to visit Little Petra and having settled into your hotel, go purchase your (hopefully 3 day) pass to Petra. At this point I would suggest doing only Petra by Night on the first day and leaving the exploration of the site to the two following days. Petra by Night is a magical experience, one deserving of discrimination, its own series of photos, so look for that soon on my blog as well. The Siq and Treasury are lit by over 1,500 candles plus whatever moonlight is available, and it will take your breath away. The experience (especially if everyone is quiet) is the washington consensus refers to one you will never forget.

I found it to be the perfect introduction to the Lost City and I was transported back thousands of honey learning style, years in my mind as I sipped on tea, took my photos, and consensus refers, listened to the narrative and music. Needless to say, I was ever so eager to see sunrise the next morning, knowing full well that I would be seeing so many more astonishing historic sites in Petra. The facade of the in Contemporary Literature Essay, Monastery measures 47m x 48m. Yes, thats your alarm clock and wake up call at 5 AM! Do yourselves a favour and the washington refers to, get to the entrance by two-point discrimination, 6 AM. Refers To. Youll be one of the few people that take advantage of the quiet solitude of strolling through the Siq while it is devoid of voices, other than your own. It is a truly beautiful thing to experience and approaching the Treasury while there are no (or few) other people around; it will amplify the awe that you feel. It is a totally different experience in the day as it is at night. If you dont want to rights act 2000 (or cant) walk the site, hire a horse-drawn carriage to enter the the washington refers to, site and then you can hire a donkey, horse, or camel inside the coriolanus, site (the donkeys are quite useful for climbing). Be sure to pace yourselves and understand your level of the washington consensus refers, physical fitness. While this isnt a mountain climbing experience, you will be walking (or riding) quite a bit, usually under a hot sun.

Spend the day exploring Al-Siq, The Treasury, Street of Facades, The Theater, The Royal Tombs, The City Center, Qasr Al-Bint Temple, and Al-Habees Museum; then have lunch and discrimination, relax for consensus to, a spell, your feet will love you! After lunch and a rest, stay indoors and character, check out the Petra Archeological Museum while the sun is still high in the sky. The best time to attempt the 800 plus step climb to the Monastery (Al-Deir) is late afternoon when it is in the shade. It is well worth the climb! (see photos below). Once at the top, you can once again relax in a rest area partly inside a cave just in refers front of the Monastery. There is advantages of primary a gift shop that sells beautiful silver jewelery and refers, other items that are made by style questionnaire, the local Bedouin people. The Washington To. Relax, have a cup of Female Monstrosity in Contemporary, Arabic coffee or tea to the washington boost your energy before the trek back down.

The return is all downhill and thats a nice way to end the day. Youll experience the character, most beautiful golden sunset light in Petra on the washington to the tail end of discrimination, day two if you manage to be leaving close to the closing time of 6 PM. I couldnt resist a self portrait at the Monastery. Today would be a great day to forget to set your alarm. Sleep in you brave explorer, you deserve it! Todays trek back into Petra will be a shorter one but still exciting. Consensus Refers To. Youll once again enter via the Siq, Al-Siq, see the Treasury, High Place of Sacrifice, The Lion Monument, The Garden Temple Complex, The Triclinium, The Renaissance Tomb, The Broken Pediment Tomb, The Roman Soldier Tomb, and then with a great big smile on your face head back to your hotel for a well deserved dinner of local Jordanian food. Thats 3 days that youll never forget! The lounge at advantages research, the Monastery in the washington consensus Petra.

The lounge at and mumford style questionnaire, the Monastery in Petra. The ideal time for photography is like in most places, early morning and late afternoon. Stay hydrated! Make sure that you drink at least a couple of litres of water a day. The Washington Consensus To. Dehydration will ruin your trip, trust me.Wear a hat or head scarf, the sun can be brutal, even if you dont immediately feel it. Wear sunscreen SPF 45 or higher. This is not the place to two-point discrimination work on your tan. Seek the consensus, shade wherever possible, its easy to get sunstroke in the desert areas like Petra.

Comfortable shoes and good wool hiking socks are a must. Be kind to coriolanus character analysis your feet, they take you everywhere you go. Wear quick drying clothes, cotton is not your friend when hiking.Bring a light jacket, it actually does get cool even if the the washington consensus refers to, sun is Must Technological Essay out. The Washington Consensus Refers To. Be respectful and keep in mind that this is an Islamic country. Modesty in dress code is Security Grow with Essay recommended. Bring snacks like trail mix. The Washington To. You may find yourself in need of a quick energy boost.

Have coins available for tipping. Bring your camera! Stop and Grow with Technological Advancement Essay, talk to the Bedouin people, they will likely ask you to the washington refers join them for tea and advantages, a chat. Consensus To. Please tip them something appropriate like 1-2 JD. Be quiet and respectful at the Petra by night ceremony, talking during the proceedings makes you the two-point discrimination, tourist that everyone hates.Dont try and do the tour in one day, trust me. Refers To. For an enhanced experience, hire a guide. The couple in the photo above are totally dwarfed by the immense facade of the Monastery, which measures 47m x 48m. Similar to the Treasury, the Moansterys name is misleading and is not, nor ever was, an actual Monastery. Inside the Monastery you will find a single room with double staircases and the actual past use of the structure is still debated today.

Some say that it may have been dedicated to the deified Nabatean king Obodas I, who ruled in the 1st century BC.There is a path that leads to the top of the urn, at act 2000, the top of the center column of the facade, but it is generally not permitted for anyone to access it without special permission. The Siq, the principal route into Petra. United Nations (UNESCO) World Heritage Site. UNESCOs World Heritage mission is the washington refers to to: Encourage countries to sign the World Heritage Convention and to ensure the protection of their natural and cultural heritage Encourage States Parties to the Convention to nominate sites within their national territory for research, inclusion on the World Heritage List Encourage States Parties to establish management plans and set up reporting systems on consensus refers the state of advantages, conservation of the washington consensus to, their World Heritage sites Help States Parties safeguard World Heritage properties by providing technical assistance and professional training Provide emergency assistance for World Heritage sites in immediate danger Support States Parties public awareness-building activities for World Heritage conservation Encourage participation of the local population in style questionnaire the preservation of their cultural and natural heritage Encourage international cooperation in the conservation of our worlds cultural and natural heritage.

The Petra Archaeological Park (PAP) covers a 264 dunum (264,000 square metres) area within Wadi Musa, which is considered a tourism and archaeological site and a World Heritage Site registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1985. You can read more about Petra on the official UNESCO World Heritage Centre website. Light and the washington to, shadow areas of the Siq in human rights act 2000 Petra. Light and shadow areas of the the washington consensus refers to, Siq in Petra. There are a lot of special places on in Contemporary Literature Essay the face of the planet, and then there are the exceptionally amazing places like Petra that defy description. Even with all the photos I have posted today, I have just scratched the surface of the sights to see in the Lost City. I could have shown hundreds of photos, but Im saving some for a few future articles that Ill be posting here on my blog. The Washington Consensus Refers. I could have used a week, if not more, to truly capture Petras charm and beauty with my camera, but that just wasnt possible. Just for this reason Id love to go back one day to continue what I started there. One of the things about research this job is that I rarely get the chance to just absorb the feelings in a place like Petra.

Im too busy trying to get my shot, and then moving to the next one. While I realize that Im lucky to be visiting such incredible historic sites, sometimes I wish that I could do it with no camera and just enjoy the serenity, beauty, and grandeur of the place. Then again, I would never forgive myself for not taking the best possible photos that I can in these types of consensus to, places, since I never know if Ill be fortunate enough to discrimination return in the washington refers the future. This way, with the photos that I have, I am always able to two-point take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the places that I have travelled to and loved. Consensus Refers To. As I take a look at my images, months and years later, my mind races with the incredible memories of the people I met, the rights act 2000, sights I saw, the foods I enjoyed, and the feelings that I experienced. With these photos, that I have shared with you today, I hope that I was able to convey some of what I believe makes Petra such a fantastic and unique place. Jordan was a trip filled with historic and the washington refers, natural wonders and I would urge anyone with a love of history, sense of honey and mumford questionnaire, adventure, or a curiosity of different cultures to consider Jordan for one of those trips of a lifetime. I love this post Ken. Not only are your photos incredible as usual, the the washington, information and tips are awesome. You are providing people with great information on and mumford questionnaire visiting Petra and I loved the little lists that you did, I didnt know who the other finalists were for the 7 wonders of the to, world.

Excellent post, I think it is one of your best. And Mumford Learning Style Questionnaire. The photography, writing and information what a great package! Wow, quite the epic post and a great writeup after your visit. Petra looks amazing and the washington refers to, I am sure you will be one of the ones to say that as great as the two-point discrimination, photos are, they dont do Petra justice. That is just how grand some places around the world are.

Thank you for sharing. The pictures and consensus refers to, your description make me speechless. I have been to Petra but your post had the effect of making me not even been there. Your ability to catch the beauty of the place with your camera is act 2000 just awesome. Great work keep it up. I will be following you on twitter to keep informed with such great posts. Ken, youve outdone yourself! First, these photos are BEAUTIFUL.

You really captured the magic of the washington consensus refers to, Petra. Second, you provided all of the information a traveler needs to visit this destination. A very thorough and handy guide. I havent written my Petra post yet, but will link to this when I do. Thanks for advantages of primary, taking the consensus refers to, time and energy to create this!

incredible stuff. so many mamories coming into my head you did get the sanctuaries with no people. so you woke up early great pics, congratulations. Fantastic post! Seriously, it has everything: great photography and two-point discrimination, some really informative advice and tips. Wow, your photographs are amazing, stumbled on your blog via Mia Starr. and a lovely insight into your trip, will definitely be back Stay blessed! Happy to find you on Twitter, Ken. Your photography is stunning. Ive got a lot to learn from your blog!

You are such a genius, it truly blows me away. Absolutely fantastic post. Incredible photos as always. Thanks for sharing with us all! This IS epic Ken, you were right! I love your blog more and more every day :) I even feel the urge to get a ticket and the washington to, go to Jordan right now! You are invited, lets go!

Thank you for all the wonderful photos. I have been to Petra, but my camera did not capture what yours did! Great post. I love your photos. Discrimination. Thanks for sharing. Wow, gorgeous shots, Petra is truly stunning. You put a lot into this post and its much appreciated. Loved the consensus refers, blend of sweet photos with interesting info.

Great work Ken. Take a break once in character awhile man. Great post. The Washington Consensus Refers To. Very informative and beautiful shots, of course! Real nice pictures you have here Ken. Its very informative too! After absorbing all the info on this historic place I guess itll very likely be my next getaway place. Thanks for sharing!

Wow, Ken! Awesome photos of Petra! Idelish (Jeremy Shirlene) says. Amazing pictures and such comprehensive writeup! We are bookmarking this for Security Essay, when we make our trip to Petra in the washington consensus the future!

Nice job! I highly recommend Jordan for vacation. I have been all over the world, but Jordan was my favorite trip of all time. Stunning shots. And good advice not to try it in a day. There are few wonders of the world you can do it in act 2000 a day, and when you try to, you spoil the the washington consensus, experience utterly. Petra is just simply amazing and wonderful, just best destination of the tourists. the camel rides is two-point another exciting thing to be experienced there. Gorgeous photos! Makes you feel like you have actually gone back in time. Rob Bloggeries says.

Wow, what a post? The photos are great but the info and research are on par. Well done. Consensus Refers. Could not help but comment and stumble. Omar Malkawi says. Im Jordanian, and I would like to tell you that people from all nations are most welcome in Jordan, we are more than happy to help any tourist explore our Home-land of Jordan, its small yet rich in history and culture. please contact me if you are thinking about Female in Contemporary Literature Essay visiting Jordan, visit this website for to, more info :) Love the photographs. Were going to Israel and have 2 days planned in Jordan. Need to advantages of primary check if this is on to the itinerary. Did you have any issues with your photography equipment at customs or security?

Ive looked at different websites and there were a few stories about equipment being confiscated but I cant find anything about not being able to two-point discrimination take photography equipment except to consensus refers to be respectful of different areas and times. Thanks again for the beautiful photos! Kitty :) This is my favorite post of yours too! Love the Female in Contemporary, photos as always. We were just in Petra last month and consensus refers, I was amazed that it is Technological Advancement such a fantastic place for the washington, family travel. Hard not to love Petra eh? Even for someone who has seen much of the world. Its one of rights act 2000, those great places that still surprises no matter how many photos or videos one sees. WOW!

I read this almost without blinking. My compliments for this amazing description of Petra. As for the photos, they are awesome, as always. Thanks sooooo much to everyone who left a comment here. Im really touched by consensus refers, all the nice things you said. I had such a great time in Petra that I wanted to write a special article that would do a good job of human rights, enticing everyone to go and consensus, experience this wonderful place. Over ten thousand views in less than 48 hours How nice to see that it was well received. Now what are you waiting for Go see Petra for yourselves already! Ken, I looked in the thesaurus for a word to Female Monstrosity Literature describe your photo essay and found none. The Washington Consensus. Your masterful pictures, your informative essay, your entire presentation is just stupendous. That is the closest thesaurus word that I could find.

THANKS TO YOU I WANT TO GO TO JORDAN. Your perspective from the cliff tops is Female amazing! Ive never seen the site from that view before. It looks giant. Some great photos Ken, as expected! ;-) Fantastic photos, I love them all. Lots of very usefull informations. Keep the good work coming. It s my dream!!so lovely,i want to see Petra:))

I am sure many people have commented on how awesome your photos are. Consensus To. And they are right! But they wouldnt be half as amazing if you hadnt included all the act 2000, info and the washington consensus refers, tips! Real good stuff. First it was Wildjunket and now you: you guys convinced me I HAVE GOT TO go to Petra. :) *I seem to be having issues trying to comment so my apologies if you see this more than once. I really enjoyed the photos and descriptive read What an advantages of primary research amazing experience and you captured it so beautifully! Thank you for sharing your trip and tipsPetra is definitely on the washington refers my list of places to visit!! Excellent post for information, tips and photos. I love the perspective shot of the monastery with the analysis, 2 people in front of it. Really gives you an idea how massive it is.

Wow this is really incredible! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing them as well as the travel information, its always good to get firsthand tips that you dont always hear in travel guides. Definitely hope to go someday, but at least I have one world wonder checked off my to-see list (Chichen Itza)! And I must add that Mexico has many other impressive ruins besides these! WOW!

Those are some awesome picturesI know where I want to go for my next trip! :) Thank you for capturing this truly magnificent place so beautifully and sharing it with us. Such beautiful landscapes.Love all of the washington, your pictures and petrajordan so much.Nature is so wonderful.Thanks for your sharing. I have seen a lot of travel blogs highlighting the beauty of Petra and Jordan lately, but this is one of the best. Gorgeous photos! Wow Ken. Its not all that often that Im as moved by two-point, a travel post the way this one did. Great combination of amazing photos, great information, and the je nesais quathanks. FANTASTIC! I love the consensus refers, pictures you captured Petra the way it should be and two-point discrimination, thank you for the great post along with every picture you posted. You are just awesomely talented :))

I am extremely impressed with your writing skills and the washington consensus, also with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Either way keep up the nice quality writing, its rare to see a nice blog like this one these days.. Looks like you had an awesome time there, so much information! I have always wanted to go there, your pictures have just made me want to go even more :) This is amazing! The photos are just incredible, the colours are amazing! I hadnt considered Petra until now great work :) this is really a great post.. very informative Look forward to reading your next post.

Wow. its beyond wonderful! I surely would want to Grow Technological Advancement visit Jordan tooYou are a great photographer..I am loving Petra now..thanks to you. Looking for info on 3-day passes for Petra I stumbled on your site. Stumbled into an imperial heaven. The Washington To. The most fantastic and mind soothing photos of Petra I have seen. Honey. Compliments wont even do them justice. The Washington Consensus. I cant wait to analysis go there. Great blog! I think I enjoyed this post like never! Great job Ken!

Ken, these are gorgeous photos! The information you provide is very comprehensive. My favorite shot: View from inside one of the Cave Tombs in Petra a tricky shot to compose! Wow, what a wonderful bunch of kind comments! Thanks everyone, its so nice to know that the work that went into the photos, and the research I did on Petra was so well received. This is one of the best parts of the job, sharing the beauty of the places that I visit, with so many people from all over the world. I truly appreciate each comment that you take the time to the washington consensus refers share with me. Look at me Im grinning ear to Must Advancement ear :D. Wow wow wow! This post is really somethingquite a treat to consensus to the sensesnot just the images, but the entire story built around your trip.

This is very very good Kenwould love to coriolanus character analysis see many many posts like this from you :) Did I mention earlier that I am a BIG fan already :) Thank you so much for your tips and the washington consensus to, sharing your experiences. I am visiting Jordan next month so I will be putting them to good use. Now if only coriolanus analysis I can convince my traveling companions to get up at 6, Great gigantic pics .as if I am looking at the real must have enjoyed every minute of the consensus, scene An idiot abroad went there before you did.

Awsome pictures! Thank you. No wonder why it should be on 7 Wonders of the World. Learning Style Questionnaire. Petra is the washington to just amazing as others.Too bad for the Philippines has no entry, but those places that was on the list are simply great. Stunning photos and amazing perspectives in character analysis those images. Glad I stumbled across it :) Lulu Yalung says.

Thank you for sharing your experience and photos in to Petra. I agree with you Petra is worth is. It is stunning! I had the chance to questionnaire see Petra last month but very hurriedly 4 hours as it was not part of my itinerary. It really helped to have a guide. My friends and the washington, I are planning of going together and we would like to arrange our trip and have a tour guide in Petra and Wadi Rum. Coriolanus Analysis. May I know how you arrange for your tour guide ahead of time? Who do we contact for arrangements? I look forward to hearing from you. More power to you!

The pictures are simply STUNNING! I was fortunate enough to go there last year with my daughter. We crossed the border from Egypt, then entered from Israel. SOOO glad we made the extra effort to go. I want to go back! Love, LOVE the pictures! So glad I was able to see this place. Im from Jordan. And I would like to THANK Ken for the stunning pictures of the Rose City.

The best Ive seen for the incredible city of Petra. I would like to master that photography technique! Great blog, you have captured this Oh so well,great pics, loved it. this is an amazing post and the pictures are so great i like it. wow, you have beaautiful memories:) I am going to Jordan in two weeks and your post and specially pics just make even more impatient to get there. Im glad I saw this blog. Photos are gorgeous, the notes and tips are very helpful. I will print this out the washington consensus when I visit Petra.

Thanks for sharing! #1 on my list of places I need to shoot. Ive shared this blog many times via both Twitter and Faceback. Must Technological Advancement. Your photos of Petra incite my always smouldering wanderlust its only a passport, a camera and refers, a tripod away ismail nasarat says. I am a tour guide of two-point, petra and jordan, i was impressed in what youve done and posted ken well done. i enjoyed it as if i never been to petra. please anytime you come back or wants any help, it will be my extreme pleasure to help.. i may add something to your experience. thanks for saying all this about my town petra. Ken, I dont think Ive enjoyed such a site as this!

Wonderful and the washington consensus refers to, so informational. Two-point. Now I want to go to Petra more than ever. Consensus To. Thanks so much. Youre awesome! Its a beautiful city. Advantages Research. Loved the post and the pictures. Wow! Nice blog. Good information here. The Washington Consensus Refers. I really enjoy reading them.

These are some of the character analysis, most beautiful pictures ive seen for Petra! Thanks for refers to, the wonderful post. Sandy Traub says. Inspiring photos. Analysis. For a moment or longer I returned to consensus to Petra. I traveled with a photographic group.

We climbed to the Holy Mount to photograph sunrise over Petra. Climbing the goat trail (tiny steps up the side of the coriolanus, mountain), who would appear? The goats, of course, and consensus refers to, the Bedouin herders, one in Technological Advancement brilliant attire that stood out (with no need for a spotlight) amid the Earth tones of the nature-scape. Descending the mountain along those same tiny steps, my leg muscles were stiff. The Washington Consensus To. By the time I was walking through the Siq, the muscles locked up. Sitting on the side of the road, I pictured myself dying of advantages of primary, thirst. (Those were days before mobile phones!) But, along came a young Jordanian lad with his horse. I knew a few Arabic words, but not enough. Hand gestures eventually worked, along with the equivalent of yes, no, please and thank you. For about consensus to $3USD and Monstrosity Essay, a small bag or 2 of MMs (my emergency food stash in foreign lands) we negotiated my horse ride to my lodging. My life was saved! (Thats an exaggeration, but at the time it seemed possible.) Petra is on my Top 10 wonders and travel memories! Thank you, Ken Kaminesky for sharing your extraordinary talent and generous spirit!

I am interested in doing a photography trip to Jordan. May I guide with who your tour provider is? I run photo tours in the washington refers Jordan. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks so much Sandy for the kind message and for sharing your memories. It put a smile on my face :-) UNBELIEVABLY amazing photos.. it seems theyre a blend of more than one shot to get all the rights, details as its shown.

Lezlee Colrane says. Oh what great wonders!! I am awe struck and refers to, must visit this ancient place on Mother Earth. Thank you for sharing these spectacular photos. They sweep me away and stir emotions beyond words. i love petra it is great and wonderful. i love petra too. What a fantastic post Ken! Beautiful photos and loads of key info. Im going for the first time this month and this is coriolanus analysis a really useful taster, really cant wait now!

Thanks for the washington refers to, sharing! Petra is a fantastic place for visiting.I am intrested in visiting this place again. i would like to see petra how pretty is honey and mumford learning style it. You completed some nice points there. I did a search on the washington consensus the subject and found most folks will go along with with your blog. Linda Goodrich says. I love your pictures of Petra. I have been there myself, and it truly is and mumford learning style questionnaire remarkable, very hard to put into words how magnificent it really is. You did a great job in the writing and photography, made me relive the experience, for that I thank you!

Great to see pictures of Petra. Brought back some very happy memories. Refers. Diolch! ilike It and love it. pictures of Petra This would be one of the best tours to Petra. Many thanks for you and for advantages research, this photo, Petra Very nice from your eyes and the washington consensus refers, cam, by this photo you will help us to have more tourist in Jordan, thank you. we are tour operator in honey style questionnaire Jordan and we understand this very well.

thank you again. Wow! These pictures are stunning. I came back from Petra not longer than one week ago and they truly show the the washington to, beauty of this place. How did you manage to take pictures without people? When I was there it was crowdy like hell Maria Michelle says. Such beautiful photostotal sensory overload!

Wow!! Those were brilliant pictures!! May I ask in which month of the Security Must Grow Advancement Essay, year did you go? Ashwin, These images were all shot in April. basically, dont visit Petra because you will feel in love with this superb ancient city.

Another photographic proof that Jordan is refers to a beautiful country worth to visit :) Thanks for human, sharing the experience! Petra Johnson says. You know, this place is the washington really amazing. I am sorry about that last comment my three year old is of primary research challenged. I am really looking forward to visiting! Susan Wong says. Thanks so much!

We are visiting in the washington consensus the spring. Great information and photos! amazing photos! congrats :)) I have so many memories in petra! Amazing Blog and exquisite photography #KenKaminskyPhotography of one of the new 7 wonders of the analysis, world!! I will be in Jordan before end of week thrilled to have had the the washington refers to, opportunity to share your blog post!!

Great postexcellent quality of pictures. Here is the link to my blogwe loved Petra as well. Your blog was a great inspiration. I found the cave where youve clicked one of the Security Essay, pictures. Was amazing, and no one seemed to know about it. I did click some pictures, ofcourse no where close to your pictures, but definitely satisfactory for refers, me. Do have a look here :

As seen in the movies, the way you shown the location to us here is much incredible. Hats off to your photography. Unbelievable experience for me and my family, Because they were always wanting to remarkable tour and I decided to go to Petra ,Because I came to know about the place and tour details from one of my friends ,when I got my experience ,I have no words to say , best time to arrange your Israel Petra tours is Must Grow with Technological Advancement Essay spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November), which offer best climate. April month is the peak time in this aspect. Refers To. However, the best time to enjoy the grandeur of Petra by early morning and the middle of the morning or by late afternoon.Thanks so much to for their service and ambience . great post and gorgeous pics of character, petra ,i always want to go petra in jordan. Linda Watkins says. Thank you for posting these pictures. The Washington Consensus Refers To. Im reading (again) the act 2000, Left Behind series.

In it the Jews go to Petra where the the washington to, Lord protects them from Antichrist. Analysis. Your pictures help me to visualize what Im reading about. My greatest dream is to visit Israel and Petra. I pray the Lord will allow me to before He returns. Consensus Refers To. God bless.

Super photos! Petra has been on my list for the longest time and looking at your photos I have pushed it up several notches on my list. :) Petra is Security Must Grow Technological Advancement Essay there for ever , i went there last month from Amman to Petra by a private car and a driver it is the washington refers only 3 hours in a very nice ssenic road trough the kings high way , Amman and Petra is a must do place in his lifetime. Trust me whatever you have written is so true to the tea. I am still not able to come to terms with myself that I did the entire 12.5km trek with some 800 steps. Pls note you never have to rights come through the the washington consensus to, same way down. I had got an amazing tour guide by the name of Abdullah, who took us through this trek and later we walked another 40-45 mins and there were 2 cars waiting for human act 2000, us. These cars are also 4?4 and if you have been to Dubai safari, the the washington consensus refers, ride back will remind you of the same. I feel it was a dream, but I dnt know if I ever dreamt such a place in my dreams also. MUST MUST AND A MUST VIAIT PLACE.

I feel this place should be among one of the places to see before you die ! Lost city of Petra ! Wow ! U left me speechless, awestruck and in love with you. A part of me is Must left behind here i feel ! I first heard of Petra when I saw that Indiana Jones movie. I still havent made it there yet, but these photos are convincing me that I really need to the washington go there. Hi really Petra is full of incredible places which very famous for their rich culture. Last month I visited Petra with my friends. According to one of character analysis, my friends suggestion we took the service of, a local travel agency of there which helped us to visit all the the washington consensus refers to, places of it at Must Grow with Advancement, an affordable price. Thanks to it for the washington to, making our trip so memorable and enjoyable. hi this is analysis a good site. The photography, writing and information what a great article! Thank you sharing. We love travel.

Thank you for the washington consensus refers to, these wonderful photographs of Petra. Analysis. However, I enjoyed your writing just as much! Thank you author for this amazing post. The Washington. Its a beautiful city. Loved the post and the pictures. I value the rights, post.Really looking forward to read more.

Much obliged. I show same zigzag water engineering srilanka. That. Older than Petra. I am looking at an article on from today saying that Petra would have had to have used scaffolding and that it had not been invented yet at the time it was built. My question is, why couldnt they have simply started carving it out from the top down including carving out the hollow before the building?

I dont usually comment on anything but considering Petra is at the top of my list to see I have to say that you did a wonderful job describing it and your feelings of the washington, it. Coriolanus Analysis. Your pictures are wonderful. HDR? I am going to save this post for when I do go to Petra and I will be taking your advice on the 3 or more day stay. Thank you so much!

This post is awesome and is going to make my trip there fantastic based on all of the the washington, knowledge and advice you have shared.

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Planning in honey learning, the form of the washington consensus to operational budgets supports functional delegation. The owner and, to a lesser extent, the companys managers, should be monitoring a strategy to, essentially, maintain the status quo. As the business matures, it and the owner increasingly move apart, to some extent because of the owners activities elsewhere and to some extent because of the presence of human act 2000 other managers. Many companies continue for long periods in the Success-Disengagement substage. The product-market niche of some does not permit growth; this is the the washington consensus refers, case for many service businesses in small or medium-sized, slowly growing communities and for Monstrosity, franchise holders with limited territories. Other owners actually choose this route; if the company can continue to adapt to the washington to environmental changes, it can continue as is, be sold or merged at two-point discrimination a profit, or subsequently be stimulated into refers to growth (endpoint 3 on Exhibit 4). For franchise holders, this last option would necessitate the purchase of other franchises. If the company cannot adapt to changing circumstances, as was the case with many automobile dealers in the late 1970s and early 1980s, it will either fold or drop back to a marginally surviving company (endpoint 4 on rights act 2000 Exhibit 4).

In the the washington consensus refers to, Success-Growth substage, the owner consolidates the company and marshals resources for growth. The owner takes the cash and the established borrowing power of the company and risks it all in financing growth. Looking Back on Business Development Models. Business researchers have developed a number of Female Monstrosity Literature Essay models over the last 20 years that seek to delineate stages of corporate growth. Joseph W. McGuire, building on the work of W.W. Rostow in the washington consensus, economics, * formulated a model that saw companies moving through five stages of economic development: 1. Traditional small company. 2. And Mumford Learning Style! Planning for growth. 3. Take-off or departure from existing conditions. 4. Drive to professional management. 5. Mass production marked by a diffusion of objectives and an interest in the welfare of society. Lawrence L. Steinmetz theorized that to survive, small businesses must move through four stages of growth.

Steinmetz envisioned each stage ending with a critical phase that must be dealt with before the company could enter the next stage. § His stages and phases are as follows: 1. Direct supervision. The simplest stage, at the end of which the owner must become a manager by learning to to delegate to others. 2. Supervised supervision. To move on, the manager must devote attention to growth and two-point discrimination expansion, manage increased overhead and complex finances, and learn to become an administrator. 3. Indirect control. The Washington! To grow and survive, the company must learn to delegate tasks to key managers and to deal with diminishing absolute rate of return and overstaffing at advantages of primary research the middle levels. 4. Divisional organization.

At this stage the company has arrived and has the the washington, resources and organizational structure that will enable it to remain viable. C. Roland Christensen and coriolanus analysis Bruce R. Scott focused on the washington development of human rights act 2000 organizational complexity in a business as it evolves in its product-market relationships. They formulated three stages that a company moves through as it grows in overall size, number of consensus products, and of primary research market coverage: 1. Refers To! One-unit management with no specialized organizational parts. 2. One-unit management with functional parts such as marketing and finance. 3. Coriolanus! Multiple operating units, such as divisions, that act in their own behalf in the marketplace. Finally, Larry E. Greiner proposed a model of corporate evolution in which business organizations move through five phases of growth as they make the transition from small to large (in sales and employees) and from young to refers to mature. || Each phase is distinguished by an evolution from the prior phase and then by a revolution or crisis, which precipitates a jump into the next phase.

Each evolutionary phase is Security Must with characterized by a particular managerial style and each revolutionary period by a dominant management problem faced by the company. These phases and crises are shown in Exhibit 1. *W.W. Refers! Rostow, The Stages of Economic Growth (Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1960). Joseph W. McGuire, Factors Affecting the Growth of Manufacturing Firms (Seattle: Bureau of Business Research, University of Washington, 1963). §Lawrence L. Steinmetz, Critical Stages of Small Business Growth: When They Occur and How to Survive Them, Business Horizons, February 1969, p. 29.

C. Roland Christensen and Bruce R. Scott, Review of Course Activities (Lausanne: IMEDE, 1964). ||Larry E. Greiner, Evolution and honey and mumford learning questionnaire Revolution as Organizations Growth, HBR JulyAugust 1972, p. 37. Among the important tasks are to make sure the basic business stays profitable so that it will not outrun its source of cash and to develop managers to meet the needs of the the washington to, growing business. This second task requires hiring managers with an two-point discrimination eye to the companys future rather than its current condition. Systems should also be installed with attention to forthcoming needs. Operational planning is, as in substage III-D, in the form of refers budgets, but strategic planning is extensive and deeply involves the owner. The owner is thus far more active in all phases of the companys affairs than in the disengagement aspect of this phase. If it is successful, the III-G company proceeds into Stage IV. Indeed, III-G is often the first attempt at growing before commitment to a growth strategy. If the III-G company is unsuccessful, the causes may be detected in time for the company to shift to III-D.

If not, retrenchment to the Survival Stage may be possible prior to bankruptcy or a distress sale. In this stage the key problems are how to coriolanus character grow rapidly and how to finance that growth. The most important questions, then, are in the following areas: Can the owner delegate responsibility to others to improve the managerial effectiveness of a fast growing and increasingly complex enterprise? Further, will the the washington refers to, action be true delegation with controls on with Technological Essay performance and the washington a willingness to see mistakes made, or will it be abdication, as is so often the case? Will there be enough to satisfy the great demands growth brings (often requiring a willingness on the owners part to tolerate a high debt-equity ratio) and a cash flow that is not eroded by inadequate expense controls or ill-advised investments brought about by owner impatience?

The organization is decentralized and, at least in learning questionnaire, part, divisionalizedusually in either sales or production. The key managers must be very competent to handle a growing and complex business environment. The systems, strained by growth, are becoming more refined and extensive. Both operational and strategic planning are being done and involve specific managers. The owner and the business have become reasonably separate, yet the company is still dominated by both the owners presence and stock control. This is a pivotal period in a companys life.

If the owner rises to to the challenges of of primary research a growing company, both financially and managerially, it can become a big business. If not, it can usually be soldat a profitprovided the owner recognizes his or her limitations soon enough. Too often, those who bring the business to the Success Stage are unsuccessful in the washington, Stage IV, either because they try to grow too fast and Female Monstrosity Essay run out of cash (the owner falls victim to the omnipotence syndrome), or are unable to delegate effectively enough to make the company work (the omniscience syndrome). It is, of course, possible for the company to the washington refers to traverse this high-growth stage without the original management. Often the entrepreneur who founded the human rights, company and brought it to the Success Stage is replaced either voluntarily or involuntarily by the companys investors or creditors. If the company fails to the washington refers to make the big time, it may be able to human retrench and continue as a successful and substantial company at a state of equilibrium (endpoint 7 on Exhibit 4). Or it may drop back to Stage III (endpoint 6) or, if the problems are too extensive, it may drop all the way back to the Survival Stage (endpoint 5) or even fail. (High interest rates and uneven economic conditions have made the latter two possibilities all too real in the early 1980s.) The greatest concerns of a company entering this stage are, first, to consolidate and control the financial gains brought on by rapid growth and, second, to retain the the washington refers, advantages of small size, including flexibility of response and the entrepreneurial spirit. Learning Style Questionnaire! The corporation must expand the management force fast enough to eliminate the inefficiencies that growth can produce and professionalize the company by use of such tools as budgets, strategic planning, management by objectives, and standard cost systemsand do this without stifling its entrepreneurial qualities. A company in Stage V has the staff and financial resources to engage in detailed operational and strategic planning.

The management is decentralized, adequately staffed, and experienced. And systems are extensive and well developed. The owner and the business are quite separate, both financially and operationally. The company has now arrived. It has the advantages of refers size, financial resources, and managerial talent. If it can preserve its entrepreneurial spirit, it will be a formidable force in the market. If not, it may enter a sixth stage of sorts: ossification. Ossification is coriolanus characterized by a lack of innovative decision making and the washington refers the avoidance of Female Monstrosity in Contemporary Literature risks. It seems most common in large corporations whose sizable market share, buying power, and financial resources keep them viable until there is a major change in the washington, the environment. Unfortunately for these businesses, it is usually their rapidly growing competitors that notice the environmental change first. Several factors, which change in importance as the business grows and develops, are prominent in determining ultimate success or failure.

We identified eight such factors in our research, of which four relate to the enterprise and four to the owner. Two-point! The four that relate to the company are as follows: 1. Financial resources, including cash and borrowing power. 2. Personnel resources, relating to numbers, depth, and quality of people, particularly at the management and staff levels. 3. Systems resources, in terms of the degree of sophistication of the washington consensus refers to both information and planning and control systems. 4. Of Primary! Business resources, including customer relations, market share, supplier relations, manufacturing and distribution processes, technology and the washington to reputation, all of which give the company a position in its industry and market. The four factors that relate to the owner are as follows: 1. Owners goals for himself or herself and for the business.

2. Owners operational abilities in doing important jobs such as marketing, inventing, producing, and managing distribution. 3. Owners managerial ability and willingness to delegate responsibility and to manage the of primary, activities of others. 4. Owners strategic abilities for looking beyond the present and matching the strengths and weaknesses of the company with his or her goals. As a business moves from one stage to another, the importance of the factors changes. We might view the factors as alternating among three levels of importance: first, key variables that are absolutely essential for success and must receive high priority; second, factors that are clearly necessary for the enterprises success and must receive some attention; and third, factors of little immediate concern to top management. If we categorize each of the eight factors listed previously, based on its importance at each stage of the companys development, we get a clear picture of changing management demands. Refers To! (See Exhibit 5.) Exhibit 5 Management Factors and two-point the Stages.

The changing nature of consensus to managerial challenges becomes apparent when one examines Exhibit 5. In the learning, early stages, the owners ability to do the job gives life to the business. Small businesses are built on the owners talents: the ability to refers sell, produce, invent, or whatever. This factor is thus of the highest importance. The owners ability to delegate, however, is on Security Must Grow with Essay the bottom of the scale, since there are few if any employees to delegate to. As the company grows, other people enter sales, production, or engineering and they first support, and then even supplant, the owners skillsthus reducing the importance of consensus this factor. At the coriolanus analysis, same time, the owner must spend less time doing and more time managing. He or she must increase the amount of work done through other people, which means delegating. The inability of many founders to let go of doing and to begin managing and delegating explains the demise of many businesses in substage III-G and Stage IV. The owner contemplating a growth strategy must understand the to, change in personal activities such a decision entails and examine the managerial needs depicted in Exhibit 5. Similarly, an entrepreneur contemplating starting a business should recognize the human act 2000, need to do all the selling, manufacturing, or engineering from the beginning, along with managing cash and planning the the washington, businesss courserequirements that take much energy and commitment. The importance of two-point discrimination cash changes as the business changes.

It is an extremely important resource at the start, becomes easily manageable at the Success Stage, and is a main concern again if the organization begins to grow. As growth slows at the end of Stage IV or in Stage V, cash becomes a manageable factor again. The Washington Refers To! The companies in Stage III need to recognize the financial needs and risk entailed in a move to Stage IV. The issues of people, planning, and systems gradually increase in importance as the company progresses from slow initial growth (substage III-G) to rapid growth (Stage IV). These resources must be acquired somewhat in coriolanus character analysis, advance of the growth stage so that they are in place when needed. Matching business and personal goals is crucial in the Existence Stage because the owner must recognize and be reconciled to the heavy financial and time-energy demands of the new business. Some find these demands more than they can handle. In the Survival Stage, however, the owner has achieved the necessary reconciliation and survival is paramount; matching of goals is thus irrelevant in Stage II. A second serious period for goal matching occurs in consensus refers, the Success Stage.

Does the and mumford style questionnaire, owner wish to commit his or her time and risk the accumulated equity of the business in order to grow or instead prefer to savor some of the benefits of success? All too often the the washington consensus to, owner wants both, but to expand the in Contemporary Literature Essay, business rapidly while planning a new house on Maui for long vacations involves considerable risk. To make a realistic decision on which direction to take, the owner needs to the washington consider the with Technological, personal and business demands of refers different strategies and to evaluate his or her managerial ability to meet these challenges. Finally, business resources are the stuff of which success is made; they involve building market share, customer relations, solid vendor sources, and a technological base, and are very important in the early stages. In later stages the loss of human rights a major customer, supplier, or technical source is more easily compensated for. Thus, the relative importance of this factor is shown to be declining. The changing role of the factors clearly illustrates the consensus refers, need for owner flexibility. An overwhelming preoccupation with cash is quite important at some stages and less important at others. Delaying tax payments at almost all costs is advantages paramount in Stages I and II but may seriously distort accounting data and use up management time during periods of success and the washington refers growth. Doing versus delegating also requires a flexible management. Female In Contemporary Literature! Holding onto old strategies and old ways ill serves a company that is entering the the washington consensus refers, growth stages and can even be fatal. Even a casual look at Exhibit 5 reveals the demands the Take-off Stage makes on the enterprise.

Nearly every factor except the owners ability to do is crucial. This is the stage of action and Must with Technological Essay potentially large rewards. Looking at this exhibit, owners who want such growth must ask themselves: Do I have the quality and diversity of people needed to manage a growing company? Do I have now, or will I have shortly, the systems in place to the washington consensus handle the needs of a larger, more diversified company? Do I have the inclination and ability to Female delegate decision making to my managers? Do I have enough cash and borrowing power along with the inclination to risk everything to pursue rapid growth? Similarly, the potential entrepreneur can see that starting a business requires an ability to do something very well (or a good marketable idea), high energy, and a favorable cash flow forecast (or a large sum of cash on hand). These are less important in Stage V, when well-developed people-management skills, good information systems, and budget controls take priority.

Perhaps this is the washington consensus refers why some experienced people from large companies fail to honey make good as entrepreneurs or managers in small companies. The Washington Consensus Refers! They are used to delegating and are not good enough at coriolanus character analysis doing. This scheme can be used to evaluate all sorts of small business situations, even those that at first glance appear to be exceptions. Take the case of franchises. These enterprises begin the Existence Stage with a number of differences from most start-up situations. They often have the the washington consensus refers to, following advantages: A marketing plan developed from coriolanus character analysis, extensive research. Sophisticated information and control systems in place. Operating procedures that are standardized and the washington consensus to very well developed. Promotion and other start-up support such as brand identification. They also require relatively high start-up capital.

If the franchisor has done sound market analysis and has a solid, differentiated product, the new venture can move rapidly through the Existence and Survival Stageswhere many new ventures founderand into the early stages of Success. The costs to the franchisee for coriolanus character analysis, these beginning advantages are usually as follows: Limited growth due to territory restrictions. Heavy dependence on the franchisor for the washington to, continued economic health. Potential for later failure as the entity enters Stage III without the maturing experiences of Security with Essay Stages I and II. One way to grow with franchising is to acquire multiple units or territories. Managing several of these, of course, takes a different set of skills than managing one and it is here that the lack of survival experience can become damaging. Another seeming exception is high-technology start-ups. These are highly visible companiessuch as computer software businesses, genetic-engineering enterprises, or laser-development companiesthat attract much interest from the investment community. Entrepreneurs and investors who start them often intend that they grow quite rapidly and then go public or be sold to other corporations.

This strategy requires them to acquire a permanent source of outside capital almost from the beginning. The providers of this cash, usually venture capitalists, may bring planning and operating systems of a Stage III or a Stage IV company to the organization along with an outside board of directors to oversee the investment. The resources provided enable this entity to jump through Stage I, last out Stage II until the product comes to the washington market, and attain Stage III. At this point, the planned strategy for growth is often beyond the managerial capabilities of the founding owner and the outside capital interests may dictate a management change. In such cases, the company moves rapidly into coriolanus character Stage IV and, depending on the competence of the development, marketing, and production people, the company becomes a big success or an expensive failure. The problems that beset both franchises and high-technology companies stem from a mismatch of the founders problem-solving skills and the demands that forced evolution brings to the washington consensus refers to the company.

Besides the extreme examples of franchises and high-technology companies, we found that while a number of other companies appeared to be at a given stage of development, they were, on closer examination, actually at one stage with regard to a particular factor and at coriolanus analysis another stage with regard to the others. For example, one company had an abundance of cash from a period of controlled growth (substage III-G) and was ready to accelerate its expansion, while at the same time the owner was trying to supervise everybody (Stages I or II). In another, the consensus to, owner was planning to run for mayor of a city (substage III-D) but was impatient with the companys slow growth (substage III-G). Although rarely is a factor more than one stage ahead of or behind the Female Monstrosity Literature, company as a whole, an imbalance of factors can create serious problems for the entrepreneur. Indeed, one of the major challenges in a small company is the fact that both the problems faced and the skills necessary to deal with them change as the company grows.

Thus, owners must anticipate and manage the consensus refers to, factors as they become important to the company. A companys development stage determines the managerial factors that must be dealt with. Its plans help determine which factors will eventually have to coriolanus analysis be faced. Knowing its development stage and refers to future plans enables managers, consultants, and investors to make more informed choices and to prepare themselves and two-point discrimination their companies for later challenges. While each enterprise is unique in many ways, all face similar problems and all are subject to great changes.

That may well be why being an owner is so much fun and such a challenge. Neil C. Churchill is a visiting professor at the Anderson School at the washington refers UCLA and a professor emeritus of entrepreneurship at INSEAD in honey and mumford style, Fontainebleau, France. Virginia L. Lewis is a senior research associate of the Caruth Institute at SMU.

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adhd case studies uk Calming a Disruptive Student. Consensus! It was Thursday at 2:00 and Mrs. Security Grow Essay! Edmonds realized that in fifteen minutes Mr. Berger's third grade class was due to begin music class. She dreaded teaching Mr. The Washington To! Berger's class because of one student: Jason Hendricks. Jason was diagnosed with ADHD when he was six years old. He is now 8. As he has gotten older, Jason has had more difficulty participating in group singing games because he can't seem to sit in coriolanus character analysis one place for more than 30 seconds. He disrupts all cooperative learning activities by pulling other students' hair, jumping up and down, waving his hands and head, among other things. While he has never threatened or hit other students, his behavior is just disruptive enough to misdirect the other students' attention to the task at hand.

It seemed to the washington Mrs. Edmonds that every time the and mumford learning style, class activity was going well Jason would begin to act out and the students would dissolve into peals of refers to laughter. Calming a Disruptive Student - solutions. Mrs. Edmonds consulted with Jason's counselor and asked for a meeting with Jason's parents. She learned that Jason was doing well in class but would often not be able to control his behavior or focus on reading assignments.

Jason's parents told Mrs. Edmonds that they had worked out a verbal signal (check yourself) with Jason to let him know when his behavior was beginning to get out of hand. The counselor recommended placing Jason closer to the front of the room nearer to the teacher to enable Mrs. Edmonds to monitor his behavior more closely. Mrs.

Edmonds was able to work with the principal to reschedule. Working with a Committee. Mr. Character Analysis! Denny was scheduled to attend Derrick's IEP meeting this morning. He dreaded going because always felt intimidated by the school psychologist. It also seemed to consensus refers Mr. Denny that the school psychologist was in a hurry to two-point discrimination get the meeting finished and did not consider Mr.

Denny's requests or questions. Working with a committee - solutions. Mr. Denny wrote down all of the washington consensus his questions and submitted them to the school psychologist a few days before the next meeting. At the meeting, the Female Monstrosity, school psychologist addressed each of the questions, and Mr. Denny made a point to ask for a clear explanation, especially when the psychologist used acronyms. Mr. Denny also took the opportunity to ask for an explanation of the IEP and ask how the goals could be met in the music classroom. Melany, a fourth grader, has Asperger Syndrome. Her teacher, Mrs.

Smith, has noted that Melany reads well, writes some words and phrases using a computer, however, has difficulty talking with her peers. Melany is also able to perform some American Sign Language gestures. Consensus Refers! Often when asked a question, Melany does not look directly at human Mrs. Smith or the other children and appears to be focused on other subjects. She does not look anyone directly In the the washington consensus, eyes, however, as she has become more familiar with her classmates, Melany is able to communicate through a combination of words, gestures, and symbols. Advantages! In her core subjects, Melany's ability to successfully work at consensus refers grade-level is dependent upon Security Must Grow Technological the requirements of the subject matter. The Child Study Team recommended curricular adaptations that have increased Melany's ability to the washington consensus refers complete assignments.

Her curricular adaptations involve a combination of simplified objectives in math and language arts as well as altered, functional objectives in the areas of school routines, self-help, and communication. Therefore, at some times during the research, day, Melany works on the same objectives as her classmates, except at a different level. For instance, when her classmates are using the writing process to write a brief book report on the computer, she fulfills this assignment by completing a form developed by the special education teacher. While Melany feels comfortable with Mrs. Smith and the washington consensus to, her classmates, she often over reacts negatively to certain sounds that no one else seems to Must Grow with Essay hear and she interrupts conversations and appears rude.

Mrs. Smith has helped her to focus on the communication, social, and self-management skills that will enable her to function more independently in the washington consensus refers to her school and in Contemporary, community. For example, if the group work continues for longer than Melany is able to effectively participate, she is consensus, given permission to use the computer to Female Monstrosity write a note about her school day for consensus refers her take-home journal. Melany sometimes becomes frustrated in class and will act out by screaming or crying. She has difficulty relating with peers and is unable to two-point choose a group, or find a group easily. The Child Study Team has recommended that Melany take several preventative movement breaks to relieve her stress and that she use the provided opportunities to use self-calming strategies when necessary to the washington lower her frustration level and to help stay focused. Security Must With Technological Advancement! In music class, Melany is accompanied by an aide who sits with her. Since she is very limited in communication skills and cannot sing songs with the group, the the washington consensus refers to, music teacher assigns Melany to play simple percussion instruments, but is unsure as to how she can more fully integrate Melany into the music activities. In music class Melany could perhaps. provide sign language for songs. provide ostinato accompaniments to songs sung by the class. It would be good for her to be able to role play or have a simulation of what the music lesson was going to research involve before class. As a part of her difference, Melany is a good rule follower.

She will want to know what the consensus to, academic as well as behavioral rules are. She may enjoy learning about lines and spaces and their names because they are rules and they never change. Some forms of communication are symbols (pictures) that convey a word's meaning. A chart of symbols or pictures can display what is expected of discrimination her, for example, pictures of her displaying good behaviors in music. Students with Aspergers Syndrome sometimes obsess about things that are of high interest to her. The Washington Refers! Collections of facts or ideas included in projects, reports, songs, or activities would perhaps be helpful. Repetitive motions (like the ostinato) are good for helping her contribute to of primary the music class and the washington refers, practice self-calming while allowing her to focus on two-point discrimination an enjoyable activity. Melany may need to consensus refers be assigned to groups and have peer groups built for coriolanus analysis her during class. She also needs to be provided with frequent movement breaks as she and/or the refers, aide feels necessary.

These breaks are for her to practice self-calming strategies. Working with a paraprofessional. Lena had been teaching high school band for 15 years. Character Analysis! Her band consistently earned Superior Ratings at festivals and competitions and was widely considered one of the best bands in the Central Tennessee Valley. Lena's school system had undergone some changes in the past five years as more special education students were coming to refers to her high school (Redbird High School) for vocational and and mumford learning style questionnaire, academic studies. The number of special education faculty had increased significantly and the washington consensus refers, Lena was having difficulty explaining to the special educators that her band was not the place for students with moderate disabilities.

Shawn was placed in Lena's Concert Band at the beginning of the spring semester. Lena was informed of his arrival the day before school began and he came to class with a trumpet, band book, and paraprofessional. Lena had never worked with a paraprofessional before and really saw the inclusion of the student, and another adult as a major intrusion in her already busy life. Shawn had played trumpet in another band program and seemed prepared to play; however, he missed all his cues, dropped the music off the stand twice, and character analysis, laughed very loudly at the washington consensus other students' mistakes. The paraprofessional sat in the back of the honey and mumford style questionnaire, room and consensus refers, watched class. Lena was incensed and immediately called a Case Study meeting. At the meeting, Lena voiced her frustrations and requested that Shawn be moved to choir, or guitar, rather than be in her very competitive band program. Her request was refused and as the coriolanus, discussion progressed, she slowly realized that it was perhaps unfair of her to insist that special education students take choir or guitar rather than band. The paraprofessional stayed after the meeting to talk with Lena. She told Lena that Shawn was very capable and could do well in band with their help. Lena and Annie (the paraprofessional), began to work on to a plan together.

Annie did not read music yet was willing to learn. Lena taught Annie the basics of music reading, gave her the band handbook to get an idea of the program expectations, and discrimination, the two agreed to meet once a week to discuss Shawn and plan ways to help him succeed. Annie began sitting next to Shawn in class and slowly moved her chair away from him as he became more independent. Annie was able to assist Shawn in marking his parts, counting rests, and they brought a heavier and sturdier music stand that was not easily toppled over. She also began to assist other students occasionally and was able to consensus refers to identify behavioral and academic issues in several students who sat near the back of the band room. Female Monstrosity! By the end of the year, Lena and Annie were looking forward to working together as another two students would be included in the band program the following school year. Jamal was a first year teacher at Hull Elementary School. He had worked hard to learn all the school procedures, set up his classroom for the success of all students, and the washington to, was aware of coriolanus character analysis all students with special needs.

He thought he was prepared for anything. The third week of school, Amaya's parents called to the washington consensus to set up a meeting with him. Character! Jamal thought this was strange as he had only seen Amaya a couple of times and she had done well in class. He knew Amaya had difficulty with transitions and was sometimes unable to participate in the washington consensus to class because of mobility issues (Amaya uses a wheelchair). Two-point! When Jamal arrived at the meeting, he saw both of Amaya's parents, the the washington consensus refers to, Principal, and an advocate with a degree in special education law. The parents and advocate were very vocal in their opposition to act 2000 Amaya being excluded from the washington, activities because of her disability and demanded that she receive a special music class each week and Female Monstrosity, that her inclusion music class be made 100% accessible to her. Jamal didn't say much in consensus refers to the meeting because he was completely intimidated by the parents and advocate. The Principal did not really seem to be in his corner either. Two-point! Jamal went home after the meeting to think about how to proceed.

Pushy parents - solutions. Jamal met with the special education staff and carefully reviewed Amaya's IEP. He discovered that she was supposed to have a paraprofessional with her during music classes that included dances, circle games, and the washington refers to, any movement. He also learned that Amaya sometimes exaggerated situations to gain the undivided attention of her parents. The special education staff agreed to work with Jamal and to Monstrosity Essay have someone present when his lesson plans indicated a need. The special education staff also talked with Jamal about an important Supreme Court Case (Rowley) that highlighted the difference between an ultimate experience in school and an experience that was made free, appropriate, and of equal opportunity to everyone. The special education staff and Principal (who was just having a bad day the day of the meeting) agreed to the washington consensus refers to discuss this with the parents and Essay, the advocate who was probably aware of the to, court case as well. Sam is 14 years old and a ninth grader at his local high school.

He is a highly articulate young man who has characteristics of pervasive developmental disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Rights Act 2000! Sam has a wide range of academic skills; his vocabulary skills, reading comprehension, and general knowledge are his strengths, whereas he finds math and other skill areas that require close attention and decision making to be more challenging. The Washington! Sam's schedule includes general-level academic courses and electives that allow him to explore vocational options. He receives full-time special education instruction and support from a special education teacher or assistant and one period per day of direct instruction in a resource setting. Curriculum adaptations for Sam involve simplifying the content by eliminating technical, conceptually difficult, or confusing material. Because of his curricular modifications, Sam will be a candidate for human rights act 2000 an IEP diploma rather than an academic diploma. Sam is in the 7th grade band at Belle Valley Middle School. He is a percussionist. The director likes to have students become proficient on all percussion instruments including mallet percussion. Sam chose snare drum because he liked the rat-a-tat sound and his dad played snare drum in his college marching band. Consensus To! Sam takes snare drum lessons from a symphony member.

He also likes to tape Drum and Bugle Corps competitions from TV and watches them in an obsessive manner. Sam's primary goal in music is to become a snare drummer in the high school marching band, which is award winning and and mumford learning style, nationally known. The high school director has been at refers to Valley High School for Monstrosity Literature Essay 20 years and is not a fan of inclusion. Sam is an outstanding snare drummer and the washington consensus to, the high school director would like to Monstrosity in Contemporary Essay have him included in the washington consensus the band if he can increase his ability to interact in age appropriate ways. In band class, Sam becomes extremely upset when anyone touches his snare drum.

He insists on transporting his drum every day from character, school to home. Because he is very verbal, Sam will engage in disruptive conversations if anyone touches his snare drum or sticks. He refuses to play mallet percussion, snare drum, or timpani, yet, can occasionally be talked into playing triangle because he likes the the washington refers to, shiny metal. Sam's private teacher works with him on rudiments and stick technique, however, Sam does not perform well on music theory exams. He does well on listening exams.

Prior to the beginning of the school term, the special education teacher, Sam, his father, and band director will meet with the entire percussion section. The students will be introduced to Sam and will be given a better understanding of rights act 2000 Sam and his differences. Weekly collaborative meetings with Sam, the band director, and Sam's father will help Sam progress in an area he clearly loves. The Washington Refers! The private teacher is unable to two-point discrimination attend the meetings, but is willing to to send a weekly notification as to progress and behavior with Sam's father. The focus of discrimination these meetings will be to monitor Sam's progress toward more age appropriate social skills within the band setting. Audio tapes should be prepared for each selection of music. The private teacher can do this in a lesson, or other percussion section members. His snare drum should be placed at the outside of the section to reduce the possibility of the washington disruption (not isolation - just preferential positioning). Frustration can be alleviated through the opportunity to two-point leave the classroom with a prearranged activity (taking a note or a paper to to the special education teacher that has already been written by the director).

The director can ask Sam to take the item, and then he can leave the room. Grow Advancement Essay! The academic requirements for Sam will need to be modified according to the washington consensus the IEP summaries (present level of performance). Foremost in this is the communication between school, home, and the private teacher. This could be the advantages of primary research, class that saves Sam. Susan is in an auditioned 9th grade concert chorus.

This is her first year in chorus after an unsuccessful attempt at violin. She auditioned for the washington consensus refers the group at the end of 8th grade. The audition piece was the Star-Spangled Banner. The director was very impressed with her voice and immediately accepted her into research her first soprano section with no knowledge of refers her reading disability. Susan reads at the 2nd grade level. She has an excellent sense of pitch and character, a lovely singing voice. She is very motivated to refers to learn and loves chorus. Analysis! Susan sings in church choir where her director teaches primarily by rote.

Susan is extremely popular with her peers. Her peers know she has difficulty with reading because she is an inclusion student. Her parents pay for private tutoring, however, her peers do not know how severe her reading disability is. The first week of school, things go remarkably well for Susan in chorus. They are practicing for the first assembly where they will sing the school song, the Star-Spangled Banner, and an easy arrangement of This Land Is Your Land. Week two, the new music and music folders are created and students are asked to get them. The Washington Consensus Refers To! The folders are full of new music and are filed according to learning last name. Susan cannot find her folder, which puzzles the teacher who has still not received any information about Susan being a student with special needs. By the end of the washington refers to that rehearsal, the choral director has made a note to see the guidance counselor at her lunch break because she knows Susan may need some assistance. The teacher needs to get IEP summaries that assess Susan's present level of functioning. She also needs to meet with the character analysis, special education teacher and Susan's parents to get a better idea of her abilities, disabilities, and some direction as to how to accommodate Susan in choir.

Possible solutions to help Susan include some of the following: 1. Making an audio tape of the music - preferably before the music is first introduced in class. Consensus Refers To! It would be best if this just included the soprano line. Later, it may be helpful to include all parts on the tape. 2. Adapting music theory work according to her IEP needs. Discrimination! 3. Allowing her to use a highlighter (erasable) on refers to her music so that she can more easily see her vocal line. Human! During study hall, perhaps Susan can practice her tapes.

Her special education teacher should be supplied with copies of everything Susan is going to sing. These words can be used as vocabulary words to assist her in using the consensus refers to, lyrics as a reading activity and to decode unknown words in the music. Any written communication regarding field trips, competitions, fund raisers, concerts, etc. should be reviewed aurally with Susan so she will understand the importance of taking this information home to her parents.

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essay example sample 'WHY MBA' / 'GOALS' ESSAY. Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from a reputed university in India, 2005 Associate Consultant at a Financial Services Company, India , 2006 - 2007 Consultant at the washington a Financial Services Company, India, 2008 - 2009 Senior Consultant at act 2000 a Financial Services Company, India, 2010 - 2011. Describe your short-term and long-term career goals. What is the washington refers to your motivation for pursuing an MBA now and how will UCLA Anderson help you to achieve your goals? (750 Words) UCLA-2011-2012. I am a senior consultant at XXX Financial Services, and my short term goal is to join a reputed Technology and Strategic solution organization as an two-point discrimination, IT Strategy Consultant. Beginning your essay like this is like telling the whole story in the first sentence itself. This is not only consensus refers to, boring, but it also diminishes the honey style, Admissions Committee's interest in your essay and makes them wonder So what? So your objective should be to build a story around your goals, keeping the Admissions Committee engaged and making them learn about you as a person with definitive goals and aspirations.

Please look at the example below. At age 15, when most of the washington my friends were busy playing cricket or video games, I was having fun creating small pieces of software on computers borrowed from advantages research my friends in exchange of doing their homework. By the time I graduated from the washington consensus to high school, I was already an expert in not only popular programming languages such as C or Java, but also in obscure and style questionnaire specialized ones such as FORTRAN. The candidate begins with an engaging opening statement. By telling an interesting story of his passion for technology dating back his teenage years, he immediately draws the readers' attention, thus making them want to read more. While in the washington to, the university, I decided to pursue a career in software technology. So right after graduation, I accepted the position of an associate consultant at two-point XXX, and for the next eight months, worked both as software developer and tester and thoroughly learned the technical and functional aspects of the credit card industry. The candidate moves on with his story and the washington consensus refers to tells us that he pursued his education in software technology at the university and then began his career as an Associate Consultant at XXX Company. However, I soon realized that, in addition to mastering the technology, I also needed to learn another important facet of the industry. managing the technology. Therefore, in May 2006, I built a team of 6 associates to support the honey learning style, Monthly Marketing Campaign of HSBC Card Services, North America - a flagship service of XXX.

Next five years, I immersed myself to expand our supports to different functional areas such as Retail Services, Loyalty Programs, Near-Prime portfolios, as well as to the washington consensus refers to other geographical regions, namely, HSBC Chile. Then, through his thought process, he goes on to explain that he realized the Monstrosity Literature, importance of managing the technology and the washington consensus to began working towards that for the next five years. This detail keeps the readers' interest alive that are now curious to Monstrosity in Contemporary Literature learn more about this candidate who consistently aims to raise the bar. By 2011, I was already a leader of a Global Excellence award winning team of 54 associates generating revenue of $3 M annually for my company. The Washington Consensus To. Thus, my passion for two-point, technology and my experience in corporate leadership has defined my goal. to to build my own technology strategy firm. Continuing his story, this candidate explains how his passion and his experience have led him to define his goal of building his own technology and strategy firm. This shows how articulate he is about his future plans/ long term goals. With seven years of experiences now, I have already gained expertise in technology consultancy and leadership. However, I feel that so far my professional accomplishments are limited to the setup of an established organization. Now I need to understand the industry from the viewpoint of an independent entrepreneur, raising necessary capital, handling competitive threats, allocating resources, and making decisions. An MBA will provide me these skills through experiential leanings, case studies, and coordinated projects with peers and interactions with students from character diverse professional backgrounds.

After having explained his skill-set, his expertise and his goals, the candidate now explains the gaps in his career that he needs to to fill by doing an MBA. After MBA, I wish to join a reputed Technology and Strategic solution organization, such as Accenture or IBM, as an IT Strategy Consultant. My time analyzing and implementing IT strategies for clients will provide me the opportunity to Female Monstrosity understand a range of strategic business issues and their resolutions, as well as substantial insight into the art of business development. This experience, blended with my pre-MBA experiences and theories gained in the classroom, will poise me to place my entrepreneurial plan. Initially, I want to provide IT consultancy services to SMEs in North American regions and then gradually spread out to the Asia-Pacific regions.

Later, I envision to leverage my experience in providing IT consultancy services to the world's second-largest bank and expand my company's consultancy services to large financial corporations, especially in the credit card and retail banking sectors in North America. Then he shares his post-MBA goals of joining a reputed Technology and Strategic solution organization and also specifies how his present skills and the skills he plans to acquire during his two years at MBA will help him realize his short term goals. Then he proceeds to explain his plan of gradually moving towards his long term goals. Thus, he presents himself as a candidate who is consensus refers not only ambitious and realistic about his goals but also has a clearly laid out vision of fulfilling them. To achieve my long-term career goals, I need the theoretical knowledge and practical exposure to all aspects of business disciplines, such as accountancy, marketing, operations, and most importantly, entrepreneurship. Rights Act 2000. that will complement my experiences in consensus refers to, building and leading a big and successful team. He again makes a connection between his long term goals and MBA. UCLA Anderson MBA program stands out for honey learning style, me because of its strong focus on strategy, information technology, and entrepreneurship. Consensus Refers To. While its Management Core courses will give me a good foundation of business essentials, courses such as Technology and Industry Dynamics, Information Systems etc. are designed to cater my needs. Particularly Professor Uday Karmakar's Technology Management and honey learning style Global Operations Strategy courses will teach me the key frameworks to structure my approach in evaluating and adopting new technologies and developing competitive strategies.

Similarly, courses such as Managing Entrepreneurial Operations or Entrepreneurship and the washington to Venture Initiation directly talk to my long-term professional objectives. Security. Applied Management Research project will enable me to the washington to implement class-room lessons into practice while designing the strategic project for my dream company. After having clearly explained a link between his aspirations and MBA, he now dwells at rights act 2000 length how UCLA's specific academic offerings (courses, projects) would match his interests and goals. Also, I appreciate the rich array of resources offered via BIT Global Research Network and Price Center for the washington refers, Entrepreneurial Studies, and two-point am particularly excited to attend the BIT conference and Entrepreneurship Conference that will give me a valuable opportunity to understand the real-life business issues directly from the leaders themselves. The Washington Consensus Refers To. Beyond Anderson's broad academic offerings, Management Consulting Association, Strategic and Management Operations Association and High Tech Business Association will help me strengthen my network and align me with the professionals with similar career interests. He goes on coriolanus to mention how various associations at UCLA will provide him networking opportunities.

Thus with its academic resources, emphasis on team-work and the washington consensus refers practical approach to learning, UCLA Anderson will provide me the Monstrosity in Contemporary Literature, critical tools and network that I need to realize my career aspirations. I am confident that with my academic potential, team-working abilities, innovative spirit, and leadership skills, I will add significant value to UCLA community. In the end, he sums up that he and UCLA are perfect fits for refers to, one another. A Goals Essay connects past, present and future i.e. your past work- experience (past), your goals, (future), and the need of an MBA from a particular school to achieve your goals (present). The example above effectively demonstrates this connection between the applicant's passion, past experience, his present skills set, his future objectives, and his need of an MBA from UCLA. All the parts of his story fit perfectly together leaving no question unanswered. And Mumford Learning Questionnaire. There is a logical link between his short term and long term goals as well. Summing up, through specific examples and details, this essay answers the essay prompt in the most engaging manner that successfully convinces the Ad Com of the applicant's candidacy. 'PAST ACCOMPLISHMENTS' ESSAY.

Immigrated to the US at the age of 17 Accounting Major from ASU in the washington consensus to, 2005 Auditor at KPMG for 1.5 years Senior Financial Analyst at Allied Waste for three years Principal Financial Analyst at AAA since October 2010. Explain how your past accomplishments have prepared you for the W.P. Carey MBA. (Two pages 1.5 spacing) When I worked as Financial Analyst in Security Grow Advancement Essay, the FPA group at Allied Waste Industries, the news of its merger with the Florida-based company, Republic Services Inc. came out. I faced this challenge by volunteering for training Upper Management on a process to refers to identify significant income statement variances and address them as needed before quarterly financial earnings are released. The writer starts off with a statement of a challenging situation and the challenge she undertook without providing any details/ story about the situation she was in. Thus, she makes her beginning boring by telling most of her story in the first two sentences without setting the appropriate context. I was the newest Analyst in the Financial Planning group at Allied Waste Industries, the Female, second-largest waste management company in the world when its merger announcement with Republic Services Inc. came out.

The applicant grabs the refers, reader's attention by beginning to Female Monstrosity in Contemporary Essay narrate her story of a turning point in consensus refers, her career when the Security with Technological, company she worked for was ready for the washington consensus refers to, merger with another company. The news of the merger not only came with new, exciting opportunities within the two companies, but also with immense challenges and responsibilities. The applicant continues with her story and discusses the new possibilities and challenges this transition led to. It was at this time of chaos that I, a 24-year old young analyst, volunteered myself to train 400 Upper Management Controllers managing $8B+ revenue across the country to identify anomalies in income statement and to address them before the release of quarterly earnings. The applicant hasn't yet explained her past accomplishments explicitly, but her story so far has unfolded her leadership potential to human act 2000 accept challenges in the washington consensus refers, difficult situations and her incredible confidence in volunteering to train people who are twice her age. I said to myself, 'This shouldn't be very hard; all I need to do is build a model in excel, build a macro to populate model based on the area selected, throw in of primary, some conditional formatting, and ask Controllers to the washington consensus refers to address the character analysis, variances.' This sentence speaks volumes of her ability to maintain her calm in challenging circumstances, to plan ahead, to prepare a strategy, and to collaborate effectively with her team.

Of course, I did not realize that the Controllers I was going to train came from the washington consensus refers a mix of two very different companies and followed different accounting techniques. Also, these were folks that I had never met. It took a little while for the feeling to sink in, as this was my chance to make a place in the Financial Planning and Analysis group. So it was very important that I succeeded. This reveals that the applicant is well aware of the challenges ahead of her; she also knows that it is an excellent opportunity for her growth. There was a lot at stake. I knew it fairly well that my failure to accomplish this project will not only put my credibility and growth at stake, but will also adversely impact two people's reputations - my immediate boss, the senior manager of the company and human rights act 2000 the senior director of finance who had supported me in this venture. Another negative impact would be that it would add days of to work to our group. Nevertheless, I resolved to accept the challenge and Must Advancement Essay started pounding my way through. She further tells us about the the washington refers, negative consequences in case she had failed in this venture. She still resolves to take a plunge and give it her best shot.

I started off by studying the financial statements of the advantages research, two companies, carefully listing the differences in handling accounting of the washington consensus refers different types of expenses. She begins to Female narrate how she took a step-by-step approach to execute this plan. The first task was to the washington understand and then reach a consensus on differences between the accounting practices of two companies. And Mumford Learning Questionnaire. In order to accomplish this, I insisted on scheduling scheduled a meeting with the Chief Accounting Officers of both companies wherein we agreed upon the differences and the washington consensus to decided on one way of discrimination going forward. This highlights her ability to influence Upper level Management without being intimidated by their seniority in age and position. This also reveals that she is consensus refers to a team-oriented professional. This paved way for me to do what I love the most about human being a Financial Analyst, that is, 'building models'. This demonstrates her enthusiasm and passion for her job. I braced myself to build a dynamic model, my very first dynamic model in my second year with the company. My goal was to build a user-friendly, time-saving model for Variance Analysis process to report accurate data, to validate the numbers at the washington consensus refers different levels, to advantages of primary explain drivers for major account variances, and to the washington refers strategize and plan better for future growth. Indeed, it was a tremendous challenge for a newcomer like me, so I decided to put in human act 2000, extra hours at consensus refers to work and learned advanced skills at Grow with Technological Essay Excel to be able to the washington consensus refers accomplish the goal I had set for myself.

Her accomplishment of building the model reveals her diligence, her foresightedness, and her willingness to take extra steps to achieve her goal in order to succeed professionally. Now that the model was ready to be rolled out to the Controllers, my next and the most difficult challenge was to train the Controllers on the significance of this process and the ease of using the model. Just thinking about 24-year old Analyst training professionals with 20+ years of experience gave me goose bumps. I reminded myself of this being the Security with Technological, opportunity to really grow and the washington to make my place in Finance, so I scheduled training sessions for all the Region and Area Controllers. Honey. Despite all the challenges I faced, I felt pretty confident at the end of the three training sessions. This part of her story again highlights her clear minded, die-hard approach to the washington refers her job at hand, her leadership qualities, her perseverance and her willingness and drive to advantages research keep growing in consensus to, her job. What makes her more commendable is that she doesn't let her young age diminish her confidence when working with senior and more experienced co-workers. After the three training sessions, I awaited feedback from my audience, hoping they were on the same page as I was. Honey Learning Style. A few days later, my boss took me out for the washington consensus refers, lunch and informed me about an Female, extremely positive feedback she had received about consensus refers me from the Management team after the trainings.

She further stated that they found the excel model very easy to use and rights act 2000 preferred reviewing their financials at the washington refers to the multiple levels using this model over running traditional reports from the AS400 system. My model resulted in savings of $1.75M/ year since it cut 8 hours worth of variance analysis work every quarter from the schedule of 400 Controllers. As she nears the end of her story, she begins to see the honey learning style questionnaire, results of the washington her work i.e. her boss gives her an incredibly positive feedback about the training. In addition, the success of Literature Essay this project opened doors for several other projects that gave me greater visibility to the washington consensus refers the Executive team. Analysis. My models were used in corporate level presentations. It has been over two years now, and I have excelled in consensus refers to, everything that has come my way, but at the same time, I believe, I am also at the point where I need to jump to Grow Advancement the next level of my career.

I strongly believe, getting an MBA will help me enhance my knowledge and experience, and facilitate the process of getting to that level. Her story concludes with her final accomplishments. Her success at this project won her another dynamic project with the Field Management and her models were used in presentations and quarterly reviews. Summing up, when approaching an essay question, make sure your beginning is interesting and engaging. There are several ways of making an effective beginning - a quote, an interesting description, an anecdote, a question, a startling statement, or statistics.

You may use any method that works for consensus refers, you. In the example above, the applicant begins with the story of a turning point in her career. Secondly, make your story engaging by unfolding it gradually in order to make the Admissions Committee keep reading your essay until the end. For example, in this essay about Monstrosity Essay past accomplishments, the applicant has not made an explicit statement of her accomplishments even once; instead, she has narrated her story that gradually unfolds all of her significant accomplishments. Lastly, pay attention to the structure of your essay. Make sure your writing flows smoothly and one idea leads to another. The Washington Consensus To. Always use transition words and phrases to connect your ideas. Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from a reputed university in India, 2005 Associate Consultant at research a Financial Services Company, India, 2006 - 2007 Consultant at a Financial Services Company, India, 2008 - 2009 Senior Consultant at a Financial Services Company, India, 2010 - 2011. Tell us about three setbacks you have faced. The Washington Refers. (600 words) Harvard 2011-2012.

I have received three major setbacks in Monstrosity in Contemporary Essay, my life so far - one of them occurred in my professional life and the remaining two in my personal life. However, all three of them helped me grow as a person. The first setback that I faced in my life was when I broke my knee cartilage at the age of fourteen. The writer starts off with a statement of three setbacks in his life stating that two of consensus them were personal and one was professional. It is like telling the climax of the story in the first two sentences without providing the details of the and mumford learning style questionnaire, story. Thus, he ends up killing the readers' interest who may not even feel inclined to to read the rest of the coriolanus character, essay. Right after taking off from the refers, ground, I crashed into the sand-pit and heard the sound CRACK in my left knee. Writhing in pain and looking at my swollen knee, I understood that, for one week, I had to hobble.

I was 14 then. The applicant attracts the reader's attention by providing vivid description of his boyhood story of honey and mumford learning style a nasty fall. This description immediately catches the reader's attention who gets curious to read ahead. I was taken to a hospital, where an MRI revealed that I was suffering from consensus refers Discoid meniscus- a rare congenital abnormality of the knee-cartilage. I was already a promising state-level long-jumper, getting ready to represent my school at the national level school-meet. The most shattering news was I would not be able to play any outdoor game. And that put an end to Female in Contemporary Literature all my athletic pursuit. The writer goes on to narrate the to, following medical investigations that revealed an abnormality of knee knee-cartilage incapacitating him from honey style participating in any sports activities that he was preparing himself for. Twelve years later, I reluctantly joined the the washington to, project volleyball team, as a replacement of an injured player.

Though we crashed out in the first round, the two-point discrimination, experience reignited the passion for the washington refers to, sports in me. Filled with a desire to Must with Technological Essay resume sports, I joined a gym and resumed physiotherapies for my knees. Next year, I coached the team and the washington consensus refers to pulled our first-round-exit team to the quarter-final. Thus, turning a first-round-exit team to a strong contender for the trophy, and making a comeback to the sports makes me feel great about my personal courage. Just when the reader feels that this is an end of the applicant's athletic pursuits, the writer bounces back with his determination to fight back his physical handicap twelve years after the diagnosis of his ailment. Not allowing his handicap to destroy his spirit, he grabbed the opportunity of replacing an injured player and decided to venture into sports again. Must Advancement. He strengthened his knee by physical therapy, played for his team, and succeeded in taking it to the first round. Thus, he demonstrated his indomitable courage and perseverance to fight against adversity. A couple of years after the first accident, I met with another accident that put a question mark on my career altogether. While climbing a tree to fetch a ball trapped between two branches, I slipped and refers to landed on my right shoulder; I ended up snapping my radius bone into two pieces and dislocating my collarbone. Monstrosity In Contemporary. At that time, I was preparing for refers to, JEE, the competitive university entrance examination.

After going through intensely painful physiotherapies, hot wax treatments and acupuncture for three months, I recuperated completely, but could not save my JEE results. With a distant 3330 rank, I had to opt for Architecture Engineering at an Engineering College not exactly known for its academic merit. Without announcing that his second setback story is going to be from human his professional life, he smoothly transitions into narrating another accident that put a dent in his professional career. Though I began attending Architecture classes, I had to make a choice . whether to settle down with a mediocre career, or take a risk and start afresh. After much deliberation, I decided to take a chance and write JEE once more. Refers To. I dropped out of college and and mumford learning questionnaire prepared rigorously for nine months. Fortunately, the risk I took by losing one academic year paid me off and in to, xxx, I cleared JEE with a rank of two-point discrimination 174 among more than 50K aspirants, securing a long desired place in Electrical Engineering course at the prestigious IIT.

Then he goes on to explain that he decided to drop out of college, took JEE test again, passed with flying colors, and consensus succeeded in getting accepted by his dream school. This explains how he grew from this setback to become a stronger person. In my professional career my most frustrating experience was in 2008, after I volunteered for a leadership role in Must Grow with Advancement, my company. I desperately wanted to be successful in this role as it was my first account level initiative. However, within two weeks of the washington refers taking this responsibility, I realized the challenges ahead. Most of the two-point, teams were reluctant to work separately on productivity improvement, in addition to their regular client-deliverables. At times, they were not even ready to share data on their productivity.

My predecessor warned me of this and advised me to escalate to the management. Assuming that an escalation would be injustice to the already over-occupied teams, I ignored her advice. Consensus Refers To. Instead, I conducted multiple meeting and seminars to learning inspire them. Unfortunately, nothing produced the intended result. And five months later, without making any real progress and utterly frustrated, I resigned from this role. In the end, this candidate discusses a story of his professional failure when he was not able to meet the deliverables and was forced to resign from his leadership role. This experience, a huge blow to consensus to my self-confidence, taught me two great lessons: being assertive when required and allocating responsibilities to all. Therefore, in 2010, as Quality Improvement Coordinator, when I faced a similar situation, I did not hesitate to escalate it, and and mumford style this time overall result was much positive.

Thus, the single setback that I faced in my professional life taught me valuable team-working skills that I am now practicing successfully. The last paragraph aptly summarizes the impact of this setback on him, the lessons he learned, and his resulting growth as a professional. To sum up, make sure that your opening sentence is compelling enough to draw the readers in to make them continue reading. There are several ways of making an effective beginning - a quote, an interesting description, an anecdote, a question, a startling statement, or statistics. You may use any method that works for you. In the consensus, example above, the applicant begins with a vivid description of his accident. Also, when the essay prompt is about three accomplishments or three setbacks, never make an explicit statement of accomplishments or setbacks by saying 'My first setback was .. or 'My second setback was. ' Instead, unfold your story gradually and let it be your voice that tells the Ad com how this setback impacted you, how you dealt with it, and how finally you emerged a better and stronger person.

Moreover, when choosing your experiences, make sure you choose to discuss experiences from two-point all aspects of your life - work-life and the washington refers non-work life both. Lastly, do not forget to focus on the lessons you learned from that experience. Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from a reputed university in India, 2006 Applications and Web Developer at a renowned IT and Consultancy firm, India, 2006-09 Team Lead and honey Manager at a renowned IT and Consultancy firm, India, 2009 2011 Project Leader at a renowned IT and Consultancy firm, India, 2011 Present. The Business School is named for Roberto C. Goizueta, former Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, who led the the washington to, organization for human rights act 2000, 16 years, extending its global reach, quadrupling consumption, building brand responsibility, and creating unprecedented shareholder wealth. It is his legacy and the washington to the strength of his character that gives rise to Security Must with Technological our vision: Principled Leaders for consensus to, Global Enterprise.

We encourage you to watch this short video for inspiration in answering the question. The transcript of the video can be found here. How will you contribute to and make a lasting impact on the Goizueta Business School community as a student or alumnus? Please limit your response to 300 words. (Emory 2013-14) I want to fight this modern day social evil and work for greater empowerment of women by getting involved in Goizueta Women in human act 2000, Business club. If you start your essay in this manner, you are making two mistakes. First, you are sounding as an extreme feminist, and secondly, you are giving away your story in the first sentence. The Admissions Committee will have nothing new to look forward to.

The objective should be to first lay a solid platform describing your unique ideas to contribute to consensus refers to the community and two-point then giving finer details about exactly how you intend to implement these ideas. This will help to keep the refers to, Admissions Committee engaged throughout the essay and will also help them discover the true leader in you. Please look at the example below. With my parents encouragement and support, I grew up to character be an independent, ambitious and the washington consensus to courageous girl. At Goizueta, I wish to advantages of primary lead Goizueta Women in the washington refers to, Business club and motivate them to empower themselves with self-confidence, knowledge and versatility so that more graduate women can march towards the goal of igniting and sustaining women's participation in the global economy as entrepreneurs. The author starts off with describing her ambition to lead the Goizueta Women in rights act 2000, Business club. The Washington Consensus. She differentiates herself from the crowd by portraying her strong personality. Next, she portrays how she wants to facilitate womens emancipation and economic freedom. This acts as a great foundation for the rest of the essay. I would share my accomplishments in a typical male dominated society.

Through the club, I would invite prominent female corporate leaders of America as guest speakers. I want to instill this value deep in our hearts so it extends beyond the classroom into our lives. Later, when I will establish my own business venture in India, I plan to Security Must Grow with Technological hire educated women of India who are struggling to find a job. Next, she describes her intention of inviting prominent female corporate leaders of America as guest speakers. Further, she presents the challenges she faces as an independent modern woman and the steps she wishes to take to empower women. Refers. She also shows that she is committed to improving the lives of under-privileged women in developing economies. As detailed in my third essay, I want to two-point spread breast cancer awareness. I would like to organize workshops and an annual fundraising half-marathon event in the washington to, tie up with a few dedicated NGOs. I would like to of primary dedicate this event to the local Atlanta community and will continue to participate, donate and fund-raise for this event as an alumnus.

Thus I will fulfill a responsibility towards women empowerment that all business leaders have towards the the washington consensus to, community. Next, she addresses how she wishes to give back to analysis the local community by organizing various activities such as workshops on breast cancer awareness and annual fundraising half marathon, both as a student and later as an alumnus. She shows her hands-on approach as a leader and the washington consensus refers reiterates her commitment to Monstrosity empowering women in the long run. I have worked in refers to, USA for two-point, five years in cohort with Americans, Chinese, Mexican and Germans . The Washington Refers To. With my global perspective and cultural sensitivity, I will share these experiences with my fellow mates through projects and International Business. I want to positively influence and represent the Goizueta community both as a student and two-point an alumnus by the washington to, serving through the local Alumni Chapter, and by promoting a vibrant Goizueta business school identity through alumni-sponsored activities. I will live up to the motto Principled Leaders for Global Enterprise. To conclude, she focuses on her ability to work effectively in discrimination, a multi-cultural environment and the washington consensus refers to thereby to contribute to the growth of Emory.

She also shows her determination to promote Goizueta school identity by learning questionnaire, participating actively in alumni activities. In order to answer this essay question aptly, first listen to the washington consensus the video about Mr. In Contemporary Literature. Goizueta to grasp his leader qualities. Next, try to establish a link between yours and Mr. Goizuetas leadership, providing examples of your leadership stories. Refers. Moving on, explain how you will contribute to Emory period. This essay question expects you to human rights act 2000 do the following: understand the value/philosophy of the washington consensus to Emory explain how the schools values and learning questionnaire your values are aligned Propose new ideas/plans to to demonstrate how you intend to contribute by honey and mumford, taking forward the the washington refers to, values of the school. The example above effectively accomplishes this by Security Must Essay, portraying the background of the candidate, her ambitions, leadership style and the washington her innovative ideas. In each paragraph, she proposes novel ideas which she wants to implement, demonstrating Emorys values. Thus, this candidate succeeds in convincing the Admissions Committee that she is the best fit for the school.

SAMPLE - 'BACKGROUND' ESSAY. Bachelor of Engineering from a top rated university in India Advisory System Analyst and advantages of primary research later Program Developer at a renowned IT and Consultancy firm, India, 2001-07 Implementation Engineer at a renowned insurance software firm, CA- 2007 Present. Please tell us about yourself and your background. The goal of this essay is to get a sense of consensus refers to who you are, rather than what you have achieved professionally. You may include information about your family, where you grew up, your interests, or any other people or experiences that have influenced you. (1000 word maximum) I was born to discrimination a refugee couple from Bangladesh, who settled in India, after the 1971 Indo-Pak war, which resulted in the creation of Bangladesh. When I was a child, I did not get anything apart from the basic necessities in life. We used to live in one of the several refugee camps set up in Kolkata, and I endured a lot of hardships as a child.

But, I fought the odds, graduated with a top degree and scripted a fine career so far. The writer makes two key errors by beginning the essay like this. First, he is giving away his entire life story in a gist to the Ad com, and they have nothing new to look forward to later in the essay. Second, he seems too intent to gaining sympathy from the Adcom by divulging the hardships he encountered in the washington consensus, life. Please look at the example below. Raised in a middle class family, I, along with my sister, grew up on the principle---Where the two-point discrimination, mind is without fear and the head is the washington refers to held high a popular poem of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Character Analysis. My parents worked hard to make us confident, empathetic, hard-working individuals who not only stand at their own feet but also stand for others. I was born and raised in Kolkata, India, though my parents hail from the washington refers to Bangladesh (then Pakistan). Leaving everything behind, my father came to India during the Indo-Pak war before my birth, and advantages research joined a small financial company in Kolkata. The Washington. From a secured job as one of the top Chemical Scientists in the Government to an uncertain job in and mumford learning style, a new country, my father never complained about his fate; he rather considered this as an opportunity to prove himself in the new job. I learned from my father that a positive attitude, coupled with hard work, determines the consensus refers, success in the long run.

The author starts off brilliantly with a famous quote from an Indian poet, elucidating the Must with Essay, key attributes in his character. He moves on to provide a brief background of his humble origins and the hardships his father faced as a refugee. Next, he gives us an insight of what he has learned from his fathers travails. As young kids, my sister and I were close friends but polar opposite characters. While I was analytical, academic, empathetic, experimental, she was outspoken, rebellious, confident and straight forward. Despite our differences, we always admired and influenced each other positively. I owe her for making me overcome my inhibitions and preparing me to face the life with a confident face.

Next, the author speaks about his close personal relationship with his sister and his own character in detail. He shares with the readers the the washington consensus refers, shortcomings in research, his character and how his sister helped him overcome these shortcomings. He also demonstrates his ability to bond well with someone who is a very different individual. I was sent to the washington consensus refers the regular elementary school. Apart from act 2000 regular studies at school, my father also inculcated in me an interest to love numbers and play around with them. Simple real life examples, like number of steps taken from the washington consensus to home to school, multiplied by the length of each step, could give the distance of my school to home and started attracting me to numbers. Security Must Grow Technological. The love for numbers significantly improved my test scores in Math and consensus Science and coriolanus character analysis secured me admission to the most prestigious High School in the washington consensus, Kolkata with gifted students.

It was almost a dream come true to sit beside the best minds of the City and compete with them. The teachers at this school were well- respected and well known authors. Advantages. However, it was extremely challenging to compete with the best minds of the city.Coming from a low ranked school, I initially felt like a misfit in that environment and focused all my time and attention on excelling in academics My hard work and perseverance paid off , and I graduated at the top of my class. This experience taught me that perseverance, diligence and inner strength are essential to success. Thus, my high school education built up the most needed confidence in me. Further, the author gives us more details about his early education, providing an interesting anecdote about how his father inculcated in him love for numbers in his growing up years.

He also shows that he was diligent as a child, when he secured admission at a prestigious school. He tells us about his inhibitions in the new surroundings and the attributes he used to overcome his fears. Refers To. Next, he explains how his high school experience aided his personality development. In college, I started getting involved in various extra-curricular activities and picked up interest in community activities, often bringing in a new perspective in the execution. Some of the notable involvement included - setting up a volunteer team, assisting local police in Female Monstrosity in Contemporary Literature, safeguarding the community from theft and the washington consensus vandalism, organizing a technological fair in the university, and two-point organizing a blood donation camp in the community with more than 100 donors, including myself. He gives the reader a brief insight into his university life. He uses this opportunity to describe his interests outside academics. This adds a new dimension to his profile since his extra-curricular activities have both quality and diversity ranging from community development to organizing blood camps to the washington consensus refers to organizing a technological fair. After moving to honey and mumford style the US, I found a way to the washington to get involved to uphold the two-point discrimination, rich Bengali Culture in this part of the world. I got involved in organizing NABC (North American Bengali Conference) involving Bengali speaking people residing in the washington to, North America.

The event was attended by 7000+ people, being spread over 4 days and Female Monstrosity in Contemporary Essay had a budget exceeding 5 Million USD. I was heading the hospitality committee and the washington refers to was responsible for the arrangement of accommodation/ transportation of the guests. The festival created a unique opportunity to Monstrosity Literature interact with all these people and the washington consensus identify why they come to participate in this program and how they wanted to uphold their native culture in this foreign land. I wanted to discrimination create a more vibrant platform for this cultural interchange, beyond once a year festival and shared my experience with my college friends back home in India .We decided to create a portal, a website which showcases Bengali products, and bring them to the Bengali diaspora of North America. The idea was greatly accepted by consensus, the community and through the website, we have been able to sell unique Bengali themed t-shirts to the community members. I learned that ideas do flourish when people interact. In this paragraph, he seamlessly shifts focus from his life in Female Monstrosity Literature, India to his life in the US. He finds a way to keep in touch with his roots halfway across the globe. He actively participates in the organization of this massive event, demonstrating his ability to work effortlessly in consensus refers, a team.

He also portrays his entrepreneurial side by setting up a niche e-commerce website. In the end, he does not forget to mention the key learning from this experience. I had been taught that while work and Security Must Essay formal education is important, its more important to grow as a person by learning from the washington refers to various events and activities that are happening around us. In India, I always took interest in understanding the challenges of the under-privileged and helping them. Discrimination. After moving to the USA, I pursued my interests through the social organization South Kolkata Manasi, I volunteered as a Climate Champion, with scientists in the forests of Maryland in 2010, to identify the impact of Green House gases on the Climate Change. Consensus Refers. It was fun collecting data in the forest along the fear of ticks/insects and assessing the real impact of increased greenhouse gases on advantages of primary research Earths Flora and Fauna. During the same time, I got a chance to fulfill my wish of teaching the the washington refers, young kids in school, through volunteer participation in Junior Achievement wherein I have been teaching elementary students basics of business for the last five years. Next, he discusses his interest in and mumford learning style questionnaire, volunteering events and activities and his continued contribution to community development. He is the washington consensus to thrilled to find a plethora of new found interests, from working with NGOs on societal reforms in India, to two-point fighting for climate change in the US.

I look forward to bring in my values of positive attitude, hard work, enthusiasm, differential thinking and to willingness to learn in the class and make the advantages research, class a forum of the washington refers to active ideas exchange. I am not seeking a mere MBA, but a lifetime bonding with fellow students and professors that will extend beyond classroom. He winds up with a flourish, explaining that he will not only contribute to the HAAS community as a student, but also as an alumnus period. In summary, the key to rights answering this question well is to ensure the following: First, start off with something unique and interesting, which will pique the Adcoms interest in your background.

In this case the consensus refers to, author uses a quote from Rabindra Nath Tagore to impress upon his ideals to rights the Ad com. There are multiple ways to make the beginning attractive; such as a quote, interesting life event or experience etc. Second, you will need to describe various life events/experiences that have shaped your personal development as well as your social contributions. The most important aspect will be to highlight your learnings from consensus this experience. Third, your background and experiences should provide the Ad com an understanding of what you will be bringing to the HAAS community. Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science, from Grow Technological Essay a top rated Indian university, 2002 Masters in Science, Computer Science, from a renowned US university, 2005 Programmer at an Indian IT firm, 2002-03 Senior Programmer at a US IT firm, 2005-07 Technical Architect at a mid-sized US IT firm, 2007- present. Describe an instance where you encountered resistance in a professional team setting.

How did you address the situation? (300 to 500 words) Kellogg-2013-14. The biggest challenge I faced in a professional team setting was when I was working for a project at XXX (name of the company). I not only faced resistance from the client, but also my own team members. Consensus Refers. At the end, it took commitment and honey learning style questionnaire perseverance for the washington, me to get the work done. The writer makes two mistakes by starting off in this manner.

First, he begins the essay without providing any background information. He needs to make his beginning more engaging in order to build the two-point, readers interest in his story. Second, he communicates the end of the consensus to, story in the second sentence itself and thus fails to keep the reader interested in learning, the challenges he faced. Please look at the example below. Don't try to re-invent the wheel. said my colleague, Deepak after I showed our team of 6 IT professionals my solution for a framework for XXX enterprise applications. The solution was a re-engineered process to consensus to build a framework for the foundation services for the XXX enterprise applications (name of the company) that is the heart of human our clients $30 Billion multi-industry business. I had developed a similar solution to several other major clients before, so I was confident that my solution was efficient and the washington consensus versatile enough to Female Literature handle the upcoming product upgrades. I, therefore, expected no resistance from the refers, team.

Deepak was wary about the changes to the framework as it is utilized by many client applications, whereas I knew that the existing framework will not support the future product upgrades and is bound to fail. The author starts off with a dialogue explaining to advantages the reader the challenge he encountered from his team during a project. Consensus Refers To. He also shares with us the gravity of the situation, saying the change could paralyze the entire business. Security Grow Technological. Then he goes on to provide further details of to his story explaining how he proposed a particular solution and introduced a counter argument provided by his colleague. The next day, I approached my client manager and told him how confident I was about my solution and explained to him the benefits of adopting it. But he said that he and advantages research the team were not confident about consensus my solution. He also told me that since I was dealing with a system that was an important part of XXX IT infrastructure, it required more than just a presentation to convince the team. Next, he narrates that he reached out to his client manager to demonstrate how his solution was the Advancement Essay, most apt for this situation.

He also explains how he encountered resistance when he tried to convince him (the client manager), who was not interested in his proposal and discouraged him saying that a presentation was not enough to convince the the washington consensus to, team. Disappointed, but confident, I decided to prove my results by gathering the supporting data and demonstrating the team with sample prototypes. Over the next one month, I worked on building application prototypes, developed a presentation to demonstrate the benefits of using my framework, and collected few case-studies to research support my theory. In this paragraph, the author explains how he approached the problem. He demonstrated his self-belief, starting off with some background work and research about the solution. Also, he developed a prototype to support his claims. A month after the last meeting, I approached my client manager and proposed him my plan. I also showed him few case-studies and the washington consensus refers explained to Literature Essay him how the new solution could help the client cut down 20% of maintenance cost that is the washington refers spent on research supporting the applications. Then I addressed some of his concerns related to security and code migration. Impressed with my analysis, the client manager agreed for the presentation.

Next, the author says that he did not give up and consensus refers organized another meeting with the client manager. Rights. He demonstrated the refers, benefits of implementing the solution and also addressed the apprehensions of the client manager. Finally, he succeeded in persuading the manager, who authorized him to present the proposal to the team. A couple of Monstrosity in Contemporary Essay days later, I presented the solution to the team with a complete analysis on the benefits of the solution. Consensus To. I also demonstrated the prototype that I developed using my solution.

After multiple rounds of presentations and honey and mumford style questionnaire discussions, the team was convinced that my solution offered greater benefits, so they agreed to adopt it. We later presented this solution to the IT directors from other XXX divisions and showed them the the washington consensus refers, benefits the of primary research, solution offered to their enterprise IT applications. Six months later, this framework was established as a standard for enterprise IT applications across all divisions. Then the writer goes on to discuss his next course of action after he got permission to the washington consensus refers to present his proposal. In his proposal to the team, he unfolded the advantages of implementing the in Contemporary, solution. The Washington Refers. He not only demonstrates his perseverance by advantages of primary, conducting multiple rounds of presentations, but also showcases his prototype, assuring the the washington consensus to, team of the success of the solution. Of Primary. Finally, he shares with us the outcome of his persistent efforts by stating that the solution was successfully implemented across all business verticals. Personally, overcoming this challenge is significant to the washington consensus refers me in terms of coriolanus analysis my confidence. Challenging the client team at a client location and refers winning my proposal made me more confident in speaking my mind about the project issues at work. Since then, I have never hesitated in expressing my opinion, and it has helped me provide many valuable contributions to the projects.

The author concludes by stating his key takeaways from human rights act 2000 this experience. He gained a lot of confidence by proving his mettle. He also learned to speak his mind, which has enabled him to to contribute effectively in honey and mumford, future projects. In summary, the key to answering this question well is to make sure that the story contains all the four components: situation/ challenge, action, outcome, and significance. First, start off with describing in detail the challenge you encountered. You should also mention the circumstances (hostile/high pressure etc.) and the scale and impact of the situation. Next, introduce the proposed solution and provide an argument to substantiate your claims. Second, you will need to demonstrate how you worked towards solving the crisis that you encountered. By explaining how you navigated through the situation, what actions you took, and how you processed your thoughts, you will be exhibiting your leadership and team working skills, your decision making ability, perseverance, initiative, and confidence.

Third, you need to indicate the consensus, final outcome of the situation. Finally, list the key takeaways from this experience and show how this experience has helped you evolve into a better individual. Graduation in Computer Science from University of Madras in 2001 Job in Tata Consultancy Services, India 2001 - 2007 Job in Tata Consultancy Services, USA 2007 - 2009. Is there any other information you would like to share that is not presented elsewhere in two-point discrimination, the application? (300 word limit) I had to resign from the washington consensus to my job to take care of my parents after a family tragedy. Two-point Discrimination. I was at that time in North Carolina working for TCS, BOA and my parents were in the washington consensus to, India.

I had no option but to give up my promising career to fulfill my responsibilities. The applicant begins her essay with the information about her resignation from a job assignment in the US due to a family tragedy ,but she doesn't provide any details about the tragedy. This fails to coriolanus create an impression on the Admissions Committee. Also, her verbiage reflects her regret about her decision. This results in self-pity, which is the washington consensus obviously not what the Admissions Committee is research looking for in MBA aspirants. In May 2009, my parents met with a tragic accident when they were travelling along with both my grandmothers. I lost both my grandmothers in the accident, and my parents were also admitted to the hospital in to, a very critical stage. Note how the applicant uses this essay question to advantages research share a personal story that marked a turning point in her career.

At that time, I was in North Carolina working for Tata Consultancy Services, Bank of America, and my parents were in consensus refers, India. I was the only person who could take care of them. So I requested my employers for a leave of six months so I could help my parents recover. Advantages. Unfortunately, my employers were unable to refers to grant the leave because of the economy and client pressure. Note how the applicant engages the reader's attention by gradually unfolding her story. I was in a quandary, as I was also up for human, a promotion to the Assistant Project Manager's role. The Washington Consensus To. One voice in me said, 'You can't denounce everything when bright career opportunities await you.' Another voice said, 'This is the time your parents need your support as they are physically and mentally shattered. Will you be able to learning questionnaire forgive yourself if you choose your career to refers to parents?' So I had to choose between my responsibilities at work and my obligations as a daughter. The applicant's story of coriolanus character analysis a family tragedy and the resulting dilemma holds the reader's interest who is now curious to know about her decision at this critical juncture in life. Eventually, I tendered my resignation from my job in the US, and flew to Chennai, India to nurse my parents back to good health.

On seeing my parents' physical and emotional condition, I realized that they needed my constant care for at least a couple of months. Therefore, I decided to stop applying for jobs for the washington refers to, an year and stayed home. The choice this applicant made brings to the fore her personal qualities of compassion, dutifulness, and her ability to make tough choices at difficult times. When I noticed a marked improvement in my parents' condition, I started utilizing my spare time at home in two-point discrimination, building my business as distributor. I used this one-year break to strengthen my leadership skills, among other basic business building skills. In Jan 2011, I started working part-time with a US based aptitude training institute, and I plan to join Talent Sprint as an ITTA in refers to, Mar 2011. Note how the applicant utilized this time of Must Grow acute family crisis to build her varied skills while fulfilling her family obligations simultaneously. Her ability to turn her misfortune into an opportunity sets her apart from consensus refers other candidates. This whole experience helped in fortifying my emotional intelligence and also improved my thought process in thinking beyond what is obvious and in creating suitable alternatives with extremely limited resources. The applicant's concluding sentence leaves a final impression on the Admissions Committee about her composed mental attitude in dealing with a personal crisis and her extraordinary ability to use that period in honing her professional skills. When you are asked to provide additional information , take this as an opportunity to present a story/ anecdote of your life that brings out analysis your best personal and/ or professional traits.

For example, in the above essay, the applicant's story of her personal tragedy brings out her ability to maintain composure at times of crisis, her conscientiousness about her duties toward her parents, and consensus refers above all, her extraordinary power of turning her misfortune into opportunities. SAMPLE STATEMENT OF PURPOSE. Growing up in a generation that is Security Must Advancement primarily known for its technological advancements, I was always amazed to see how technology gradually evolved; filling the gaps in to, all dimensions of humans life. This curiosity and interest in technology ignited my pursuit of the bachelors degree in engineering, where I was exposed to various segments of engineering technology and Female Monstrosity management fundamentals. I enjoyed organizing National level technical symposiums, cultural fests and leading my university table tennis team at various inter-college sport meets. Soon after graduation, I joined the refers, Enterprise Information Management Healthcare business unit of Cognizant. Starting as a programmer analyst, I developed programs for complex claims processing and performed system analysis for large healthcare systems. Soon I transitioned to a business analysts role for the operations and data analytics team.

Within a year, I led and managed business operations team of five to support 30 terabyte Teradata Healthcare Data Warehouse. Also, I led various operational initiatives, which reduced manual intervention and decreased the quality assurance effort by 73%. My success with the business operations earned me the responsibility to handle business development for new emerging healthcare projects. Besides efficiently implementing various development projects, I spearheaded concept to implementation of various initiatives, which increased the rights, revenue by 23% for our clients in one year. This also provided me a great opportunity to expand my horizons in healthcare IT and an avenue to the washington to think strategically about business problems. My contribution led to my promotion to the next level as Senior Business Analyst within a span of two years.

This in discrimination, turn amplified my passion and consensus to enthusiasm towards data management space; therefore, in order to complement my skills with project management techniques, I successfully pursued Certificate program in Project Management. This course equipped me with skills that I applied in real time projects and thus improved the efficiency of the existing process by 46%. With more than five years of questionnaire experience at data management space, I have developed interest in the washington refers to, this ever evolving domain and have grown from being a programmer analyst to an advocate of this space through my role as a Senior Business Analyst. Of Primary Research. Also, I have received the prestigious SCOPE award for two consecutive years for my special contribution to project excellence in the business unit. Apart from professional engagement, my interest in green technology, which kicked off during college and motivated me to develop an eco-friendly e-bike as academic project, continued with Cognizant. I started as a volunteer and rose to the washington be a core member of the advantages of primary research, Go Green - Sustainability Council, which is the washington refers to committed to achieve measurable reductions in environmental impact. Also, I led a team of 30+ volunteers and spearheaded various impactful initiatives community campaigns aimed at environmental awareness and Green IT.

I was also awarded Green Feather award for my continued impactful contribution towards Go Green program in 2011. Having spent several years thriving in a competitive, customer-focused Healthcare data management space, performing short and long term strategic business activities, I have gained solid exposure to the technology consulting. However, I am well aware that this is an ever changing and challenging sector, and in order to grow, I would need to equip myself with key IT strategy and management skills. With my Masters in Information systems management from Heinz College, I will be able to bring my past to full potential and gain these skills for a maximum career impact. Post MISM, I see myself as a Senior Healthcare IT Consultant in character analysis, data management space of a top notch IT consulting firm such as Deloitte LLP or PwC, where I would not only manage the delivery of information management projects and lead business engagement for global clients, but also incorporate efficient and innovative solution practices. Since Deloitte LLP places great emphasis on green technology and sustainable development, this would help me to the washington refers to integrate my professional interest with my passion for green technology and sustainable development. Coriolanus Character. Ten years down the lane, I plan to build on the success of this endeavor and the washington to ultimately see myself as a Principal/Vice President of a firm, actively building relationships within the firm and with global clients, providing thought leadership and leading organizational initiatives on sustainable development.

MISM One year track at Heinz College, CMU perfectly matches my interests and goals. Human Rights Act 2000. The most appealing aspect of the program to me is the interdisciplinary approach, which gives me the flexibility to choose courses with my professional and personal interest. When talking with Rashi Arora, a 2012 alumnus and now a Senior Associate in PwC, I learned about the the washington consensus refers, schools rigorous academic environment and its emphasis on experimental learning which have shaped her view of the industry and her place in it. Character Analysis. Beyond the valuable core courses, electives such as Health economics and Healthcare information systems would provide an extra boost to consensus to my current healthcare domain expertise. Human Act 2000. Also, courses such as Negotiations, IT business leadership and Global IT sourcing are uniquely tailored to my needs that would help me explore all dimensions of IT consulting and refine my leadership potential, thus equipping me with skills to handle my business clients efficiently. After gaining a solid foundation in management essentials through core courses, I will diversify my learning by opting for consensus to, Technology for Developing Communities and Economics of Global Warming electives through which I could streamline my passion for sustainable development and explore areas of improvement in Security, technology for the washington consensus refers, a sustainable green future. Also, I am looking forward to research avail the ample opportunities available for consensus refers to, practical application of the theory in Security Must Grow with Technological Essay, real time business problems through capstone project and student organizations such as Health IT and Net Impact club. Overall, the MISM program would not only enhance my overall education experience but also provide me a vital avenue to equip myself with intersection of everything I wish to pursue. The program would aid me to materialize my career goals and aspirations. I strongly believe that with my analytical, leadership and team working skills, I would add significant value to Heinz community.

With my domain expertise in data management space and passion for green technology, I will provide new perspective to the class and motivate them to participate in environmental community campaigns. Goals Essay- Before. The meteoric adoption of social media, the introduction of tablets and the washington refers smartphones as new channels to consume the media and the continued rise of online marketing spend in coriolanus analysis, contrast to consensus the decline of act 2000 traditional television and radio spend has made life very difficult for marketers. The digital media industry is filled with companies trying to address these demands and in the process creating niche markets. My goal is to be an entrepreneur in the digital marketing technology space. Working for an advertising technology company, whose products are the conduits for consensus refers to, 90% of all advertising spend in the industry; my current job provides the best platform for Must with Technological, my future endeavors.

Upon graduation with a Masters in Computer Science, I started my career as a Research Programmer at the University of the washington consensus refers Illinois. Being part of a small team meant my responsibilities ranged from advising the professors on the next generation of instructional technology to architecting software solutions that will be used by 40,000+ students. The variety of work helped me become a well-rounded individual professionally and it did not take long for the IT director to notice my unique skill-set and tasked me with leading a multi-campus team in coriolanus, the implementation of a student portal. The transition from working for a non-profit to a startup software company trying to build the next generation media buying system was very rewarding. To. It gave me the opportunity to advantages help architect the digital buying system which played a vital role in consensus, transforming the company to a market leader in honey and mumford learning style, the space. The system currently handles more than 50% of all US online advertising spend.

One of the refers, major issues faced by the company was the lack of Technical personnel, who had a deep understanding of the products that were offered and who could act as liaison between the technical team and coriolanus character various business units. I knew I could fill in this void and consensus refers to I took it upon myself to learn the entire product suite that was offered. The move was opportunistic and it paid off; I was recently offered a Product Manager role. As the product manager leading the companys external integrations and API strategy, I need to evaluate potential partners based on not only their revenue potential but also their technology compatibility. Two-point Discrimination. Recently, I was given the the washington consensus to, responsibility of managing our relationship with all our Ad Serving partners. We already had several established partners and the process to onboard a new partner and discrimination manage their relationship was very well defined, so my job should have been very simple. On the contrary, what I found was a very in-efficient and time-consuming process. As my first action item, I went through all the communication that was happening between our development team and our partners. Thanks to my formal education in refers, Computer Science and prior experience in Female Monstrosity in Contemporary, database architecture I was able to quantify the issues in hand and make sense of the technical details. Our development team was spending inordinate amount of time answering unnecessary questions and the washington consensus to creating test data to Must Grow help the partners with their testing. Refers. I found out that the Ad Serving partners did not have access to the documentation of Security Must Grow Technological our services and the documents they had access to, was not up to date, which led them to reach out to our development team.

In addition, the partners did not have access to our testing API, which would enable them to create their own testing data instead of relying on our development team. To remedy the situation, I started with the help of our Marketing team to to launch a defined go to two-point market plan for our Ad Server API product and target all our Ad Serving partners. My proposal was to refers launch a developer website where partners can go to get all their technical questions answered and also equip them with creating their own test data. I faced a similar situation when working for the University of Female Monstrosity Literature Essay Illinois, back then we launched a support portal to reduce our technical support hours by more than 60%, so I knew this would work. I also did a cost analysis of the washington consensus refers to all our prior partner integrations and human rights act 2000 proposed a technology fee to be charged for all future partner onboarding to cover the upfront costs. It is the washington consensus refers evident from this one example, how my prior experience as a technologist has helped me in providing solutions and Female Monstrosity in Contemporary helped me perform my role current role as a product manager. My blend of refers product and technical skills together with the marketing, operations and management skills from advantages of primary a Kellogg MBA will help me land a senior product role in the digital marketing industry post MBA and ultimately will enable me to be an entrepreneur.

I am drawn to the practical group based learning professed by the Kellogg MBA program. There is no better way to learn than to learn by practice, as part of refers to team. I look forward to solving real world problems in the industry with the help of fellow students from multiple disciplines. Security Grow Technological Advancement Essay. I am particularly attracted to the experiential learning opportunities provided by the washington consensus refers to, the Nuvention program. Of Primary. To learn that some of the projects started through the the washington consensus refers, Nuvention program went on to become successful companies, some even in Literature Essay, the digital technology space, further attests to the fact that Kellogg is the right place for me. Multi-channel attribution, lack of consistent measurement and reporting standards and discrepancy resolution are some of the the washington consensus, issues facing the digital marketing world, on which I plan to and mumford learning style questionnaire have discussions both in and outside the classroom with the students and the washington refers to professors. I am excited that I will be able to directly apply the findings from such discussions and provide solutions to the industry through my current role. I hope I have made clear why the Kellogg MBA program will enable me to achieve my career goals as well as how I will contribute to the betterment of the program, I see this as the start of a symbiotic relationship. Goals Essay- After. As a teenager, I was fascinated by personal computers, which could screen movies, engage me for hours in coriolanus, visually-striking games and find me answers to all my questions. The Washington To. I picked computer science as my major for research, my bachelors degree and was immediately drawn to the limitless practical applications that access to real-time data can provide.

My curiosity led me to pursue my Masters in computer science at the University of consensus refers to Illinois, where I was researching solutions for improving the quality of service for distributed visualization systems which culminated in two-point, the publication of the research at international conferences. Then I started my career as a Research Programmer at the washington refers to the University of Illinois. Being part of a small team meant my responsibilities ranged from advantages of primary research advising the professors on the next generation of instructional technology to architecting software solutions used by 40,000+ students. It did not take long for the IT director to notice my communication, leadership and the washington consensus refers organizational skills and task me with leading a multi-campus team in the implementation of a student portal. The transition from working for a non-profit to character analysis a startup software company trying to build the next generation media buying system gave me the opportunity to help architect the digital buying system which played a vital role in transforming the company to a market leader in the space. The system currently handles more than 50% of all US online advertising spend.

One of the major issues faced by the company was the lack of Technical personnel, who had a deep understanding of the products that were offered and could act as liaison between the technical team and various business units. I knew I could fill in this void, so I volunteered to learn the entire product suite that was offered. The move paid off, and I was recently offered a Product Manager role. The Product role was more aligned with the core business and provided more opportunities for growth. My prior experience as a technologist has been invaluable to perform my current role as a product manager, helping me provide solutions that are not only commercially viable but also technically scalable period. My short-term goal is to rise to a senior product role in the advertising technology industry, and in order to achieve that I need the the washington consensus to, marketing, operations and two-point management skills that an MBA has to refers to offer.

In addition, working together with future leaders in a program like the rights act 2000, Kellogg MBA program will help me identify my unique style of leadership. I believe the skills and the network that I will acquire through an consensus to, MBA, along with my industry experience, will help me achieve my long-term goal to be an entrepreneur in the digital marketing technology space. I am drawn to the practical group- based learning professed by the Kellogg MBA program. There is no better way to learn than to two-point learn by practice as part of team. The Washington To. I look forward to solving real world problems in advantages of primary research, the industry with the help of fellow students from multiple disciplines. I look forward to participating in the plethora of networking opportunities provided and consensus to excited to gain new perspectives through events like Marketing Conference and Essentials of Fundraising and Marketing I am particularly attracted to the experiential learning opportunities provided by the Nuvention program because some of the projects started through the Nuvention program went on to become successful companies, some even in the digital technology space. The building block course offered by act 2000, the Levy entrepreneurial institute like Product Management for Technology Companies: An Entrepreneurial Perspective would offer me insights to solve issues in hand and help me gain the skills needed to to be a technology entrepreneur. My conversations with my brother-in-law, a Kellogg part-time alumnus, have provided me clarity into what the programs offerings. Two-point Discrimination. The information gathered from attending information sessions and participating in the online chat sessions organized by the part-time MBA program has substantiated the the washington, fact that pursing a part-time MBA is the best move to accelerate my career. Multi-channel attribution, lack of Female Literature Essay consistent measurement and reporting standards and discrepancy resolution are some of the issues facing the digital marketing world, on which I plan to have discussions in the washington, and outside the classroom with students and professors.

I am excited that I will be able to directly apply the findings from such discussions and provide solutions to the industry through my current role. Honey And Mumford Learning Style Questionnaire. Thus the Kellogg MBA program with its abundant resources will enable me to achieve my career goals and will be a perfect fit for me. Editing Process 'SOP' Editing Process SOP. Sample Recommendation Letter. I have known the applicant since 2006, as his undergraduate degree capstone project and refers master degree thesis advisor, and also as his supervisor at Accenture. Philip has demonstrated his exceptional attributes in academic as well as professional arena. As a student, he excelled in my Valuation course.

His capstone project on estimating the Catholic Church market value and his master degree thesis on the Brazilian short-term interest rate were original, effective and advantages impactful. The Washington. Certainly, he belongs to the top five percentile among all the Security with Advancement, students and employees I have already supervised. As a consultant at XXX ( name of company), he demonstrates excellent analytical capabilities and refers strong leadership skills. Also, he has been responsible for several initiatives under my direct supervision. As mentioned before, Philip combines excellent analytical capabilities with strong leadership skills. He is human act 2000 also very self-motivated. Refers. In our last project, he was the only full-time consultant allocated to the client, so he kept himself and the client team engaged, managing most of the interaction with the client with minor supervision. Philip has demonstrated strong leadership skills and emotional intelligenceinthe projects we have worked together. He acted as a project leader, coordinating teams composed by advantages, Accenture and client team members.

He also developed an excellent relationship with the the washington consensus refers, clients team, formed mainly by research, public servants with years of work experience in the public sector, establishing proper communication between our firm and the client. When he joined our team, I warned him that we were facing a relationship gap with the clients team. He was able to address this situation by building rapport with key contacts on the client side, and succeeded in resolving friction with the client, delivering high quality solutions in the scheduled time and forecasted budget. Philip has strong interpersonal skills. He is our focal point for the client and solves issues related to the interaction of both teams. With his positive attitude and intellectual curiosity, he copes well with the common pressure in the washington refers to, consulting for Grow Advancement, fast results. For example, as soon as he arrived at the project, he had to develop a new model for consensus refers to, estimating the aggregated credit risk of a special portfolio in of primary research, just two weeks. He was able to handle this situation, suggesting a Bayesian model and comparing it with a baseline model to show the potential gains in forecasting performance. Besides that, he noticed that the the washington refers to, client team was inexperienced in Bayesian models, so he offered a workshop to transfer knowledge. I consider that Philip must continue improving in keeping the honey and mumford learning style questionnaire, models simple.

During our last project he sometimes suggested state-of-the-art models, instead of focusing on less efficient, but more practical to implement models. To address this issue, Philip is attending some specific company trainings. He is aware of the washington refers to his potential point to improve, and I believe he will be able to address this gap shortly. Regarding disappointment handling, I have seenPhilip several frustrating events, from not being allowed to take some elective courses to being offered an initial salary at XXXX a little lower than in honey and mumford learning style, his previous job. What was common to these situations was his determination to find alternatives to reduce frustration and, when there were no alternatives, his resilience and maturity to the washington consensus refers to deal with the situation. With co-workers, undergraduate students and graduate students (PhD and MSc), asI have known Philip as a professor/advisor on undergraduate and graduatestudies, and also as a direct supervisor while working at XXXX. Strongly recommend Recommend Recommend with reservations MaleDo not recommend.

I believe Philip has the skills needed to attend well the MBA Program at Goizueta, combining technical knowledge with managerial capabilities on a high level. It is important to highlight that as a result of his strong performance he was rated as an honey and mumford learning questionnaire, above performer in his first year as consultant at the washington Accenture, something that is really uncommon. My final comment is honey totally based on our experience together, in different contexts both in the washington refers to, academia and industry. Therefore, I strongly recommend his admission into honey learning Goizueta MBA Program. Sample Recommendation Letter (Before) Rehana is the washington consensus excellent at building cross-cultural relationships and Security with Technological Advancement Essay serves as a strong and compassionate representation of women of color in management.

Rehana has moved up at XXXX from a temp, to executive assistant, to Human Resources. She always demonstrates dedication to the mission of the organization. Rehana also mentors a young African-American woman. I was Volunteer Coordinator at XXX for nearly two years. She has a unique dedication to mentoring, with a personal investment that is not evident in every mentor. She a has expressed and demonstrated that she feels a strong commitment to supporting other women of color and serving as an example of the washington consensus to excellence in her field. Rehana is extremely diligent and dedicated. Her sense of personal responsibility, her interpersonal skills, and business knowledge drive and discrimination enable her to promote equality and achievement across all racial and ethnic groups. She would be an excellent asset to The Consortium.

Sample Recommendation Letter (After) As a Volunteer Coordinator at XXXX for nearly two years, I have observed that Rehana is excellent at building cross-cultural relationships and consensus refers to serves as a strong and compassionate representation of women of color in management. She has moved up at from a temp, to coriolanus character executive assistant, to Human Resources and always demonstrates dedication to the mission of the organization. Rehana has a unique dedication to mentoring, with a personal investment that is to not evident in every mentor. Since 2011, she has been mentoring a young African-American woman through the XXX Youth leadership program. She assists her mentee with homework and guides her through College application. Grow. I have always found Rehana to be extremely diligent and dedicated. Her sense of the washington consensus to personal responsibility, interpersonal skills, and business knowledge will enable her to promote equality and achievement across all racial and with Technological Essay ethnic groups. Rehana has expressed and demonstrated that she feels a strong commitment to supporting other women of consensus to color and serving as an two-point, example of excellence in her field.

I strongly believe that post MBA, she will continue to pursue Consortiums mission to to enhance presentation of character African American population and thus prove to be an excellent asset to consensus to The Consortium. Rehana also mentors a young African-American woman. I was Volunteer Coordinator at XXX for honey and mumford questionnaire, nearly two years. She has a unique dedication to the washington consensus refers mentoring, with a personal investment that is not evident in every mentor. She a has expressed and demonstrated that she feels a strong commitment to supporting other women of color and serving as an example of excellence in of primary research, her field.