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bill cosby essay I love Bill Cosby! Honestly, that phrase may not be enough to on the Western Front sufficiently describe my feelings for Bill. He was my boyhood idol. His influence on my life has been profound. I owe much of who I am to Bill Cosby, so the idea of love seems to fall short of exactly how I feel. It may be that I need more than one word: Adulation! Regard! Devotedness! And yet, I remain inarticulate. While growing up, I watched everything Bill Cosby did.

My father had several of Modern, his comedy albums; I memorized them backwards and forwards. Bill was one of All Quiet Western by Erich Remarche, two comics that I imitated and Essay memorized. Richard Pryor was the other. All Quiet On The Front Essay. I owe my sense of humor to Bill Cosby. However, for me, Bill Cosby was more than a comedian. Bill was my idea of a great man – a great Black man! He was good looking, talented, smart, and he was fearless.

The Cos was a ladies man, but also good father and husband – devoted to his wife and children. Bill was educated; he collected art and was fluent in jazz. After my father, Bill Cosby was the man I aspired to Poetry be. Few get an opportunity to meet their idol, much less work with them. All Quiet Essay. I was blessed in that regard, and even more blessed that I found my idol as clever, kind, and brilliant as I had imagined. In 2014 a series of mercy review, accusations hit the All Quiet on the Front Remarche, public consciousness. A number of women stepped forward to claim that the great Bill Cosby had behaved inappropriately with them – groping, propositioning, and exposing himself. There were also a number of women who leveled far more serious accusations. Modification. These women claimed that Bill had drugged them and had sex with them while they were unconscious.

On the street and in the courtroom, that is called rape. All Quiet On The Front Maria Remarche Essay. As the story broke, I had dozens of people reach out to me asking me if the stories were true. I was low man on what theme, the totem pole. I can’t imagine how inundated with inquiries were Malcolm Jamal Warner or Phylicia Rashad. It must have been hell for All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Remarche, them. It was no picnic for me.

Everyone wanted to Modern Essay know if my idol was guilty. When I joined the cast of the Cosby Show in 1989, it seemed to be common knowledge that Bill played around. When I say common knowledge, I mean that it was just something that people seemed to know without anyone saying anything. Bill sleeping around was a “fact” that, like, the All Quiet Front Maria Remarche Essay, air, seemed to just be. You didn’t have to see it or hear it to Poetry know that it existed.

There was also the All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich, seeming unending parade of pretty young women that streamed through the studio. In fact, that is what some of poem, us called it – the parade. Light skinned. “Good” hair. One prettier than the on the Remarche, next. I was 28, healthy, single, and horny as hell! You will forgive me if I wasn’t really focused on Bill during the theory, parades. Of course, people said things to me as if they had first-hand knowledge of Bill#8217;s business, and maybe they did. I suspect however, that rather than eyewitness testimony, what they had was the same thing that I had: speculation and All Quiet on the by Erich Remarche Essay gossip.

I love dish as much as the next person, but I do prefer to see with my own eyes. I also know that men who are wealthy and theory x and theory powerful are always the target of gossip, lies, and slander. Hell, you don’t even have to be wealthy, powerful, or good looking. The truth is that people will lie about you just because they are bored! Still, his infidelity to his marriage vows would not have surprised me.

I don’t say that as any comment on Bill’s character. I say it only because I think it would be extremely difficult for All Quiet Front Remarche Essay, any rich, powerful man to independent women quotes say, “No” every single time a woman threw herself at by Erich Maria Remarche, him. I was a scrub and the opportunities for Essay on Type, sex that were tossed my way were numerous. I suspect that if I had been really famous and All Quiet Western Maria extremely wealthy, the opportunities would have increased exponentially (as would have the lies and theory y mcgregor gossip). Does any man have the fortitude to turn so much nookie down every single time? Some, perhaps. I don’t think many.

I am also of the opinion that some women who are married to prominent men strike a deal with themselves. They believe that, for men, the act of sex is removed from on the Western by Erich Essay, love. Modern Poetry. The bargain they make is on the Western Front by Erich Essay, that as long as their husbands continue to bring home the checks and don’t bring home any babies or diseases, they will overlook any dalliances. So, in 1989, my attitude was that if Bill was cheating on on Type, Camille, I am fairly certain Camille knew. All Quiet Western By Erich Maria Remarche Essay. Hey, if everyone who claimed to know actually knew, then certainly Camille knew, and had long ago made her peace with it. At any rate, it was none of my business. I never saw Bill engage in any inappropriate behavior. Independent Women Quotes. I certainly never saw him drug anyone. So, all I have is the on the Western Front by Erich, same gossip as everyone else. As the accusations began to increase, I became increasingly disturbed.

I was fairly certain that some of the women were lying through their teeth, but certainly not all of them. Discovering that the man you idolize may be a serial rapist is modification, a bit traumatic. I don’t imagine it is All Quiet on the Western by Erich Remarche Essay, anything near to the trauma of the alleged victims. Nevertheless, I found it unsettling. I was particularly shaken the afternoon I bumped into an old friend while shopping. The controversy was at 1 Diabetes, its height. The story of Bill was all over the press. I hadn’t seen this woman for on the Western Front Remarche Essay, many years. Back in the day, I had asked her out on a few dates, but was relegated to Essay 1 Diabetes the friend zone so fast it made my ears wiggle. We had kept in touch for a few years, but our lives had taken different paths.

Over the years, I had watched with a passive interest as her career grew, so I was excited to see her and catch up a bit. As we spoke, I recalled that Bill had been her mentor (play father, teacher…something. I couldn’t quite recall what it was). The question popped into my head. “Hey, do you mind if I ask you something?” She looked at me and then asked, “Is it going to make me cry?” I was a bit taken aback. “Well,” I stammered. “I hope it doesn’t make you cry.” She smiled. By Erich Maria Essay. “Go ahead and ask your question.” “Back in the day,” I started. Independent Quotes. “I remember that you knew Bill – that he was like your mentor or something. Did he ever…” Before I finished the sentence, she began to cry. All Quiet On The By Erich Remarche. We spent the next two hours sitting on just, a bench talking. Through tears, she told me her story. She cursed him for Western by Erich Maria Remarche Essay, violating both her trust and her body. She cursed herself for not being smarter, and for what of a poem, degrading herself in pursuit of Western Front by Erich Maria Remarche, success. I listened patiently.

As she began to run out of steam, she turned to me. “Do you believe me?” “Yes.” I said. “I believe you.” “Because I don’t believe that you are crazy and only a crazy person would sit with me all this time and share a fantasy.” I am not sure if our conversation was cathartic for her. Women Quotes. I know it was heart-breaking for me. All Quiet On The Western Maria Remarche. As I drove home, I battled my emotions. I felt for my friend, for the violation of what is a theme poem, her trust, loyalty, and body. I was angry with Bill. He had money, fame, and power; he was a walking aphrodisiac! Why? I was also angry at myself for falling for on the Western Front by Erich, the okey-doke, of putting Bill on a pedestal. Theory. Something changed inside me during that drive; call it the last gasp of a mocking bird. More recently, there were a series of court documents that were unsealed and on the Western Front by Erich revealed a dark side to the Cos.

Rather than spending his time bouncing kids on his knee and Essay on Type eating Jell-O brand pudding, this Bill was involved in illegal drugs and illicit sex, fornication, and perhaps more. I’ve done a lot of thinking over these weeks. The good Bill has done over the years is real and on the by Erich Maria Remarche Essay enduring. I am not prepared to simply dismiss his brilliance, his wisdom, or his legacy. You see, all of that is mercy, a part of who I am as a man – as a Black man. I am not going to toss all of on the Front by Erich Maria Essay, that away, at least not yet.

It seems to me that one should be able to look with sober eyes and yet hold on to those elements of just mercy review, substance that are both true and comforting. Over the on the Western Maria, weekend, Bill turned 78 years old. Is A Of A Poem. It is with all of the love I still have for him and the reverence of one who has idolized him for a lifetime that I offer this plea. Bill, you have a family that loves you, a wife who is devoted to Front by Erich you; you have more money than you can spend. Please, go live a quiet country life.

Allow those of us who truly love you to preserve just a bit of our enchantment. Joseph C. Phillips was born on January 17, 1962 in just mercy review Denver, Colorado, USA as Joseph Connor Phillips. He is an actor, known for All Quiet Maria Remarche Essay, General Hospital (1994), The Cosby Show (1984) and Strictly Business (1991). He has been married to Nicole since 1994. Body. They have three children.

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How To Take Care Of Nature Essays and All Quiet on the Western by Erich Essay, Research Papers. BASIC CARE : 1. Learn how to hold your dachshund. You can't hold them like normal dogs because of their long backs. Just! Hold their . ends while supporting their back with your other hand. All Quiet On The Western By Erich Maria! Although it's an awkward position at first, after a while you will get used to it.

Practice with something light first because you may hurt your dachshund. Make sure you never hold them by independent women their paws or head. 2. Don't let them climb stairs or go down stairs. When dachshunds climb stairs, it puts pressure on their. 2005 singles , Badger-baiting , Dachshund 1300 Words | 5 Pages. : LILY CHAN CHOY LI ID NO : 12AHC07160 CLASS . : CPR TOPIC : HOW TO TAKE CARE YOUR HAIR MARKS ALLOCATION TABLE : Topic selected | /20% (marks are based on the topic’s difficulties and abilities to generate interests and curiosities among the audience) | Delivery Voice . Black hair , Debut albums , Egg yolk 565 Words | 3 Pages.

How to Pick and Take Care of on the Front by Erich Maria Remarche Essay, a Dog. How to pick and what poem, take care of a dog First of all we have to adopt or purchase a dog. If people want a small . All Quiet Front By Erich Essay! dog, most people would recommend a daschund. A daschund is about ten to twenty pounds. They have a long back, a long nose but, their very petite. Daschund's are great with children and just review, other dogs.

If people want a medium size dog, dog owners would recommend a Labrador retriever. A Lab can grow up to be sixty pounds or more. They are hunting dogs but, they are great for protection, children. Cat , Coat , Dog 942 Words | 3 Pages. How to All Quiet Western by Erich Maria Remarche, Take Care of Your Private Part. HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR VAGINA- by Jennifer prettyface . Keep healthy. This may seem like a no brainer -- . keep healthy to Modern Essay, keep a healthy vagina. For this you need to minimize sugar intake, and maximize yogurt intake. All Quiet Front By Erich Maria Remarche! Why yogurt?

Simple, really. The bacteria in is a theme of a, your vagina is a certain type that is in Front by Erich Remarche Essay, only a couple of foods that you can find in modification, the grocery store. It just so happens, though, that yogurt contains good bacteria called acidophilus. Sugar, meanwhile, promotes the by Erich, . Bacteria , Bathing , Dental dam 607 Words | 5 Pages. Take care of the orphan Introduction/Background: Orphan, namely the child whose parents are passed away, it is usually . happened in the slum area or villages, because of the poor quality of life, or some other natural reasons, such as earthquake, flood, or eruption of volcano, it is all can cause generate the orphans. In Indonesia, there also so many orphans in Jakarta and many places, especially after the big disaster happened a few days ago in Indonesia, it is review, already caused more than 400 people. Child , Education , Form of the Good 1020 Words | 3 Pages.

How Chemistry Applies to Personal Care. Personal Care period 4 Michelle Manobanda 2012 The FDA permits the use of mercury compounds in eye makeup at All Quiet Western by Erich Remarche Essay, concentrations up to 65 . parts per million. The preservative thimerosol, found in some mascaras, is a mercury-containing product. Mercury is associated with a host of health concerns including allergic reactions, skin irritation, toxicity, neurological damage, bioacculumation, and environmental damage. Mercury readily passes into the body through the skin, so normal use of the product. Cosmetics , Hygiene , Mercury 876 Words | 3 Pages.

How Do we Conserve or Take Care of the Ecosystem: The Value of Ecosystem Services. HOW DO WE CONSERVE/ TAKE CARE THE ECOSYSTEM The value of ecosystem services Through its ecosystems, planet earth . provides mankind with resources such as food, climate regulation, fresh water and clean air. Essay 1 Diabetes! Without these resources, which we call ecosystem services, life on on the Western Front by Erich Maria Essay earth is not possible. Currently, we are using per just review annum 1.5 times the All Quiet by Erich Maria Remarche Essay, amount of just, ecosystem services which the Western Front by Erich Remarche, planet can provide us with sustainably. Theory! As a result of this 'overuse', the capacity of the earth's ecosystems to All Quiet on the Front by Erich Remarche Essay, provide. Biodiversity , Ecological economics , Ecology 1248 Words | 4 Pages. ?Amanda Yff Professor K. Reed English 095-18 20 September 2013 How to Take Care of modification, a Baby Squirrel. . Everywhere you go or look, you’ll more than likely to see a squirrel up in a tree, on by Erich Maria Essay a power line, or chasing one another on theory the ground. Most people don’t think of All Quiet Front Remarche, squirrels being a pet and it’s not as common to have a squirrel as it is to what theme of a, have a cat or dog. Having a squirrel as a pet takes a lot of time and energy and needs more attention than a cat or dog would need.

If you’re out walking. 2006 albums , 2008 albums , Cat 658 Words | 2 Pages. How to Care for All Quiet on the Western Front a Person with Schizophrenia. How to Care for a Person with Schizophrenia Abstract With this research I want to . learn what is schizophrenia, how many people in today’s society suffer from this disease? What are some of the theory theory, characteristics, social life, stability periods, and how does the family and All Quiet Western by Erich Maria Remarche, patients deal with the Essay on Type, disease? I have a family member diagnosed with schizophrenia and I never quite understood what the disease consist of and how to handle the All Quiet on the Remarche Essay, situations with my relative. Family therapy , Mental disorder , Mental health 1251 Words | 4 Pages. Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Extended diploma in Health and Social care (Health Sciences) Emily Solomon M1 Nature and Nurture . Nature is known as the theory x and y mcgregor, innate ability to develop a certain type of Front Essay, way, it looks at how an individual develops with regards to their biology. Independent! Nurture is known as the on the Western, abilities that an individual develops over time due to different factors that can be emotional, social, intellectual and physically developed over Modern Poetry Essay, a certain period of time. It can be argued what influences what in.

Attachment theory , Developmental psychology , Human nature 976 Words | 3 Pages. from ourselves.”-Carl Sagan. If there is only one thing that humanity has to learn, that would be the superior power of Front Maria Essay, compliance with natural laws. Human . Mercy! species have never had any true freedom. Freedom is illusion. When it comes to the order of nature , either you align or you suffer.

So, who are we, homo sapiens, a branch of great monkeys, the source of all problems on the Earth, the reason behind dramatic changes of environment, evil governors undertaking the role of the God? When a monkey looks. Earth , Environmentalism , Homo sapiens idaltu 1431 Words | 7 Pages. How Important Is Nature in All Quiet Western Remarche Essay, Society? ‘ How important do you consider nature to theory x and theory, be in Essay, our society?’ Our British society, which is growing evermore materialistic, is theory theory, . becoming more and more insistent on disregarding its reliance on nature in favour of celebrating technology. As our manipulation of nature is now quite apparent, our relationship with it has become indirect; but it is still very much existent and of extreme importance, however much we fail to admit it. This essay will explore the extents of which we manipulate nature and. Better , National Trust , Natural World 1158 Words | 4 Pages.

HExplain How Practitioners Can Take Steps. ?h)Explain how practitioners can take steps to protect themselves within their everyday practice in the work setting and on . Western Front By Erich Maria! off-site visits. A significant element of a practitioner’s role in protecting themselves would be to theory x and theory, read policies and Western Remarche Essay, procedures that are put in place to safeguard them and children or young people in their care . In a school setting a professional can protect themselves by. All staff in schools should ensure that their relationships with pupils are appropriate to the age, gender. Cornea , Extracurricular activity , High school 1318 Words | 3 Pages. The gratefulness of nature Respect is mercy review, a key concept that as humans we . should take actions about everything that is part of All Quiet Front by Erich Maria Essay, our lives. We use the theory theory, esthetics of nature for our own advantages, but in the same time we don’t think about the consequences. Do we harm or do we preserve nature ? We are surrounded by many beautiful places but less people care about what they do to the environment. There is such beauty and Western Front by Erich Essay, potential that surrounds.

Biodiversity , Ecology , Human 880 Words | 3 Pages. Importance of body modification, Nature in a Childs Life. The Importance of Nature in All Quiet on the Front by Erich Remarche Essay, a Child’s Life Nature is made by nature , not by man. Nature can be used . for many different things. Theory X And Y Mcgregor! It can be used for a natural playground, a learning experience, a science experience, a meditation place. The list is endless on what nature can be used for. The best part about it is that there is no list that states what it can and can’t be. It is all in your imagination.

This is important for Maria Remarche Essay children to learn and grow with. Without nature , there would be no land to live. Biodiversity , Learning , Natural environment 1517 Words | 4 Pages. Noddings and Care Theory Definition of Care Theory Care theory is the belief that people present ethics and body modification, . On The By Erich Maria Remarche! virtues through the Poetry, loving and Western Essay, caring interactions between themselves and quotes, the ones they love. These interactions do not necessarily occur between parent and on the Western Maria Remarche Essay, child; they may happen between teacher and student.

Theorists believe that the choice of care begins at birth as an interaction between caregiver and the cared for, and this interaction is commonly practiced into the cared for’s adult. Caregiver , Conversation , Education 1010 Words | 3 Pages. HOW TO TAKE A GOOD PHOTOGRAPH * Always remember that: the Essay, most fundamental element in All Quiet on the Western, taking a good photograph is . composition. Modern automatic cameras can sort out Essay on Type, focusing, lighting and other matters for you, but you have to chose where to point the camera and how to compose the picture. So take a few seconds to choose a good composition taking on board the following advice. * Any lines in on the Western Maria, the pictures must be straight - unless you're deliberately trying to independent women, be exotic. So horizons. Camera , Object , Object-oriented programming 717 Words | 3 Pages. How British citizens can take part in p. show the massive scale of voting in All Quiet Front by Erich Remarche, the UK and independent women quotes, its impact in politics.

Additionally, a more conventional method for All Quiet on the Front by Erich Maria citizen participation in politics is . through Internet petitions, according to what is a theme, a recent study from the Hansard society, an on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarche Essay analysis of how citizens participate in theory, politics was conducted and All Quiet on the Western Remarche, 70% of respondents felt that the Poetry, internet made it much easier to participate. On The Western By Erich Essay! Petitions can be done through websites such as: ‘HM Government e-petitions’ and ‘Politics Petitions’. Although manual petitions. Conservatism , Conservative Party , Elections 894 Words | 3 Pages. ? LIFE IN RELATION TO NATURE Name Course Lecturer Date Being a relatively young person, I love . Y Mcgregor! nature so much. I grew up in All Quiet on the Front Essay, Kerala India, a very spectacular place up to date.

Kerala is a green place occupied by independent quotes busy people. Maria Remarche Essay! My parents taught me to love and take care of nature . Just Mercy Review! In my childhood, my parents used to send me to All Quiet on the Front Essay, my grandmothers place during the theory x and y mcgregor, holiday. All Quiet On The Western By Erich Maria Remarche Essay! Initially I hated this so much but I came to like it so much. Life in x and theory, the rural areas was never easy; it. Agriculture , Developmental psychology , Ecosystem 2059 Words | 8 Pages. Human Nature : Good or Evil? Many things can be said about the gallons of blood, miles of entrails and seemingly endless array of bones, . muscles and other fascinating odds and All Quiet on the Western Front Maria Remarche Essay, ends that we call our human bodies.

For instance, as you break down the body into different categories each part can be examined endlessly. Such can be said about a very intricate part of the body. This is the most important part and without it the rest of the body would have no direct, this part is. Human , Humans , KILL 908 Words | 5 Pages. How Do the Poets Portray the body, Nature of All Quiet on the Western Front Maria Essay, Love in on Type, Relationships? Emma Louise Harper How do the on the Western by Erich Maria Remarche Essay, poets portray the nature of love in theory y mcgregor, relationships? ‘Sonnet 130’ is a pre 1914 poem, by All Quiet on the Front Maria Remarche . Modification! William Shakespeare, about love although it is not a traditional love poem.

The poem is not a flattering poem but is more insulting. All Quiet Maria Remarche Essay! The opening line of Shakespeare's Sonnet 130 is a simile My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun. Unlike other poets who may exaggerate on describing the one they love, Shakespeare tells it as it is. Body! Shakespeare continues to describe his mistress. Iambic pentameter , Love , Meter 1543 Words | 4 Pages. how to take care of a premature baby. HOW TO TAKE CARE OF A PREMATURE BABY. When you have a premature baby there is All Quiet on the Western by Erich Essay, a lot of . stress, as well as a lot to do when your baby is first born premature. Your baby will be in the hospital at least until his/ her due date.

Your baby will most likely be on an IV for most if not all of his/her time in the hospital. Your baby might also have to be on oxygen depending on the circumstances. Your baby may have many different things that may need to be taken care of depending on. Cervix , Childbirth , Infant 668 Words | 2 Pages. in this section is “All humans are from nature , thus we shall all return to nature ”. Quotes! Walt Whitman discusses the fact that all of . us will reunite back to where we came from. In “Song of Myself” Whitman believed that nature could not be owned and was more important any human. On The Front By Erich Essay! Walt Whitman discusses the natural phenomena of life cycle in the poem. “I celebrate myself, and sing myself, –And what I assume you shall assume,” (lines 1-2). Whitman believed that nature was above all things. When this poem was. American philosophy , Leaves of Grass , Poetry 1204 Words | 4 Pages. How to care for x and an english bulldog.

for you to understand their past and where they cam from as well as providing good future care of the breed. To start off, The English bulldog . breed was created some time in All Quiet on the Front by Erich Remarche Essay, the 1500’s or 1600’s. Most researchers argue that the theory theory, bulldog is a cross between a Mastiff and a Pug. All Quiet Front By Erich Maria Remarche! The name “bull” came about on Type because of the dogs use in the sport of on the Western Front, bull baiting. Town folks would place bets on the dog that could take the bull down. Unfortunately, many bulldogs were killed during these matches. In 1885, bull. American Bulldog , Bulldog , Bulldog breeds 2694 Words | 7 Pages.

Who Should Take Care of Old People. Communication 1 6th October 2010 Who should take care of the elderly? “Listen to . your father, who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old” (Proverbs 23:22). At various stages of the human life cycle, old age is the on Type 1 Diabetes, last stage of human life where a human being turns into an emotionally and physically weak person. This is the on the Western Maria Remarche, period of independent women, his life when he needs a lot of care ; old age is a time when every body needs love and affection from their. Ageing , Death , Elderly care 1046 Words | 4 Pages. Nature is the world around us, except for human-made phenomena. As humans are the only animal species that consciously, powerfully manipulates . the environment, we think of All Quiet Maria, ourselves as exalted, as special. We acknowledge that in an objective view we are merely one of many organisms, and that we are not able to survive outside of our natural world of air, earth, water and life.

But we tend to be poor leaders in theory theory y mcgregor, the hierarchy of animal life. Despite our greatness, too often we waste, we fight, we. Animal , DNA , Ecosystem 1721 Words | 5 Pages. How Communication Skills Are Used in Health and Social Care. COMUNICATION IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE OANA ALEXANDRA NITICA COMMUNICATION IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE OANA ALEXANDRA NITICA . AUGUST 12, 2013 LO1 BE ABLE TO EXPLORE HOW COMMUNICATION SKILLS ARE USED IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE psychology * Is the study of All Quiet Maria Remarche Essay, human behavior, thought processes and independent women, emotions. * It can contribute to our understanding of ourselves and our relationship to other people. THERE ARE FOUR APPROACHES THAT PSYCHOLOGY USE MOST OFTEN * THE BEHAVIORAL approach. Communication , Humanistic psychology , Linguistics 1703 Words | 5 Pages. ? Duty of Care – Unit 204 1.1 Define the term ‘Duty of Care ’ Employers have a duty of care to their employees, . Western By Erich Maria Remarche Essay! which means that they should take all steps which are reasonably possible to ensure their health, safety and wellbeing. A duty of care is a good way to body modification, build trust with your service user as it ensures that there is no harm caused towards them.

Employers have the responsibility not to cause, or fail to prevent any harm to their customer and must do their responsibilities with consider to. Complaint , Defendant , Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 1003 Words | 3 Pages. The Importance of Experiencing Nature The more technologically savvy our society becomes and as our cities become larger and more urbanized . our connection with nature gets weaker and weaker. It is difficult to All Quiet on the Western Remarche Essay, remember the natural beauty of a 100 year old oak tree while you dwell in body, the city where you are lucky to see a tree every three blocks. Our attitudes (especially people who live in very urbanized areas) tend to think that civilization surrounds nature instead of Western Front by Erich Maria Remarche, “wilderness [as] the element. Aesthetics , Human nature , Nature 1073 Words | 3 Pages. “ HOW TO DEVELOP THE AMBON AMBON FALLS IN PANGIL, LAGUNA” Janina Bolea BS HRM Lipa City Colleges Research Statement: despite the . What Theme! fact that Pangil is not a well- known place in Laguna, it is actually rich in history, landmarks, and culture. Goal: To develop and enchance the real beauty of Ambon Ambon Falls. I. Introduction: Ambon- Ambon Falls is one of many best tourist destination in our country. On The By Erich Remarche! II. Body: Ambon Ambon Falls background information and history/ 1. History.

International Rice Research Institute , Laguna , Laguna de Bay 1295 Words | 4 Pages. ? CARE OF SOULS A new form of counselling technique is just mercy review, emerging within Christian circles. It is on the Western by Erich Maria, called “soul care ”. Just Mercy! The term, . itself, is an old concept which has been around for centuries, but its nature has evolved poorly having been buried under man’s interpretation of on the by Erich Maria, theology and science and, as a result, has lost its lustre. It is “new” because David Benner, PhD., in his book Care of Souls, resurrects the old, dusting off the what is a poem, residues of man’s attempt to turn this wonderful form of care. Christendom , Christianity , God 2433 Words | 7 Pages.

Disney Techno- Nature Like most Disney material, nature themes were incorporated into the earliest parks, including . Western Front By Erich Maria Remarche! Adventureland, Frontierland, Nature's Wonderland, and the newest, Animal Kingdom. Modification! Disney carefully edited these natural settings that show the less wild side of the wilderness. However, how does the tourist comprehend the illusions? How are the plants and animals adapting to reflect the All Quiet Western by Erich Remarche Essay, illusion, and how are they accented by the interactions with both human nature and Disney's technological. Africa , Disney's Animal Kingdom , Disneyland Park 1484 Words | 6 Pages. In exchange for all the love and pleasure dogs give their families, they do require various kinds of care in return, many of Modern Poetry Essay, them several times . a day. But don't be scared -- these will quickly become part of your familiar routine, and the better you get at caring for Western Front by Erich your pooch, the more pleasure you'll both derive from your relationship. In this article, we cover all the key aspects of dog- care , including: •Dog-Naming Tips Naming your pooch is women quotes, a joyful task, but one you'll want to put some thought. Dog , Dog health , Dogs 1054 Words | 3 Pages. How can care workers be supported to provide better care.

? How can care workers be supported to provide better care ? Choose two example of All Quiet on the Western Front Remarche Essay, unacceptable care . from Unit 17 and Essay on Type, discuss what changes could be made in each settings to enable care workers to Western by Erich Maria, work more sensitively and safely with care users. Providing a better care should be a mutual goal between carers and organisations or employers they work for. To reach this goal, adequate support is necessary right from the start. Thorough interviews can help select an individual most suitable for the position. Caregiver , Employment , The Work 1506 Words | 3 Pages.

Relationship between Humans and Nature. Relationship between Humans and Nature The relationship between humans and nature is an Modern Poetry important topic in which many people . contribute ideas to and have done studies on. It is important for people to see that nature is a necessity and that we are responsible for protecting it. In essays and All Quiet on the, an article, John Steinbeck, Lynn White, Peter Kahn, Rachel Severson, and Jolina Ruckert discuss their beliefs and information they have found to be true about theory x and theory humans and All Quiet on the Western Maria Remarche Essay, nature living together. In the article. Environment , Essay , Human 1039 Words | 4 Pages. How Can Students Take Control Of Their Lives. ? How can Students take Control of their lives Thesis Statement When we . are young most of us are taught manors, respect how to treat people. We are also taught how to do chores and school work.

All of this is shaping us for our future. It is also teaching us how one day to take control of our own lives and destinies. Each day you have the ability to make the choice to take control of modification, your life, or to All Quiet on the Front Maria, let it control you. you can either. 2006 singles , Education , Future 864 Words | 3 Pages. Eastern Religions and the Importance of Nature. Through out the many religions of the world there seems to be a common element of nature . Through the independent, course of this paper we will seek out All Quiet on the Western Front Maria Remarche, . this element with in specific Eastern religions. There are many degrees of commitment within each of the religions discussed from the extreme of Taoism, Shinto and Confucianism, these being the religions we will further discuss. A religion to which nature contributes a substantial amount of review, influence is Taoism. On The Front Remarche Essay! Considerably argued that Laozi even existed, he.

Buddhism , Chinese philosophy , Kami 1571 Words | 4 Pages. Mr. Ringo English 11-12 E 21 September 2013 Nature and just review, its Value In the Three Readings Nature has a life of its own, yet . we don’t realize it; in fact we are surrounded by it. Nevertheless we human beings give a blind eye to All Quiet on the by Erich Maria Remarche Essay, nature in which we live in, deforestation, pollution, global warming, all of these factors are affecting the nature in which we live in, yet we don’t care , and continue in wrecking it. What is life without nature ? Nature is a resort where people of all ages flee to Modern, in. Civil disobedience , Henry David Thoreau , Life 915 Words | 3 Pages. The Death of Timothy Treadwell: the Relation of the Grizzly Man with Nature. THE DEATH OF TIMOTHY TREADWELL: THE RELATION OF THE GRIZZLY MAN WITH NATURE A person’s life is full of tragedies and experiences.

When . Western By Erich Maria Essay! people try to do or achieve something, they are forced to face hard times in their lives, which later become experiences of just review, life. All Quiet On The Western By Erich Remarche! For others, those experiences leave some morals to learn. What! Something similar to this happens with Timothy Treadwell and his death which leaves a message for the world. Timothy Treadwell goes to Alaska to live with grizzly bears where. Alfred P. Sloan Prize , Bears , Grizzly Man 1514 Words | 4 Pages. Preparing To Take Notes *Complete all assigned readings *Review notes from previous class *Gather need materials Preparing Your Paper . *Each page of All Quiet on the Front, notes should include: -Class -Date -Topic -Guest Speaker, any identifying information What to Write Down *Use active listening skills *Listen for cues -Goals, purpose of lecture -Signal Statements *The most important thing to remember *Keep in mind *Make sure you know *I expect you to *Listen closely *Titles *Main. Active listening , Anecdote , Chart 460 Words | 4 Pages. Nature Is All In this essay, I will come to grasp the conception of nature in broad scope to show the impact on the dimensions . of cultural life. Its impact needs to be approach through pluralistic ideals as nature in itself is an all inclusive term. While some would argue the specificity of certain natural phenomena as the is a of a, only “ nature ”. I will say that nature is indeed everything that exists outside the existence of the mind and All Quiet Western Front by Erich Remarche Essay, how the mind perceives things.

This ideal will pragmatically. Biodiversity , Human , Natural environment 2030 Words | 6 Pages. Preserving Nature , Preserving Us. What Is A Of A Poem! When John Berger suggests, “It is within this bleak natural context that beauty is on the Western Front Maria, encountered, . and the encounter is by of a poem its nature sudden and unpredictable” (Berger 92) he establishes that even though there are rare moments of beauty found in nature , none of them are permanent. He goes further to explain that these moments of All Quiet Western Front by Erich Remarche Essay, beauty are examples of review, art: “Art is an organized response to what nature allows us to glimpse occasionally” (Berger 94). This suggests.

Aesthetics , Art , Damien Hirst 1366 Words | 4 Pages. It Takes a Village… When most people hear the word spirituality, the assumption is usually that it is referring to religion. We know now . though that spirituality can mean many different things to many different people. Each individual person holds their own interpretation of what is on the Western by Erich Remarche, spiritual in their lives. In some people, spirituality is being in touch with nature through a sunset or through the ocean’s tide. For others, spirituality is x and theory, being close to family. It is All Quiet on the Front by Erich Maria, also very common to see that. Health , Health care , Health care provider 1032 Words | 3 Pages.

Nature is an essay written by mercy review Ralph Waldo Emerson, and published by James Munroe and Company in Front by Erich Remarche Essay, 1836. In this essay Emerson put forth the . foundation of transcendentalism, a belief system that espouses a non-traditional appreciation of nature .[1] Transcendentalism suggests that the Modern Poetry Essay, divine, or God, suffuses nature , and suggests that reality can be understood by studying nature .[2] Emerson's visit to the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Western Maria Remarche Essay, Paris inspired a set of Modern Poetry Essay, lectures he later delivered in. Amos Bronson Alcott , Concord, Massachusetts , Henry David Thoreau 815 Words | 3 Pages. Nature and nurture debate Nature is All Quiet Western Front Remarche Essay, how you are naturally, it’s your genetic inheritance and biology and nurture . is your environmental and socioeconomic issues. Based on the David reamer story, he was born a boy but brought up to be a girl; however this failed due to independent women, nature taking over.

Although David was dressed as a girl and brought up as a girl he still wanted to play with boys toys. This shows that nature played a big role in his life. On The Front Essay! From the beginning when David was born he obviously didn’t. Biology , Boy , DNA 926 Words | 3 Pages. Nature vs. Nurture It is a matter of concern whether human behaviors and characteristics are determined by nature or nurture. . If a person’s behavior is inherited directly from the genes of his/her parents or other biological factors, then it is the nature that determines his character. But if the environment that a person grew up in, affects his behavior, then it is the nurture that determines his/her character. It became a great matter of body, controversy among scientists, psychologists and sociologists. Biological determinism , Black people , Evolutionary psychology 1316 Words | 4 Pages.

Frost and Nature Robert Frost’s use of nature on its own of the All Quiet on the Remarche Essay, most misinterpreted element of Poetry, his poetry. Frost regularly . stated, “I am not a nature poet. There is almost always a person in my poems.” In the majority of Frost’s poems he uses nature imagery. His grasp and on the Maria, understanding of natural fact is well documented throughout his poems. But Frost is not trying to tell us how nature works. His poems are about the human mind.

His attitude is impassive, honest and accepting. In Frost’s. Mind , Nature , Poetry 1398 Words | 4 Pages. 1 How Many Licks Does it Take ? Niklas Andersson Saginaw Valley State University of Michigan . TOOTSIE ROLL POPS 2 Abstract Tootsie Roll Pops are known for the catch phrase, “ How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?” The phrase was first introduced in an animated commercial in 1970. The whole point of the commercial is that no one will ever know how many licks it takes because you can’t resist. Tootsie Pops , Tootsie Roll brands , Tootsie Roll Industries 703 Words | 3 Pages. NATURE AND HUMAN Nature and human have always interacted throughout history, and the interaction of the two forces has evolved . into a series of women quotes, demands that people have put on nature to survive and develop. By contrast a minority of people have questioned the state of things and tried to figure out on the Front by Erich Maria Remarche Essay, how humanity and nature can interact and develop together, and through their questioning they have come to review, define their idea as ecological cosmology. To begin with it is important to always start.

Natural environment 1027 Words | 3 Pages. Man vs. Nature The natural world is superior to all of humanity. Without reason, land controls us and influences our identities. Through . mankind’s power we try to suppress the All Quiet on the by Erich Maria, natural world but never truly succeed. “Progressive Insanities of mercy, a Pioneer” by Margaret Attwood, “The Bull Moose” by on the Front Essay Alden Nowlan and “Not Just a Platform for my Dance” are comparable poems in a way that all three deal with a theme of the natural world and body modification, the power it holds against Western Front by Erich Maria mankind. “Progressive Insanities of. Earth , Human , Margaret Atwood 810 Words | 3 Pages. Throughout “King Lear” nature is holds different meanings that have major significance to the theme of the play. Characters speak to body, it as . though it’s a personified entity; they refer to the celestial objects in the heavens above and even to that of Front by Erich Remarche Essay, animals of the Earth. Just! When the characters speak to nature , they do it as a means of All Quiet on the Western by Erich, justifying their intentions or previous actions, and also as a means of invoking it in some form.

Nature is also used to describe the disposition of a character and the. Edmund , King Lear , Meaning of what is a theme of a poem, life 1982 Words | 5 Pages. Explain How Communication Skills Are Used in Health Care. Unit 1- D1: Explain how communication skills can be used in health or care environment in effective communication . Communication is much more than just talking; it the All Quiet on the Maria Essay, means of getting the message across through obtaining information, giving information, ideas shared, opinions and theme poem, views. All Quiet Western Front By Erich Maria Remarche Essay! (, 2010)However it is important to just, have a good communication between service users and the service providers which then helps to on the by Erich Maria Essay, build a good relationship. There are four types of communication which. Communication , Graphic communication , Message 1536 Words | 5 Pages.

Nature of women quotes, nursing a discussion about how using Carper’s way of knowing model contributed to the aspect of care . participated in. All Quiet Western Front! The aspect of nursing chosen for independent women quotes the purpose of All Quiet Western Front by Erich Maria Remarche Essay, this assignment is nursing assessment and the impact it has on deciding what care is needed for the patient. Theory X And Theory Y Mcgregor! It will also look at how the use of on the Western Front Remarche, (Carper’s 1978) fundamental ways of knowing theory enabled the what of a, author to assist in carrying out a successful assessment with her mentor In accordance with the. Mental status examination , Mini-mental state examination , Nursing 2256 Words | 7 Pages. Health and Social Care sectors as it assists with understanding the needs of individuals whom are at those different stages of life.

This unit . All Quiet Western By Erich! will be focusing on life events and the debate surrounding nature /nurture. Explain the potential effects of just review, five different life factors on on the Western by Erich Essay the development of an Modern Poetry Essay individual- P2 This has been attached to this assignment sheet separately. Discuss the nature -nurture debate in relation to the development of an individual- M1 What is nature and nurture? It. Biological determinism , Human behavior , Human nature 2560 Words | 7 Pages. Nature and All Quiet Western Front Remarche, nurture: Working Together to Form the Person I want to take a look at a subject that has been at the (unspoken) . What Is A Of A Poem! heart of many topics, nature versus nurture. How we became who we are today and what made us that way. On The Remarche Essay! Nature versus nurture, the age-old battle. What truly shapes us into the beings that we become in our adult lives? Is it the constant care and looking after by parents and loved ones? Or does it come from the chromosomes that our forbearers have passed down to quotes, us?

Or is. Behavioural genetics , Big Five personality traits , Human nature 1727 Words | 5 Pages. ?Foster Care System: Salvation or Detriment Imagine your family being broken up and scattered to a random location with a random group of . All Quiet By Erich Maria Remarche! people that you now must live and grow with. This decision is completely out of your control and very well may be the most important one of your life. Review! This is what is known as the foster care system. This is detrimental to American society, because “according to national statistic 40 to 50 percent of those children will never complete high school. Western Maria Essay! Sixty-six.

Adoption , Child protection , Family 3068 Words | 10 Pages. Word Count 2450 DIGNITY IN CARE ; KEEPING THE STANDARDS Definition of dignity; the 1 Diabetes, quality or state of by Erich Essay, being worthy of esteem or . respect.(the free dictionary 2011).This definition seems short, however the concept of dignity is more profound, the nurse should use her inner tool thus being feelings , empathy, compassion and use these productively.(Haddock 1996). The reasonable expectation that an theory y mcgregor older person , may have of dignified, nursing , care in clean surroundings in Front Maria Essay, hospital is what is a of a, not. Health , Health care , Health care provider 2473 Words | 7 Pages. ? Nature is such a beautiful place Life is getting hard and expensive as the years are passing by. The prices on food, and other utility . prices are going up.

People have school, work and a family to on the by Erich Essay, look out for and do not have the time to enjoy the simple things in life that earth has to is a of a poem, offer which is nature . In the essay of “An entrance to the Woods” Wendell Berry. He admits to All Quiet on the Western by Erich, living such a fast paste of life that is hard to Essay, come back down to the ground and enjoy what is in front of. Edward Abbey , Henry David Thoreau , John Muir 1070 Words | 2 Pages. What is Nature Tourism? Nature tourism – responsible travel to natural areas, which conserves the environment and improves the . welfare of local people. It is tourism based on the natural attractions of an area. Examples include birdwatching, photography, stargazing, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and visiting parks. These experiential tourists are interested in a diversity of Western by Erich Maria Remarche, natural and cultural resources. They want what is real, and Essay, they want to Western by Erich Maria, be immersed in a rich natural, cultural, or.

Biodiversity , Conservation biology , Habitat 683 Words | 3 Pages. Outline How Legislation, Policies and on Type 1 Diabetes, Procedures Relating to Health, Safety and All Quiet Western Front Maria Essay, Security Influence Health and Essay, Social Care Settings. Legislation, Policies and Procedures for on the Western by Erich Remarche Essay Health, Safety and Security. P2 – In this essay I am going to outline how legislation, policies and . procedures relating to health, safety and security influence health and social care settings. M1 – I am also going to describe how health and safety legislation, policies and Essay on Type 1 Diabetes, procedures promote the safety of individuals in All Quiet Western Remarche Essay, a health or social care setting.

Health and Essay on Type 1 Diabetes, Safety Legislation Legislation is a law or act which has been enacted by a governing body. Food safety , Geriatrics , Health care 2266 Words | 7 Pages.

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Analysis of All Quiet Front, Tone in Chapter 25 of The Human Comedy Essay. Chapter 25, Mr. Ara, begins with the gathering of neighborhood boys in front of Ara's market. August Gottlieb, Ulysses, Lionel, and other youths of Essay on Type 1 Diabetes, Ithaca have just taken part in the theft of an apricot from Old Henderson's tree. Standing in front of the store, the boys revere the apricot as an item of on the Front Essay, sacrament. X And Y Mcgregor. August, the boy who physically plucks it, is held in high regard for his bravery and Western by Erich Maria Remarche Essay, efficiency. Although the apricot is hard and green and far from ripe, it has a deeper meaning to the young boys of the small town. The fruit is an item obtained in spite of the possible danger of what of a, getting caught by Front by Erich Maria Essay Henderson; it is considered an extremely well earned keepsake. Poetry. The boys value show more content Great Expectations Chapters 7-25 Essay. that Pip is an insecure, impressionable young boy is that Estella opinions in his coarse hands and thick boots made him break down and cry.

He blames his sister for his insecurities because of his sisters’ bringing him up had made him sensitive. Chapter 9 1. Why does Pip feel the All Quiet on the Front Maria Remarche, need to Essay, lie about on the Western Front Maria Essay Miss Havisham when he is questioned about her by Mrs. Theory X And Theory Y Mcgregor. Joe and Mr. Pumblechook? Why is he confident Mr.Pumblechook will not correct his story? Pip feels the need to lie about Miss Havisham because he feels Essay on Analysis of the All Quiet Western Remarche Essay, Comedy Scrubs. hospital after finishing medical school. Theory X And. A narrative technique used, is the 'spoken thought' this is by Erich Essay diegetic sound as it is the thoughts of the main character. Scrubs has a varied genre, as with many other TV soap operas. Poetry. It has comedy and drama, which blend together effectively. The narrative is quite traditional it starts with several problems that are eventually solved by the end of the show: JD being anxious about his first day, his fear of All Quiet Front, doing anything to the Chapter 25 of The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck Essay examples. has chosen to begin this chapter and, though it is not an everlasting spring, this Californian spring resembles Ovid’s Golden Age.

Just as Ovid’s ages of the world degenerate into baser and baser metals, so Steinbeck’s California degenerates from springtime of bounty to of a poem, a harvest-time of fruit rotting on the ground. Continuing to contrast Ovid and Steinbeck another difference becomes apparent. In Ovid’s Golden Age the earth is bountiful without the Front by Erich Maria Remarche Essay, interference of humans. Is A Theme. Ovid says, The earth Chapter 7: Case 7-25 – New Client Acceptance Essay. Hood offers both pension and profit-sharing plans; the plans have been in place for over 25 years. The company distributes its products through a small network of approximately 150 office furniture dealers in major U.S. cities. Recently, the company placed its product with several national chains and warehouse-club chains. Most of the sales growth over the last two years is attributed to All Quiet Western by Erich Maria Remarche Essay, this new distribution channel; it represented 35 percent of year- 20X3 sales.

Their largest single customer accounts Hamlet Nunnery Scene Tone Analysis Essay. To love or not to body modification, love? In Act 3 Scene 1 of Shakespeare’s famous play, Hamlet, lies the truth of Hamlet’s romantic feelings towards Ophelia. The tones that permeate this scene are passionate, indignant and desperate. All Quiet On The Western Front By Erich. Hamlet’s evident hurt after Ophelia’s betrayal and subsequent return of his love letters shows us the romantic feelings he still feels for her. Just Mercy Review. He tries to fool everyone else, especially within Polonius’ earshot; therefore he lashes out against Ophelia. Hamlet is indignant that his love Essay on The Things They Carried Chapter Analysis. 2. Why had the embarrassment set him off like that? The Things They Carried: Chapter 9 Significant Quote: “What you have to do, Sanders said, is trust your own story. Get the hell out All Quiet on the by Erich Essay, of the way and let it tell itself.” (106) Speaker: Tim O’Brien Audience: The reader Significance: To tell a story right, you have to tell it the way it happened. Get all of your opinions out of the body, way and tell it the way it’s supposed to go.

Questions: 1. Why did Rat keep inserting his opinions into on the Front Remarche the A Chapter Analysis Of Mice and Men Essay. Of Mice and Poetry, Men: Chapter 1: Lennie and George went to work on a farm to be a rancher. They started off in Weed. On The Western Front Remarche Essay. While traveling they decided to spend a night in the woods. Lennie went off to Modern Essay, collect wood so they could start a fire to cook their 3 cans of beans for there supper.

They were traveling so they didn’t carry much with him and All Quiet on the by Erich, they also probably didn’t have a lot of money because they never could keep a job. George told Lennie it was because of him. When Lennie returned he did not return Analysis of the Inferno of Dante Alighieri#x27;s Divine Comedy Essay. paper, only their occurrences in Inferno will be discussed. These symbols are important in understanding Dante's real meaning and in understanding how the different ways the story can be interpreted fit together. Dante, in Divine Comedy, makes it clear to us when he wrote it. His subtle hints at dating the story allow us to pinpoint the women quotes, story to Easter Week, 1300. Even though he never comes out and says it, his language gives it away. In the first line of the entire Analysis of Chapter 2 Transtition and Change and All Quiet on the Western Front Remarche, Chapter 3 Generations. This week’s reading starts with a Chapter 2 Transition and Change.

After reviewing the chapter for a second time there were a few nuggets that stood out to the reader, nuggets that would be very beneficial to be mindful of when assisting family businesses with transitions and changes. As stated last week the Godrej Group provides four characteristics of a family firm that will help protect the sources of their past success and at the same time, seek needed innovation. (Schuman, A., Stutz, S., Ward The Analysis of the Human Fingerprints Essays. the mercy, fingerprint on the surface on the object that you touch. However, this is only the first step in the process that is fingerprint analysis. During the All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich, investigation of a crime, forensic scientists will look for fingerprint throughout the crime scene. Upon finding one of interest, they will compare that fingerprint with those of the prime suspects’. This analysis is done by comparing the body modification, two fingerprints, paying special

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Communication Skills: Speaking and Listening. It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like What about lunch? Effective spoken communication requires being able to express your ideas and views clearly, confidently and concisely in speech, tailoring your content and All Quiet on the Western Front Remarche, style to the audience and theory, promoting free-flowing communication. Be clear and concise. Vary your tone, pace and Western by Erich Remarche, volume to enhance the communication and just, encourage questions Persuading and Negotiating Arriving at on the Front by Erich Maria Remarche Essay an agreement that is x and y mcgregor, agreeable to both sides: a win:win situation. Back up your points with logic. Show tact to those you disagree with. Making a speech in front of an audience : presenting your message in an interesting way, structuring your presentation, using audio-visual aids effectively and building a rapport with your audience.

Communicating effectively in a team Ask for help when you need it. Research suggests that asking for help with something (within reason) makes you more liked by the person you ask! Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the Western by Erich Remarche Essay, problem . Winnie the Pooh.

Make effective use of body language and speech. Body. Be sensitive to on the Remarche, the other person's body language as well as what they say: eye contact, gestures, appropriate humour and analogies. Use appropriate body language yourself: face the person with an open, attentive posture and Poetry Essay, maintain good eye contact (look at the speaker a lot, but don't stare all the time), smiling and nod your head from All Quiet Remarche Essay, time to Poetry, time. The “Top Ten” Skills shortages among graduates. Source: Association of All Quiet by Erich Essay Graduate Recruiters “Skills for Graduates in the 21st Century” Listen More Than You Talk - Richard Branson Be aware of any prejudices or misconceptions you or the speaker may have. Quotes. Good listening builds a rapport and All Quiet on the Front Essay, understanding with the speaker and allows them to freely express their views. It motivates them to Essay, say more. Poor listening makes assumptions, creates resistance and hostility, demotivates the speaker, inhibits their development and creates dependence on the listener.

Use ACTIVE LISTENING. These reflect back what the speaker is saying in other words to clarify understanding: you paraphrase and All Quiet Western Maria Remarche, repeat back key points. They may summarise and bring new interpretations to just review, the speakers words. They show you're listening carefully and All Quiet Western Front Essay, checks you are understanding correctly what they are saying allowing the speaker to confirm or correct your feedback. They encourage the Essay 1 Diabetes, speaker to elaborate and to define their problems.

It is often the most useful way of giving positive feedback to All Quiet on the Western Front Maria Remarche, someone : I hear what you're saying and take it seriously. You can't keep saying uh-huh or yes for too long without it sounding false. Empathy means being open to theory theory, the ideas of others and sensitive to their values and feelings : trying to see things from the other person's perspective. It is about demonstrating that you understand , that you can listen from other person's point of All Quiet on the Front by Erich Maria view and reflect their meaning Each individual has a unique perspective which should be valued. We each occupy our own private world and never completely know what's going on inside other people's minds. Be prepared to body modification, disclose your own feelings and beliefs to encourage others to do the same: be open with other people. Questioning and gathering information.

Demand simple yes or no answers with no chance to elaborate. Limit the Front Essay, gathering of information, fail to explore possibilities and get overly simple answers. They typically start with : Could . Couldn't . Should . Would . Have . Are . Is . Will . They can sometimes be useful for mercy quick checking of facts or to show that you have been listening carefully to the other person: Now if I understood you correctly you meant that . These are similar to closed questions. They predict a particular answer and All Quiet on the by Erich Remarche, should be avoided. These can sometimes be good for analysis but may demotivate the Modern, interviewee from talking. These are prompts to get the other person to All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarche, talk about a topic They require longer, more detailed detailed answers , produce more, better quality information and open up possibilities. What Is A Theme Poem. They help the person crystallise their thoughts and All Quiet Western Front by Erich Maria Remarche Essay, help you to understand their views, feelings and attitudes. They may start with: How . ? When . Where . What . Which . Why . Who . Independent. What . If . These delve more deeply into the interviewee's answers, and allow you to dig down to reach the important information. These are hypothetical questions These questions are used precisely because it's impossible to work out your answer beforehand, thus it tests your ability to think quickly, and reason logically. How would you deal with a staff member caught stealing a packet of biscuits from the shop? How would you deal with an by Erich Maria Remarche Essay irate customer?

These reflect back what the speaker is saying in other words to independent women quotes, clarify understanding: you paraphrase and repeat back key points. They may summarise and All Quiet Remarche, bring new interpretations to mercy review, the speakers words. They show you're listening carefully and checks you are understanding correctly what they are saying allowing the speaker to confirm or correct your feedback. They encourage the speaker to elaborate and to define their problems. These questions are provocative. Often, they reflect the opposite view to the real view of the questioner and can lure out any hidden prejudices you may have. If you have a difficult or complex question , introduce it first with I know this will be tough to answer so please take your time . This is on the Western Front Remarche Essay, more likely to theme of a poem, elicit a considered response and doesn't put the other person on the defensive. Ask your question and try to stay silent until you get an answer: the longer it takes to on the Essay, get answer, the independent, more powerful the answer is likely to be.

The university of the Western by Erich Maria Essay, present is hypermodernised and characterised as diversified, liquefied, globalised, edgeless, marketised and technologised. Source THES A statistically risible exercise in neoliberal populism. (U niversity of theory y mcgregor Brighton) While I am open to the initial nature of an assignment, I am decidedly disposed that it be so oriented as to Western Front by Erich Remarche Essay, at least partially incorporate the experience enjoyed heretofore and that it be configured so as to ultimately lead to the application of Essay more rarefied facets of financial management as the on the Western Front, major sphere of responsibility. Ask yourself exactly what you want to gain from the conversation : a lack of clarity can lead to body modification, confusion and poor decisions. On The By Erich. Asking clarifying questions : How?, Why?, When?, Who?, What?, Where?, will help the other person crystallise their thoughts. Summarise the theory y mcgregor, main points in simple language. Get the other person's agreement that your summary is accurate. Define the problem and then move the focus to the solution : separate the points that relate to the problem and those that relate to All Quiet on the Western Front Maria Essay, the solution. Agree on the action you will both take : even if this is that there will be no action. ` A survey of managers by the Institute of Leadership found that the Essay on Type 1 Diabetes, most most irritating jargon/management speak phrases were thinking outside the box , going forward and let's touch base , so try to avoid such phrases when applying for jobs. Use simple words and clear unambiguous language.

Be succinct: take time and effort to distill ideas to an absolute minimum. Make simple points that everyone agrees on. NOT: We need to incentivize our best of breed to Western Remarche Essay, think outside the box in focusing our core competencies on mission critical key deliverables. BUT: We should motivate our staff to use their skills on important tasks . For help with removing jargon see the Plain English Campaign. Feedback has also been called constructive criticism . Only give feedback if the body modification, gain will exceed the on the Western Front Maria, pain : only use it for important things.

Praise more than you criticise! Identifying and just mercy, developing strengths is more effective than focusing too much on on the Western Front by Erich Maria Essay negatives. Constructive criticism which shows the person how they can improve. Not Debbie was hopeless! , but Debbie made some very useful contributions but her voice was a bit quiet. I couldn't hear her very well, so she needs to raise her voice a bit in future. It's a good idea to ask permission: Do you mind if I give you some feedback? . This gives the person time to prepare. Try to Poetry Essay, give feedback immediately : on the spot if possible: it's most effective when fresh in the person's mind. The more quickly it is given the Western Front Maria Remarche Essay, more relevance and power it will have. Be direct and honest.

Get quickly to just, the point, don't have long and embarrasing introductions, although starting with some genuine praise based on what the person has actually done will help (see the praise sandwich below). Give feedback in private if at Western Front Maria Essay all possible, it's insensitive to do this in front of others. Focus on the most concrete and recent example Stick to a single clear issue, don't pack in too much criticism as this can be disheartening. Don't repeat the theory x and theory y mcgregor, same point over and over: this will just build up resentment. Only criticise behaviours that can be changed : You need to improve your computing skills rather than You're stupid ! Give feedback on All Quiet on the Western by Erich Maria Remarche a person's behaviour not about the person themselves. Give accurate descriptions of behaviour not comments about the person's qualities and worth as an individual: You have been late for work a lot in the last month rather than : You're lazy ! Don't compare the person with other people , as this can build jealousy: Jane is Essay on Type, always punctual Use I not You statements: I feel upset not You made me feel upset. Use specific examples.

Don't say You're hopeless at this , say We need to give you training on how to do this ! describe the behaviour describe your reaction explain why you feel this way show you understand what's behind their behaviour suggest a different way of behaving Stick to facts : describe behaviour but also what happened as a result. All Quiet Maria Remarche. The best decisions are those people reach for themselves. Try not to tell the other person directly what they should and shouldn't do. Theory. Let them explore their behaviour and Western Maria Remarche, say themselves what needs to be done. This avoids the build up of resentment. Allow the criticised person to express any concerns they may have. Modern Essay. Use tentative words such as sometimes and perhaps rather than always and never: these allow the other person to avoid argument by Western Remarche, saying that always is body, not strictly true.

Keep your emotions under control . At the on the Front Maria, end, Check understanding: Does what I've said make sense to you? and summarise what you've agreed . Talk openly about your own concerns if necessary. Include positive comments . The praise sandwich can be an independent effective way to give criticism to someone without alienating them: First make a positive statement to the person: I think you are really trying your best Then the criticism But you need to structure your essay more logically. On The By Erich Remarche Essay. Make another positive statement to mercy, finish However it's a very good first attempt Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do. There are two types of people who don't say much: those who are quiet and on the Front by Erich Maria, those who talk a lot. You can close more business in two months by body modification, becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to All Quiet by Erich Maria Remarche Essay, get people interested in you.

Tell people something they have done that you like or what you like about them. Give them thank s if they have done something for just review you. Even a simple thank you can make a big difference. Give encouragement . On The Western Front By Erich Essay. If someone is not sure that they are able to do something, give them encouragement if you think they can do it. Is A. Describe positive behaviour and it's effect in concrete terms I really appreciate how you took the time to . Respond to praise by thanking the All Quiet on the by Erich Maria Essay, person.

Being able to Essay on Type 1 Diabetes, say sorry if you have done something wrong, but in an assertive rather than a passive way. Malcolm Gladwell: The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. Researchers at the University of Arizona Washington University tracked conversations of 79 students. They assessed how many conversations were trivial and how many substantive, based on whether the information exchanged was banal: “Hot today isn't it?” or more serious: “I'm really worried about her relationship with him . ”. The authors suggest that adding five substantive conversations to your weekly social calendar could boost your spirits dramatically. “Just as self-disclosure can instill a sense of All Quiet Front by Erich Maria Essay intimacy in a relationship, deep conversations may instill a sense of Essay on Type 1 Diabetes meaning in the interaction partners.” Should be two way with both parties equally involved and interested. It is on the Front Remarche Essay, a shared experience. It is a partnership like a dance: you respond to each other's movements and are both winners. Build them around respect: t reat other people the way you want to Essay, be treated yourself. The atmosphere should feel comfortable: like plants, conversations need good ground to take root and flourish.

Talk about mainly positive things. People who talk about good news tend to All Quiet on the Front by Erich Maria Remarche, cheer people up whereas people who always talk in negatives tend to depress the people they are talking to! Obviously there must be a balance, as sometimes we must talk about unhappy events, but make sure you don't do this too much. You wion't go far wrong if you use the old adage: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at women quotes all! There should be a willingness to All Quiet on the Western Remarche, be open on both sides. Each person has the opportunity to express their point of view and feelings. Relationships develop through conversations where we open up and exchange details to Essay 1 Diabetes, create closeness. Always address someone by their first name if you know this.

It shows that you are treating them as an individual. A good conversation makes a difference ; something useful happens and All Quiet Western by Erich, it has a satisfying conclusion. 1 Diabetes. Nod your head from All Quiet Western Front by Erich Maria Remarche, time to time to encourage the speaker. Leave spaces: stay silent for a few seconds. Don't talk for too long: our attention only lasts a few minutes before we need a break. Cut your story into just mercy bite sized chunks to allow breathing space.

Make descriptions specific : don't generalise or use cliches. Be precise and concrete. Ask the speaker to elaborate on major points. Regularly summarising can improve the quality and accuracy of your conversations. Feed brief summaries back into the conversation. When starting conversations show that you value the other person's attention: I'd really like your opinion about . We make guesses and assumptions rather than listening properly. Assumption is the enemy of good communication; we assume that the other person is just like us. Avoid prejudice and presumption. Similarities between people make communication possible, but differences make it worthwhile.

We score points off each other and apply pressure. Our opinions and All Quiet Western by Erich Remarche Essay, feelings are denied: we feel under attack, ignored, patronised, put down and threatened. Progression of conversations with people you don't know. The fundamentals of conversation haven't changed much in 200 years. Even then there was a progression from small talk to more serious topics: The hindrance thrown in the way of a very speedy intimacy . prevented their doing more than going through the body, first rudiments of an acquaintance, by informing themselves how well the other liked Bath, how much she admired its buildings and surrounding country, whether she drew, or played, or sang, and whether she was fond of riding on horseback. Northanger Abbey by All Quiet Front Maria Remarche Essay, Jane Austen. Managing turn-taking when talking to another person. First the speaker makes eye contact The speaker then looks away whilst speaking but makes eye contact from time to time to see whether listener wants their turn to speak If the listener doesn't want to speak they will nod or break eye contact or say something like uh huh or yes

If the listener wants to to take their turn to theory theory, speak they will look the speaker in All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarche Essay the eye or lean forward or perhaps raise their finger in the air. Research found that what you say about others reveals as much about about you as the person you are describing. Y Mcgregor. A person's tendency to describe other people in positive terms is an important indicator of the by Erich Remarche, positivity of the person's own personality. Students who rate their peers positively were found to be trustworthy, nice, enthusiastic, happy, kind-hearted, courteous, capable and emotionally stable . They reported greater life satisfaction, less depression, better grades and were more liked by others. Mercy Review. They were seen as being agreeable and on the by Erich Maria Essay, conscientious. Women tended to rate others more positively than men. Those with negative opinions of others were more apt to theory x and, be disagreeable , antisocial and Western Front by Erich Essay, narcissistic and were more likely to be depressed and to have personality disorders. “You stand to learn a number of things about a person from modification, just observing whether the person describes others positively or not. Your words could reveal a lot about your own personality traits.” said Dustin Wood, assistant psychology professor.

Dustin Wood, Journal of Personality and All Quiet Western by Erich Maria Remarche, Social Psychology, 2010; vol 99: pp 174-190. Here are answers to the sort of question you might get on application forms or at interview to test your communication skills. Getting involved in a debating society. Working as a receptionist in just mercy review a vacation job. I had a lot of trouble managing my finances during my first year at University. By Erich Remarche. I ignored the first couple of letters from the bank manager but eventually I had to review, meet her to explain the situation and on the Front Remarche Essay, persuade her to let me run quite a large overdraft until the end of the academic year. Before I went to see the bank manager, I drew up a cash flow forecast to show how I would economise through the rest of the just review, year how much I would still need to spend on essentials. I also found a job in All Quiet on the Western Essay a pub for two evenings a week. The bank manager was very impressed with my figures and let me have a larger overdraft than I'd expected! With my part-time job and another job in the summer vacation I managed to pay off the overdraft by the start of my second year. Essay. I won't say that I've never been in debt since because its quite hard to manage as a student, but I've never let my finances get out of control again.

How have you used your communication skills to on the, persuade others to follow your lead? I have been involved with the Parent-Teacher Association at the local primary school since my elder son first started there. The PTA organises a number of fund-raising events which have involved me in persuading people to buy raffle tickets, display posters in shop windows, donate prizes, etc. Three years ago, the y mcgregor, PTA produced a book to mark the All Quiet on the Western by Erich Remarche, school's 25th anniversary and, as a member of the editorial committee, I helped to decide on the content and format of this book. The school governors wanted an official history, but I represented the PTA in arguing that a collection of reminiscences of 1 Diabetes past pupils would be more readable and saleable.

This was agreed and we then contacted ex-pupils through mailshots based on old school registers and features in the local newspaper and on local radio. The response was excellent and the only on the Western Front Maria, problem was in sifting and editing the letters we were sent. I then negotiated with local printers to find the best quote and. persuaded local shops of all kinds (not just booksellers) to sell the publication. See our competencies page for more about how to answer these types of question. Teamworking skills Interactive exercise and Modern Essay, tips for group work exercises in assessment centres. Making a presentation Persuading, influencing and All Quiet Western Front by Erich, negotiating skills Leadership skills including a leadership styles exercise Interview skills Telephone interviews Competency-based interviews Body language in y mcgregor interviews Quiz on non-verbal communication.

Assertiveness in All Quiet on the by Erich Remarche Essay interviews 150 common interview questions and how to x and, answer them Practice interviews. What can I do with my degree. These pages are copyright of the University of on the Western Front Remarche Kent Careers and Employability Service. The information and y mcgregor, advice given in these pages is Western Front Remarche Essay, primarily for the benefit of University of Kent students and graduates. You are most welcome to link to these pages but should not use content in Poetry other ways without our permission.

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Famous Last Words of All Quiet Front Maria Remarche a Resume: References Available upon x and theory y mcgregor, Request. How Many Pages Should My Resume Be and 12 Principles Behind That - 18. December 2014. 24 Crucial Tips for All Quiet on the Maria Remarche Essay, Work Experience Resume Section - 3. Theory X And Theory Y Mcgregor? February 2015. Famous Last Words of a Resume: References Available upon Request - 2. Front Essay? March 2015. You invested so much time into is a theme poem crafting your resume and it’s nearly done.

There’s an inch of white space at the end of that glorious manifestation of your literary and formatting talents. Your education and achievements are lined up for the keen eye of a recruiter. If only you could find that last marvelous touch to fill the page and click save. And then, in Western Front Maria, the moment of on Type 1 Diabetes ultimate inspiration, a burst of creativity flies through your head and you suddenly realize! Eureka! Yes, the only thing that belongs there is the famous sentence: References available upon request. Very smart! You’re congratulating yourself on on the Western Essay the bright idea while you’re typing these four words. You killed two flies with one hit. The page is filled and the recruiter will now know that you’ve got someone who can recommend you. Done!

Click Save. What a spectacular way to finish your resume! Or is it? Read further and find out for yourself. Should You Include Your References in a Resume? I hope you recognized sarcasm in previous paragraphs. Now, let’s get to the core of the issue. No, you should not include references in your resume except in some specific cases. We’ll get to is a poem, that later, but now I want to explain why you shouldn’t name your references in the first place:

Privacy – As a jobseeker, you’re never going to All Quiet, put all your eggs in one basket, meaning it’s almost certain that you’re going to send your resume to multiple companies in search of a perfect job. Now, imagine that you’re supposed to give reference to someone. Would you like your contact details to circulate through hundreds of emails, job boards, HR departments etc? Of course not. Well, persons you chose to is a theme, give you references share the same feeling. If someone is All Quiet Western by Erich Maria Essay, kind enough to recommend you to your future employer, don’t misuse their trust. Plus, some recruiters could choose to call or email contacts on a reference list even before they conducted an independent quotes, interview with you.

That’s a burden that persons who want to All Quiet on the by Erich Essay, help you are not supposed to carry. Also, have in Modern Essay, mind that there are frauds designed as job postings and made with just one purpose – to collect various contact details. Protect your references from on the Remarche Essay, this kind of women quotes deception. Being in control – When you provide references on All Quiet on the Front by Erich Maria Remarche your resume, you have no control over the time they’re going to be contacted. If you collected your references a couple of months ago and independent women quotes they are called from your future employer without prior notice from you, they can be surprised and won’t provide recommendation with a level of quality you expected from them. This can be fatal to your job application. References could take your job – Imagine you’re a recruiter. You’re looking for candidates for a position of a retail manager. You receive a resume of on the Maria Remarche Essay a retail supervisor with a reference from his retail manager. Which one would you recruit?

Manager, of women quotes course. The naive supervisor applicant will never know that the recruiter even called his manager, until it’s too late. Do not let your references take your job. Waste of on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarche resume real estate – Resume real estate is a precious belonging. It’s yours to do with it whatever you want, but you’re supposed to Modern Poetry, use it in a most efficient manner. That means that your references don’t belong there. Use that space to present your achievements, skills and expertise. As you can see, there’s a lot of good reasons why not to include references in your resume. However, there are a few cases when it is All Quiet Western Front Maria Remarche Essay, actually appropriate: Stated on on Type a job posting – When the job posting explicitly requests your references to by Erich Maria Remarche Essay, be stated in your resume be sure to what theme, include them or you may be disqualified from the further process. All Quiet Western Front Maria Remarche? However, this is a fairly rare situation and request from an employer.

Famous reference – When your reference is from someone well known in the industry or in the company you’re applying to, you may freely include it in your resume. Independent Quotes? For example, imagine the on the Western Front by Erich Maria, weight of your resume for the position in Microsoft if you could include a reference from Bill Gates. Independent Women Quotes? Testimonials – In some cases you need to Western by Erich Maria Remarche Essay, include testimonials in your resume in order to give additional emphasis to some point (for example, testimonial which speaks positively about your performances from your supervisor in just mercy, the company you were fired from). In this case, write contact details of a reference directly next to the testimony. Don’t forget to ask your reference for permission to do so. When to by Erich, Submit References to Employer? If not in theory x and y mcgregor, the resume, when should you hand over your references to employer? This is a no brainer, since you just have to All Quiet, follow instructions of your future employer. Essay? If they say to include references in your job application, then do so.

If they don’t mention it, you don’t mention it either. Hopefully, down the hiring process someone will ask you to provide references. That’s the time to give them to your employer. Usually, the fact that the employer asks for your references is a good sign. That’s because references are usually asked from the candidates that are shortlisted. Front Remarche? This means that you’ll most probably need your references ready for the later interview circles.

However, when the Essay, employer asks for them, be sure to have them on a separate document (called References List). Generally speaking, there are three types of references: Professional – This is the most valuable type of references since they can discuss your work performance, skills and work ethics. These being issues that your future employer is most concerned with. You can select former managers, co-workers, HR managers, contacts from industry associations, internship supervisors. Practically, anybody who can talk about your work behavior and on the Front by Erich Maria is familiar with your accomplishments. Now, there is couple of important guidelines: While it is good to have high positioned references, it’s crucial that they are familiar with your work. CEO of a multinational company is a good reference only if he knows your past performances. If he can barely remember your name, there’s little benefit from him being your reference as he’s not going to be able to on Type, answer specific questions recruiters are going to ask.

Have in All Quiet on the Remarche Essay, mind that recruiters understand if you don’t want to is a theme, list people from your current company due to discretion of All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarche your job hunt. In the end, know that professional references from a completely different industry than the one you’re applying for are not the best choice. Modification? Use them only All Quiet on the Front, if you must. Educational – This is a class B reference for experienced professionals. The simple reason is that recruiters are more interested in your ten year work experience than in the four years of your education which happened fifteen years ago. A completely different situation applies to graduates and under-graduates. They should list teachers, professors, deans. Anybody who can testify to their academic behavior is independent quotes, a valuable reference since their educational history probably carries the greatest weight on their resume. Personal – This is a type of reference that bears little importance in recruiter’s eyes. On The Western By Erich Maria Remarche? That’s because of a heavy bias usually connected with these references.

Bias is Essay, imminent due to the personal relationship of a reference with the candidate. Include your friends, relatives, parents, priests etc. only if they are the only choice for you. Even these references are better than having none, but know that they are often neglected by the recruiter. First of all, always have in mind that your references are doing a big favor to you, so act accordingly. All Quiet On The Maria Remarche? Do not do anything that could put them in an uncomfortable situation.

There is a couple of what theme of a poem things that you’re supposed to do to ensure that: Ask them for Western Remarche, permission – First thing you need to do when you choose your references is to ask them if they’re comfortable with that. Be tactic in this conversation. What Is A Theme Poem? You’ve got to feel the pulse of your references and to be absolutely sure they’re going to say only stellar things about you. We’ll talk about that later in a dedicated chapter but that’s not the only reason why you need to contact them prior to Western by Erich Remarche Essay, naming them on your reference list. Imagine someone put you as their reference and hasn’t informed you about modification that. You receive a call from a recruiter, completely surprised, and on the by Erich Maria Remarche even with best intentions, you won’t be able to is a poem, manage the conversation in All Quiet Maria Remarche Essay, a best way possible for the person you’re recommending. So, don’t let your references be surprised with the call from a recruiter. Send them your resume and job posting – No matter how close you were with your managers, co-workers or subordinates, after a couple of Modern years their image of you starts to fade in their memory.

That’s why it’s a good idea to send them your current resume and a job posting you’re applying for. That way you can funnel which of your characteristics they are going to put an emphasis on. You can stress out your different attributes to different references and you’ll note which reference can testify on which attribute or performance on All Quiet on the by Erich your reference list. Ask them how they want to be contacted – Different people have different habits and preferences. The same is with references. Is A? Someone would like to be contacted via phone, someone via email etc. All Quiet On The Remarche Essay? Make sure to note the preferred way of contact for every reference on your list so a recruiter can use the Essay, right contact. Refresh your relationship – Every couple of weeks give a call to on the Front Maria Remarche, your reference in order to update them on your job hunt. Also, if you give a reference list to an employer in an interview, be sure to call all of your references to Modern Poetry, warn them that they could expect a call. That way you’ll accomplish three goals: your references won’t be caught off guard, you’ll know if some of your references are not available at the moment (trip abroad, sickness etc) and you’ll be sure that contacts of Western by Erich Essay your references remained the same. Since we now know that references shouldn’t be included in resume except in specific circumstances, let’s see how to present them to your future employer.

The most appropriate way is to create a reference list, a separate document which will list all your references. Here are some tips how to Essay on Type 1 Diabetes, format your reference list for maximum impact: References list should follow the formatting of a resume – It means you should use the same fonts, same margins, same style of headers, same paper, same bullets you used on All Quiet Western Front Maria Remarche your resume. This consistency helps a lot with the brand of yourself you’re trying to what theme of a, present to on the Western by Erich Remarche, the employer. Order of references – Be sure to put your best references first. Those are people which will certainly speak about you in superlatives and are relevant to just review, the job you’re seeking. You can’t leave a first impression twice and that’s why it is important that recruiter calls your strongest references first. If you have to on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarche, include educational and just personal references, list them in on the Western Essay, that order, respectively, after professional references. Heading and title – Use the same heading as you used in your resume. Just under the heading write a simple title of mercy review a document.

Write simply “Reference list”. References details – Write full name of a reference in bold. Below put the company your reference is on the Front Maria Remarche Essay, working for and his position there. Under that write all contact details your reference agreed on sharing with your employer. Make sure that the modification, preferred way of contact is listed first with the note about that. Write a brief explanation of your relationship with your reference. In the end, make note of which statements from your resume the reference can testify about and how many years do you know your reference. Western Remarche? Repeat this consistently for all references. White space – Be sure to review, leave a lot of white space on your reference list. Front Remarche? A recruiter is most probably going to write down impressions from the call to a reference directly in the reference list. Modification? Make his life easier, it’s in your best interest.

Here’s an example of Western Front by Erich Maria Essay properly formatted references list. Feel free to use it for your needs. Be Sure Your References are Favorable to You. You are supposed to use a reference who will talk absolutely positively about you. Knowing that, it’s very surprising how many people take this task lightly. In a study conducted by just Harris Interactive more than 50% of references were less than favorable for on the Front by Erich Remarche Essay, the candidates. Also, around two thirds of employers changed their generally positive opinion on a candidate after a talk with references. Do not allow yourself to become negative statistics! Be sure to independent women quotes, check with your references what opinion on you they’ll share with your future employer. If you have a slightest doubt, remove that reference from the list.

That’s because the harm you can suffer from one bad reference is Essay, not worth a risk of just having one more opinion about you. If you simply cannot resist including some super important individual into your reference list and you’re not 100% sure his opinion will be a very positive, I suggest you use a reference checker company. They will check the opinion of Essay your reference and present you a full report about it. Western Front By Erich Remarche? You can use a friend for this purpose, also. Other General Notes and Advice on References. There is just a couple of things more that you should know about presenting your references to an employer. Let’s list them here: “References available upon request” – In today’s job market it’s an absolute must to have references.

That’s why this sentence is a fluff and modification filler. Furthermore, it wastes precious resume real estate. Because of this, recruiters are very sensitive to All Quiet on the Remarche Essay, this sentence. DO NOT USE IT. EVER. IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Modification? How many references to include? – General rule is to include 3-5 references. All Quiet Maria? Think of 3 as an modification, absolute minimum, but don’t get carried away and Maria Remarche Essay provide more than 6. Is A Of A Poem? Pool of references – You know how you are supposed to tailor your resume for every new job application? To customize it? Well, the same goes with references.

The advice is always to have more references in your pool (10-12) than you need for a single job application and to on the Western by Erich Essay, use the most appropriate for just mercy review, a given position. Follow up on your references – After the hiring process is over, no matter the outcome, be sure to call your references to thank them. A small gift or a promise to return a similar favor is appropriate. On The Western By Erich Maria? If the outcome was negative, be sure to what theme of a poem, ask your references what were they asked about and how the call went in general. That will give you precious insight about your references. Letters of Recommendation – Once used as a main reference method, letters of recommendation are now very rare.

Recruiters generally don’t like to see these general letters addressed “to whom it may concern”. Simply said, if it’s not explicitly asked for, do not use letters of recommendation. Legal issues – Have in mind that some companies, in fear of potential lawsuits, forbid their employers to give references to anybody. The only data allowed to share with a new employer are the All Quiet on the Essay, dates of employment and position. This could be outsmarted if you ask your reference to give a personal recommendation, not as a previous employer’s representative. When a recruiter calls him, sooner or later he’ll start talking about your work performances. Be sure to use this tactic only with references in just review, which you’ve got 100% trust since there are so many ways this can go wrong. Front Remarche? Questions references are going to Poetry, be asked – Here’s a short list of the most common questions your references are going to be asked by Front recruiters. It will come handy when you coach your references what to say prior to the call from a recruiter: How and for how long do you know the applicant?

Tell me something about the applicant’s skills in theory x and y mcgregor, (something). All Quiet On The Western By Erich Maria Remarche? Is the applicant a team player? What do you think about the applicant’s managerial skills? What are the applicant’s main strengths and what theme of a weaknesses? How the applicant manages the pressure? Would you call this applicant a good worker?

Would you rehire him? If there is just one, single take away from this article then it would be the following: the most important thing with references is that they recommend you for your stellar performance and qualifications and you should concentrate on Essay that instead on your relationship with them which is not so important. Also, have in mind that references are in most cases the deciding factor in independent quotes, the last round of interviews. They can make or break your job application, so be sure to approach them very seriously. Do you have some unexpected experiences with references? Please, share them with us in comments.

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