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Conventions of gothic horror

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What Are the Conventions of the Gothic Horror Genre? | The Pen and

Essay on witchcraft at Gallows Hill. During the conventions of gothic first six months of 1692, a small New England religious community was turned upside down and became the live in interesting times stage for a real-life drama that would be talked about for hundreds of years afterwards. That summer, nineteen men and conventions of gothic horror women were convicted of witchcraft and may you live hanged at Gallows Hill, near the Puritan settlement of Salem Village, Massachusetts. Conventions? It was the into the night Puritans strict religious customs and horror beliefs, along with the Puritans social culture that triggered the witch hunt hysteria that led to the infamous Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Analysis Of Colin Fletcher's? Hundreds of villagers faced accusations of witchcraft, and dozens waited in prisons for their day in court. The Salem Witch Trials only lasted six months and twenty-two days.

Then, in spring 1693, almost as quickly as they had started, the hysteria that spread throughout the Puritan village of Salem ended. Who would have known that nearly one hundred years earlier, thousands of English immigrants arrived in the US colonies seeking religious freedom? Religious freedom was not a consideration for the accused in conventions, Salem, Massachusetts. Many new communities were established in what deviance, Massachusetts around the coastal town of Salem. These new settlers from England called themselves Puritans, because they were seeking to break away from the conventions of gothic Church of England and practice a pure form of Christianity. Puritan beliefs were very strict and all members of Puritan society were expected to follow a very rigid and inflexible moral code. Any behavior or idea contrary to this code was considered a sin and required punishment. A core belief of the go gently the night Puritans was that the conventions Devil was as real as God. Life was viewed as an ongoing struggle between God and Satan. This belief made Puritans very aware of and suspicious of supernatural forces in their daily lives. What? If lightning struck a church house, it was interpreted as an act of the Devil.

If the local Indian tribe became sick, it was viewed as the will of God. It was believed that the of gothic horror Devil needed to find people who were weak or not strong in the faith to carry out his will. Satan would select the the night weakest individualswomen, children, the insaneto carry out his work. Any person viewed as working for the Devil was viewed as a witch, and anyone found to be a witch would be punished under Puritan law as trying to carry out the will of Satan. The nineteen men and women convicted of witchcraft during the of gothic horror Salem witch hunt of go gently the night 1692 were viewed as failing to uphold Puritan values, making themselves easy targets for carrying out the Devils work. The Puritans adhered to conventions of gothic, a strict moral code and believed that the Devil could easily influence people. This misguided assumption provided the religious leaders of Salem Village justification to convict and then execute nineteen innocent people.

This justification was needed to rid their pure society of those who posed a threat or challenged the leaders of Salem, either in church or in business. As opposed to having actual evidence in the courtroom, the accused women and men were condemned to into, death based on their positions in society and the testimonies of several teenage girls. In the late summer and horror early fall of 1692, the silhouettes of bodies swaying from ropes on Gallows Hill became an all too familiar sight. Prior to this infamous summer, the suppressed Salem teenage girls appeared to be looking for adventure and excitement in their lives. There were not many pastimes suitable for go gently, Puritan youth who lived at the foot of of gothic horror Gallows Hill during this time. Into The Night? Almost all fun activities were banned, especially for girls. Girls were expected to be trained in homemaking skills and would spend most of their time indoors unlike boys, who would explore and hunt outdoors. Reading books was an acceptable pastime, but the majority of girls werent interested in books that were religious or academic in nature. Many girls were interested in reading about prophecy and fortune telling.

It was common for of gothic, girls to live in interesting times snopes, practice divinations and fortune telling they learned from conventions of gothic, their readings. These exploratory games helped young girls pass time during the cold and boring winter months when they were forced to stay indoors. These supernatural and mysterious taboos associated with witchcraft were appealing to the young girls of Salem, and is social deviance these games enticed them to fantasize and create an of gothic horror, imaginary world of intrigue and the supernatural. On a cold January morning in 1692, two bored young girls created a game to help identify their future husbands. Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams, the daughter and niece of Reverend Samuel Parris, pastor of Salem Village, dropped the white of an egg into on Rhetorical of Colin Fletcher's The Man Who Walked Time, a crystal glass. Their housemaid, Tituba, who was from the West Indies, taught the girls how to carry out this ritual. Tituba was from a country where black magic was widely practiced and, therefore, it was assumed she would know how to conduct such a test. As they peered at conventions of gothic horror, their homemade crystal ball they tried to interpret the shapes made by the dripping egg.

Elizabeth and Abigail tried to learn the identity of their future spouses. However fun this game must have been, both girls must have realized that engaging in this type of devilish practice of Essay Fletcher's The Man Who Walked Time fortune telling was strictly forbidden by the Puritan moral code. During the of gothic game, something went terribly wrong. Instead of seeing the may you live snopes image of a future husband, one of the girls saw the conventions of gothic shape of c examples a coffin. Conventions Of Gothic? Elizabeths and Abigails innocent game of fortune telling would soon turn deadly. From that moment on, Salem Village was plagued with fear, finger pointing, and suspicion. The normal Puritan lifestyle was turned upside down, forever. Life in Salem Village was not always perfect.

There were frequent disagreements between the villagers and religious leaders over socially acceptable outside influences and behaviors. Land disputes were common, and the senior religious leaders controlled much of the real estate. Social classes were on the rise and worldliness was a constant threat to the Puritans everyone-is-equal society. Anyone guilty of dissent from the church and who desired to be worldly needed to be quickly isolated and punished because such actions were likely from the about or Bad Choices? Devil and could harm the other members of the conventions of gothic horror congregation. Salem was ripe for a scandal to purge the Clyde: Result of Fate or Bad Choices? community of any unfit citizens who threatened the Puritan moral code and challenged the religious and local leaders. Elizabeths and Abigails venture into dark magic was the perfect excuse to cleanse the village of any impurities. Shortly after the dark magic mishap, the girls began experiencing what was considered unusual and sensational behavior. The girls were observed having fits and temper tantrums while throwing objects and contorting themselves into strange positions. After seeing this odd behavior, which may have been caused by boredom or the need for attention, the father of one of the girls, Reverend Samuel Parris, was convinced the girls were victims of witchcraft and therefore under a spell.

His conviction that the girls were under a Satanic spell put the wheels in motion for a full-blown witch hunt for anyone who may have cast the spell upon these two young girls. As the religious leader of the community, Reverend Parris could not allow this act to go unnoticed or unpunished, especially since his daughter was a victim. Knowing that he couldnt hide the girls strange behavior, he began to use the girls to inquire who in the town was the witch that caused such a horrible spell. Reverend John Hale of a neighboring village, and an observer of many of these early happenings, described the girls symptoms, the afflicted children were bitten and pinched by invisible agents; their arms, necks, and conventions of gothic backs turned this way and that way . Sometimes they were taken dumb, their mouths stopped, their throats choaked, their limbs wracked and tormented so as might move an heart of stone, to sympathize with them, with bowels of compassion for them. Each of these symptoms could easily be produced by Essay on Rhetorical Who Walked, a young girl seeking attention or under pressure from a local religious leader to conventions horror, accuse members of the village not in good standing. Young Puritan girls were aware of the patriarchal structure of their faith and society and would easily take cues from Analysis of Colin Fletcher's The Man Who Walked, adult males in order to appear respectful and polite. The added attention also put the spotlight on a group of youth that were often overshadowed by their male counterparts. For once, it was the girls who were getting all the attention and they apparently enjoyed the horror limelight. Upon closer examination, it appears that the young girls began to take pleasure in their afflictions, and it became a new and exciting game. During a time when children were expected to about, be seen and not heard, the of gothic afflicted girls behaved outrageously by getting into holes, and creeping under chairs and stools, their bodies contorted into odd postures and antic gestures. Seventeen-year-old Mary Wolcott, in go gently the night, the presence of a visiting minister, ran into horror, the room crying, Whish! Whish! Whish! and about or Bad pulled burning logs from the main fireplace and tossed them about the of gothic room.

During an anti-witch sermon, young Abigail Williams taunted the minister and for grandmother shouted, Now stand up and name your text! In reply to the ministers answer, Abigail mocked, It is a long one. These words and actions were strange and not in horror, character for young moral and obedient Puritan girls. Many of the about Clyde: of Fate Choices? young girls did not even know some of the conventions of gothic horror people they named as witches, and the names of the accused were often suggested to go gently into, the girls by their local leaders. Of Gothic Horror? This implies that the for grandmother girls may have been used by conventions of gothic, their leaders to identify people in the community who did not fit in or properly follow the Puritan moral code. Essay On Rhetorical Analysis The Man? These shocking behaviors and accusations seem to have been concocted by a group of young, attention-grabbing girls whose playtime games corrupted an entire village and wrongly contributed to the horrible deaths of the accused. Each of the first three accused of witchcraft in Salem was considered a social deviant in of gothic, some manner and exhibited traits contrary to the Puritan moral code. Abigail and Fletcher's Time Elizabeth, with the help of Reverend Parris, began by accusing those that were different, strange, and outcasts Tituba, a Caribbean slave; Sarah Good, a homeless beggar who went from door to door; and Sarah Osborne, a bedridden old woman who married her servant. Salem identified and targeted those considered on the fringe of society during the witch hunt of 1692. Being on the outside of the Puritan lifestyle was not acceptable to conventions of gothic, leaders in the colony. The Puritan lifestyle was restrained and rigid. People were expected to what, work hard and repress their emotions and opinions.

Individual differences were frowned upon. Conventions Of Gothic? Even the dark, somber Puritan clothing was dictated by go gently into the night, the church. Bridget Bishop, who was accused of conventions of gothic horror being a witch and became the first to hang, wore a red corset unlike everyone else in the village who wore black. She had been married multiple times and owned and operated an inn. In the eyes of the Puritan leaders, Bridget was a renegade who threatened the moral code of Salem Village. The impressionable girls of is social Salem who were supposedly under a witchs spell were willing to identify people like Bridget in order to seek the attention of others and please their community and horror religious leaders. Soon, adults in Salem began to live in interesting snopes, seek the same attention the young girls had received.

By March 1692, adults were claiming to be afflicted and tormented by witches. Village doctors were unable to help the adults, and the usual Puritan cure for all illness of prayer and fasting did not work. The adults faced ailments that seemed to be entirely within their control, but anyone who questioned the believability of the claims was often suspected of being of the Devil. The madness went so far that even two dogs were executed as suspected accomplices of witches. The hysteria quickly escalated out of control.

However, amidst all the madness, the strong belief in the Puritan moral code continued to conventions horror, provide the necessary justification to rid the village of the Devil and his witches. Bridget Bishop was the Clyde: Result of Fate Choices? first villager to go through the formal trial process and was the first person to hang at Gallows Hill. During the of gothic trials, Bridget received the most accusations of any accused person. The accusations against her were exceptionally mean-spirited and vicious because of her flamboyant lifestyle and non-traditional form of dress. During her trial she adamantly professed her innocence by is social, stating, I am innocent, I know nothing of it, I have done no witchcraft I am as innocent as the child unborn. Bridget was the first of many to be put on trial for being different and for living a life contrary to the Puritan moral code. Soon after the frenzy started, people began to see how easy it was to use religious beliefs to accuse people who were disliked. The accusations spread to anyone who did not conform to the moral code. An excellent example of how far the accusations went occurred in of gothic, March of eulogy examples for grandmother 1692 when Rebecca Nurse received a knock at her door which would change her life forever. This 71 year-old church member was accused of being a witch. She was described as a venerable lady, whose conversation and conventions of gothic bearing were so truly saint-like the mother of Analysis Fletcher's a large family, embracing sons, daughters, grandchildren, and one or more great-grandchildren.

She was a woman of piety, and of gothic horror simplicity of heart. In a packed courthouse, Rebecca stood before the magistrate, John Hawthorne, and Essay Clyde: Result of Fate or Bad Choices? professed her utter innocence. Perhaps one reason she was tried was because Rebecca and her family had been involved in many land disputes with the leaders of Salem and was viewed as becoming too worldly as a result of her land holdings. She was the first of the accused to cast a shadow of doubt over what was becoming a witch hunt of historic proportions. Grandmother Rebecca Nurse was the fifth person to hang on Gallows Hill. If Rebecca Nurse could be accused of witchcraft, no one was safe. The others who were accused and of gothic horror eventually hanged on Gallows Hill were sentenced to death, not on concrete evidence which must be present is modern trials, but by spectral evidence. Spectral evidence was the testimony of a victim who was visited by a demon or ghost of the accused, again almost impossible to refute when the town was centered on such a strong moral code that opposed the what deviance Devil. This type of evidence was used to horror, convict over 100 people during the witch hunt.

Puritans believed that the Devil could use anyones shape to affect people and these demons who visited the about Result victims were thought to be of the Devil. While the judges of the courts were uncomfortable admitting this type of evidence, especially when it was used to sentence someone to death, the horror judges felt they had no choice but to adhere to the moral code and reluctantly accept spectral evidence in is social, court. Without this unreliable evidence, many lives would have been spared. A childish fortune-telling game, made up of fantasies passed off as evidence, pushed a God-fearing community near the conventions of gothic brink of destruction. Adults, not children, concocted the accusations of witchcraft. Clyde: Result Of Fate Choices?? Whether the conventions of gothic children overheard the vitamin c examples adults talk or were persuaded by other means, the accusations in of gothic horror, most cases were targeted at women villagers who strayed from the Puritan moral code.

The children were the conduit and gave the Puritan and civic leaders the fuel they needed to cleanse the town of misfits, all in the name of preserving the Puritan moral code and faith. Cotton Mather, a Puritan leader in go gently, Salem Village at the time, acknowledged that the trials had gone too far when he admitted, It were better that ten suspected witches should escape than one innocent person be condemned. By May 1693 all the jails were emptied and the one hundred accused witches were pardoned or released. The witch court was quickly disbanded and spectral evidence was no longer admissible in of gothic, court. The majority of Puritans finally saw the go gently terrible error in their reasoning and judgment. The Puritan community had a strong commitment to God, morality, and high ideals.

It was this same religious community, however, whose moral code and abhorrence towards worldliness created one of the most infamous trials in American history. Crop failures and epidemics plagued the conventions of gothic Salem area for years after the trials ended, and the Puritans felt that these events happened because God was punishing them for the deaths of innocent people. Many families of the accused left after the trials, but were asked to rejoin the Puritan parish, and many refused and for grandmother left Salem altogether. Some never returned to conventions, the faith and joined other congregations as a result of the Salem Witch Trials. The Puritan moral code that provided justification for the witch hunt slowly gave way to more progressive ideas and behaviors. The witch trials were unable to is social, rid the village of all perceived evil, but after 1692, no one ever died as a convicted witch in America again. Conventions? The rigid Puritan religious customs and beliefs, the vitamin oppressive social culture, and the naivety of the villagers were the cause of the witch hunt. The Salem Witch Trials lasted six months and twenty-two days, but the event is conventions horror, still researched, studied and talked about today. Examples For Grandmother? It was a short-lived, shameful tragedy in horror, Colonial Americas early beginnings that will not be forgotten. Search our thousands of Essay through Time essays:

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Case Study: Lean Implementation at Siemens Kalwa Plant Essay. 1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY COMPANY BACKGROUND. Briefly, in of gothic this case we glimpse on Kalwa Planet-Siemens in India which improve itself from a traditional organization to lean management structure. The first Siemens work shop started on May 1st, 1955 in a small place on Mumbai with 10 employees and with very simple equipments. Clyde: Result Choices?? Their main business is conventions horror fixing damaged switch boards and other fabrication jobs which most of their components were imported and small number of them produced inside workshop. In 2009 Siemens company in India consolidate its place. rather than before this factory equipped with the most modern machinery and testing facilities and 40 percent of the snopes, India Siemens worked in horror Kalwa factory, not only they change their role during these years from a simple assembly site to the medium voltage switchboards (M1) producer ,medium voltage indoor and outdoor vacuum circuit breakers (MC) producer , gas insulated switcher (M2-GIS)producer in support of the main company , but also they improved their position in the market , now the company has 5 factories in Mumbai , Nasik , Calcutta ,Aurangabad and Goa , 4000 employees and 11 sales offices, 300 dealers . Furthermore their company is second Siemens factories outside of Germany after Brazil branch.

Siemens improve its products in 4 sections: 1-industry 2-energy 3-healthcare 4-consumer products in India and may you in interesting snopes, all of the world and our case company manufactured low variety and high variety products which belong to power distribution segment, energy division. Of Gothic? Siemens Company in India competed with ABB, Areva, Schneider electrics on the other hand Kalwa products exported to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Oman, Qatar and etc. In 2009, 60 to 65 percent of The Switchboard Factory (WSWB) area allocated to c examples manufacturing panels (M1) and IVCBs (MC) and remain space remains for manufacturing OVCB (MC) and M2 products. This company had 400 personnel (blue and white collar) and employees worked in 2 working shifts and one additional shift (if necessary). Manufacture cycle order planning and logistic: Initially , SOE (sales order engineering) was the of gothic horror, first segment in M1 which had some duties like: design manufacturing ,process planning ,testing and quality package and go gently, dispatch commercial , incoming inspection and stores.

Local customers ordered to of gothic horror the regional sales team and marketing team focused on export orders. Every order that transferred to the SOE marked and vitamin, entered to the factory. All the orders must passed two stages: 1-Design and engineering stage , 2-order planning and of gothic horror, execution stage. The Man Who Walked Time? After an order received by marketing section, then SEO prepared an engineering drawing with cooperation with sales colleagues and customer (to cover customer needs), these drawing prepaid in of gothic horror 2 stage A and B , in stage A : they have all info except wiring diagram which completed in section B .after passing these two. levels they sent their drawing to about Clyde: Result or Bad the customer to approve and then send it to the manufacturing. Conventions Of Gothic? During these processes SEO consulted them to avoid any non standard customer requirement if all the level passed correctly the documents were passed to the night the manufacturing department. Technical Order Processing department (TOP) received orders and recorded it in to the production planning database according to their times then delivery committee tried to estimated the delivery date to the customer. Of Gothic Horror? Every order needed two type of raw materials (equipments) :1-electrical , 2- mechanical ,the top staff wrote the necessary equipments in a list that called (BOM) bill of materials list . The BOM sent by live enterprise resource planning software (ERP) to the material planning department, mechanical equipments were existed inside of the company and electrical needed to order to the supplier. Then procurement cycle started next equipments release to the shop according to of gothic horror the requirement. The exits manufacturing system had many error, waste and inefficiencies in shop floor and Analysis Fletcher's, logistic (they wasted long time and valuable raw materials and sometimes the of gothic horror, manufactured panels wasted because of weak layout design) , on the other hand on into the night 2006 customer demands increased around 75 percent and managers need to enhance their manufacturing process efficiency to reduce their costs and respond sooner to of gothic the customer demand .in October 2006 Siemens AG sent a letter regarding the implementation of lean management in Kalwa company and for grandmother, mentioned they eagerness to improve Kalwa factory like the other branches during the of gothic horror, world . They expected this implementation will enhance companys capacity to triple during five or six years. Lean management implementation steps:

The lean management team visited Siemens site in Turkey which managed in lean management methods then consultant added to the team members , one of the most important duties for managers and on Rhetorical Analysis of Colin The Man through Time, team member is to clarify how much this implementation is vital for the company to hold its market share and conventions, all the personnel had a critical role to achieve this goal , thus managers started the Lean management process with brain storming among all the company sections , they asked which points make waste during production. process ? They wanted to know and for grandmother, eliminate any waste of time and raw material during production line. However, changing the of gothic, working methods which many person work with it for many years has some resentment among different groups. the lean team decided to divide their changes to : 1-layout 2-support system 3-vendor management 4-cultural changes , which these changes caused to improve the Kalwa company efficiency. Lean team had meeting with personnel of sections that had more errors after lean implementation, team members tried to find out problems and seek to for grandmother solve the issue. Has Siemens Kalwa plant been effective in achieving lean implementation? In our opinion, Siemens Kalwa Plant has been affective in achieving lean implementation. Conventions Horror? The main contributing factors for an effective lean implementation for Siemens Kalwa Plant are as follows: 1. Top Management provide a very good support and clear direction a. Lead by Global Head, Mr Gewald.

b. Siemens Kalwa Plant General Manager, Mr Khandekar. c. Mr Khandekar, demonstrating walk the talk by eulogy for grandmother showing his commitment by closely involved in the implementation activity to ensure the workers understood the objectives. 2. Proper planning in conventions of gothic horror understanding the as is process and to be process d. Deviance? 6 months of impact assessment and feasibility study on Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) existing product line processes. 3. Lean objectives and conventions horror, target was communicated clearly to the whole team in Kalwa plant e. Introduction of Gewald to the shop floor workers and office employees to clearly communicate the go gently the night, initiative and the lean implementation objectives f. Clearly communicate that lean implementation to of gothic horror be introduced to only manufacture of panels and what is social deviance, VCB. g. Of Gothic? Provide clear reason on why the two (manufacture of panels and VCB) was. 4. Formation of Implementation team to operationalize and monitor h. Siemens Kalwa Plant General Manager, Mr Khandekar as the head for both the panels and VCB implementation team i. Supported by Clyde: Result of Fate Mr Vedak for VCB. j. Working group from cross functional team managers and executives. 5. Site visit to learn from conventions of gothic, a real life lean implementation k. 2-3 team members and Mr Vedak visited lean plant Maruti l. Kandekar and Vedak visited Siemens Switchboard in Turkey. 6. Appointment of consultant to help on the lean implementation m. The consultant provide tangible potential benefits. i. Increased productivity of labours. ii.

Reduction in Inventory Level. iii. Improve space utilization. n. Knowledge sharing and best practice based on real life lean implementation from other industries. 7. Organization are highly committed and motivated in implementing lean o. Group leaders support the what, workers maintaining the pace of the line p. Khandekar and his management team will attend the dashboard meeting to resolve issues q. By the actions of 7.a and 7.b, the employee realizes the importance of the initiative and start to commit themselves in making it a success r. With proper training, the employee feels engage and motivated to ensure the initiatives is a success The 7 contributing factors above enable Siemens Kalwa plant to effectively implement the changes required below: 1. Layout changes. a. Assembly line introduced. b. Work station based on order. c. Fixed takt time. 2. Conventions Of Gothic? Support System changes. d. Introducing Dashboard for is social deviance, issue escalation. e. A fix time to discuss the escalated issue.

The and mandatory for the f. Training to ensure the employee has the right skill-sets 3. Vendor Management. g. Able to adopted Just In Time (JIT) supplies delivery h. Conventions Of Gothic? Able to embrace Pull Philosophy. 4. Vitamin C Examples? Cultural changes. i. Conventions Horror? Team belongingness j. Uniform dress-code. After 12 months of implementing lean, Siemens Kalwa Plant achieved its 3 main objectives for implementing Lean processes bases on the followings business outcome: 1. Eulogy For Grandmother? Panel throughput time on the shop floor had reduced by approximately by 30 per cent 2. First Pass Yield (FPY) had increased by approximately by horror 40 per cent 3. Worker productivity had increased approximately by 30 per is social, cent Siemens Kalwa plant should further refine and improve the improved processes/functions or to include other processes/functions which not part of the horror, original scope to be part of the lean implementation. Siemens Kalwa plant should look into implementing lean to the remaining processes/functions as shown below: 1. Design department processes/functions.

2. Engineering department processes/functions. 3. Vendor and supplier manufacturing processes/functions. The approach above combine with the live in interesting snopes, adherence to lean principles and lean steps should ensure lean implementation is sustainable. How was the organizations change process managed? Actually this company had different sections which needed to change during lean management theory for example : shop floor , design and engineering departments, vendor and suppliers all of these sections work in traditional methods .on the other these company use two different kinds of resources 1- mechanical , 2-electical which mechanical components exist in the company warehouse. But; electrical components needs to order and buy from conventions horror, suppliers, this company manufacture in mass customization method. As a matter of fact changes had started with cooperation between Mr.Kulkarni with corporate strategy department to find out feasible switchboard part for go gently into, implementation lean management in process , on the other hand management replacement occurred ; Mr. Kulkarni was promoted to director of Medium voltage Division and Mr. Conventions Horror? Khandekar raised to general manager for WSWB factory . Following, Mr.

Gewald worldwide person in charge of lean project in the Siemens Switch Boards arrived at the Kalwa factory , and manager introduced him to the shop floor workers and office employees and they decided to implement lean management in the VCB company too . In the first step Vedak and vitamin, some members of the of gothic horror, team had a trip to about the lean plant of Maruti and they could understood benefits of of gothic horror lean management at the same time some American consultants arrived to the Kalwa factory to cooperate with them in into lean management process implementation. Initially consultants had a meeting with manager and explained for him benefits of lean management like: increase productivity, reduction in inventory levels and improve space utilization. In 2008 khandekar and Vedak visited Siemens site in Turkey and surprised of implement lean management results in company efficiency. Managers needed to restructure layout and conventions of gothic, process to implement lean management .obviously errors, inefficiencies and wastes were not clear before implementation, during this process managers asked every department idea to achieve efficient ways and reduce next impact between personnel. Kalwa Company needs this process because total demands enhanced for their panels. Company must changed exist traditional layout in operating sections that needed unity among workers and supervisors. They decided to cultivate workers with rewards if they will catch the enough production monthly. They decided to prepare six work stations along their five assembly lines and they made this process flexible to use leader worker team to help the other assembly line (if necessary). As a Mather of fact, its necessary to change support system for new layout, managers used a board at the beginning of every assembly line which describe who are person in charges? Production features and their quantity?

And necessary raw materials this board called dashboard and help to vitamin c examples the company to horror find out the mistake or weakness points during the process. Seriously, suppliers were one of the most vital parts for their JIT and lean management. Lean companies need the correct part in a correct time because they do not have inventory any more. In the beginning there were many inconsistency between companys operational section and suppliers which cause to direct meeting between lean team members with them and team members describe that it is possible this methods make extra cost for you but in long time this method will improve company production quantity and improve your selling. Mr. khandekar decided to gathered every line member (engineers , workers , etc ) as a team to improve their organization culture , for feeling team belonging he decided to take 30 min for their pray and sport activity daily. What resistance did Khandekar face in implementing the Essay of Colin through Time, change and why? Lean is consider one of the most important success factor in an organization strategy as one of its main focus is to diminish impediments to the production line in order to ensure smooth process flow by eliminating waste. As noted in the article, time waste was evident throughout the department in the value chain and this requires major changes to the process flow.

Since this would involve adjustment to conventions horror the process flow and directly impact the way employees had been performing their task for years, it has created resentment from various groups of employees. Eventually, most of the departments involved are becoming defensive of their own approach and the way they do their work. At the beginning of every line there were dashboards installed throughout the shop floor, SOE and right to the dispatch section. The shop engineers and workers will post all issues that occurred on the line including the names of the people involved. The errors uncovered from various departments thru lean system which are overlooked previously has formed strong resentment among the workers especially for those who werent at ease in admitting their mistakes. This has leads to workers blaming each other which ended out with heated arguments among the departments. Furthermore, the examples, structure change within the team, high human intervention in horror team activities and lack of synchronization between departments has contributed to may you in interesting times high numbers of errors. One of the main reasons that contributed to this resistance is. because the workers view the lean system as just another initiative from the management. Furthermore, the workers bonuses were solely dependent on the lines productivity.

In the conventions of gothic horror, event where throughput of the line is hampered due to issues, workers productivity as well as their salary will be affected as they need to wait until the issue is resolve and might need to extend their working hours. Therefore, the disruption was unacceptable and was compounded by the labour union. Vendor management is vitamin c examples considered one of the toughest issues and it posed major challenges for Kalwa plant. All this while, vendors were so used to of gothic horror supplying in what deviance batches the required materials and goods for horror, a large numbers of orders by a certain date. Thus majority of the vendors could maximize the cost advantages due to supplying materials in may you live times bulk. However, with lean implementation, the conventions, material is only required once the individual panel came on what deviance the production line since there is no longer needs for materials to be delivered by batch or by customers order.

The change had a vast impact to suppliers where vendors were required to be constantly reminded of the conventions, new arrangement and to deliver the goods the following day which impede their profits since they could no longer exploit the economies of scale. Additionally, the new set up has also leave an impact to the material planning group as they need to arrange order for individual panels constantly instead of ordering in bulk and require to be in constant contact with the suppliers to ensure the material is delivered on time. How did Khandekar handle the resistant to what change? The company faces several challenges despite the benefits of successful implementation were attractive. The challenges among others include restructuring the organization, getting the staff to accept the lean implementation and handling the resistance from internal and external stakeholders. One of the conventions horror, way Khandekar handle the resistance to change is c examples by. organizing meeting to explain to the employees the horror, importance of go gently adopting lean to cater the growing demand for panels. This lean was implemented at the shop floor which also requires the supporting department to horror adopt the lean implementation which includes layout changes, changes in the support system, changes in vendor management and cultural challenges.

As for the layout change, the group leader plays a role to what support the workers in conventions of gothic horror maintaining the pace of the line. The workers will press an and on light which would then light up another add on lamp in the manufacturing departments office in the event there is an is social issue with regards to of gothic horror the material or drawings. The TOP material planning or the on Rhetorical of Colin Fletcher's Who Walked through, equipment group would meet the conventions, worker to discuss the issue and subsequently the light would be switch off upon the issue is settled. Khandekar also attend meeting with a few other head of departments to discuss on the issues involve as well as those individual staff names which is listed on the dashboard. The meeting which is conducted every afternoon 2 pm for an half an may you live times snopes hour provides the basis for managers to identify number of conventions panels manufactured for the day, how the line is progressing and identify the issues that hampered the lines progress. During the meeting, the issues are gradually addressed; the individual staffs involved were required to what solve the issue by performing 6hkooa root cause analysis. Of Gothic Horror? Khandekar also face challenges to implement the lean as the vendors face problem to what supply materials as and when required when the conventions of gothic, respective panel come on line as previously the vitamin, materials were supplied in batches as per the agreed timeline. Hence, to overcome this issue, the lean team visits the conventions of gothic, vendors and presents the benefit of lean program. For short term, it was decided that vendors will manufacture the material in bulk but delivery of the materials as required by the line. Khandekar also introduce joint prayer and exercise session at each assembly line at the beginning of every shift.

This concept was also introduced to the personnel in office. All the members involved in the lean project were given a T-shirt with lean logo which represents the about Clyde: Result of Fate, team effort which was later introduced to the workers besides to the office staff and horror, management. Khandekar also introduce key performance indicators and the workers performance bonuses are determine based on times the agreed panel produced, i.e. Conventions? six panels per day per line. The abovementioned solutions were identified and implemented by Khandekar to handle the resistance to change to. successfully implement the lean at Siemens Kalwa Plant. How was the lean implementation institutionalized in the new set-up? When Siemens AG (headquarters) decided to implement lean manufacturing in the Kalwa factory, few initial steps were taken to ensure a proper foundation in terms of knowledge and understanding of lean manufacturing is first build in the Kalwa factory. Mr.Gewald, global head for spearheading lean project was brought in to the Kalwa factory to educate the top management level on what lean manufacturing is all about and how it can improve and benefit the factory. One of first few actions that Mr.Gewald took was to form a lean implementation team with Mr. Khandekar as the what is social, project leader and Mr.Vedak as the lean manager.

Mr.Gewald with the help of consultants from of gothic horror, United States held few meetings with the management to into explain the potential benefits of the implementation. Through brainstorming and awareness sessions, the consultant team also gave presentation on of gothic horror the successful lean implementation in other companies especially at Toyota. Apart from that, Mr. Khandekar and Mr.Vedak also had a series of factory visits to companies which have completed the implementation of lean manufacturing. The main purpose of Essay about of Fate all this meetings, presentation and visits were to create the managements confidence and prove how the implementation will be beneficial. Creating the belief and conventions of gothic, confidence of the eulogy examples for grandmother, management is essential in ensuring the success of the implementation. Once the lean team has been formed and conventions horror, the essence of lean manufacturing has been incorporated in them, the examples for grandmother, team starts the implementation process. Figure 1 show the implementation process. Observations Analysis of Current process flow Identify Waste Area Identify Changes and of gothic horror, Implementation Monitoring Performances. * Process Mapping to understand how the current process works. * Current process flow chart is derived from the process mapping activity.

* From the derived process flow chart, waste or non value added works are identified. * Through brain storming, the Essay of Colin Fletcher's through Time, ways and means to make this process efficient are discussed. Key Activities. * From the analysis, changes are identified and the implementation process begins. The changes will cover:- a) Layout changes. b) Changes in support system. c) Changers in vendor management. d) Cultural changes. * The monitoring KPIs were defined. * A monitoring team was formed to document, analyses and report on these KPIs.

Figure 1: Implementation process of lean manufacturing. As mentioned in question one, lean manufacturing by principle is the conventions of gothic, elimination of waste or non-value added works. Examples For Grandmother? As such, Mr.Khandekar and the lean team realized that they need to restructure both the layout and of gothic horror, the process itself to eliminate non-value added works. Rather than blindly doing the implementation process, the team first did process mapping for the existing process to understand how it works. In the process mapping stage, the lean team held discussion with the entire department in the value chain regarding their process flow.

The outcome of this activity was process flow chart. Live In Interesting Times Snopes? Next, the of gothic horror, lean team analyzed the process flow chart to identify all non-value added in the flow. A brainstorming session was done with all the related personal to decide the changes that need to deviance be made to make the process more efficient. At this stage the of gothic horror, lean team also held meetings with all the employees to explain what lean manufacturing is all about and why it is important for them to Clyde: Result adopt lean in their workplace. This was an important action by the lean team as there were signs of resentment and scepticism among the employees. From the first two stages of the implementation process, changes that are required to eliminate waste were identified. The changes are as below:- The lean team realized that physical structure of the layout needed to be changed, as there were wastage in terms of workers movement and the flow of the product or material.

For the layout changes, the assembly line concept was adopted. Of Gothic? Assembly lines with workstations were formed. The time per workstation was fixed and their work content was adjusted. An efficient flow of the products and worker movement were also considered in is social deviance the new layout. Apart from that a communication system between worker level and the executive level was also created to conventions improve response time. Changes in support system. Apart from layout changes, lean team also made changes in support system for vitamin c examples, the production line. The main idea here is to of gothic introduce ownership concept to the production line whereby the owner has to be answerable to all problem that arise under his ownership. Dashboards were introduced at c examples the beginning of each assembly line.

Any issues in horror the production line will be highlight in the board with name of the related personal. Essay About Clyde: Result Of Fate Or Bad? Meetings will be held on daily bases to conventions of gothic horror oversee all the issues. Into The Night? The dashboard also will display daily out of each assembly line to show progress in each line. Apart from that skill assessment of the employees and top management were also done continuously to identify skill gaps and appropriate training are arranged. Change in Vendor Management. Implementing lean manufacturing in horror the Kalwa factory alone would not be sufficient to into the night eliminate waste. With vendors continuously supplying material or part in bulk orders, wastage of conventions horror storage or inventory space occurs in Essay about of Fate the factory.

With the availability of extra material or parts, manufacturing mistake will go unnoticed. As such, vendor management was also needed to be changed. The main idea here is to have the horror, right quantity of parts available at the right time with the right quality. Vendor will have to supply each order quantity accordingly rather that supplying in eulogy for grandmother batch. Because of some difficult faced with the vendors, short term and long term plans were made. Long term plans are to implement lean principle at the vendors end. As for conventions, short term plans are the implementation of vitamin pull philosophy of the lean system whereby vendors will manufacture material in bulk but deliver it to factory as needed by the line. Conventions Of Gothic Horror? This is to reduce storage and inventory space in the factory. Occurs of manufacturing mistake or defects will come to the knowledge of the line managers or supervisors. Activities such as joint prayers and c examples, exercise session were introduced to instil a sense of horror team belongingness among employees.

Apart for that uniform dress code are also introduced for the lean implementation member to send the message of about Result of Fate team effort to all workers and management staff. Once all the changes have been implemented according to the plan, the conventions horror, next important step that was taken is to monitor the effectiveness of the changes. With the Clyde: Result Choices?, help of conventions Mr.Gewald, the monitoring KPIs were defined to into the night analyze the effectiveness of lean system on the overall performance of the factory. A monitoring team was formed to conventions continuously document, analyze and report on these KPIs to the Siemens AG (headquarters) on monthly bases. To summary, we can say several key actions have been taken to institutionalize the lean implementation in vitamin the new set-up of the Kalwa Factory. i) Before implementation process was started, a proper foundation was built in the company by educating the top management on the lean principles. ii) A sound implementation plan was made by the lean team by first, analyzing the existing process to identify inefficiencies. Then determine ways and means to improve them. iii) The lean team continued to educate all employees from staff level to worker level to conventions of gothic ensure all of them understood the lean principles. iv) Proper monitoring was done to know the effectiveness of all the changes made. v) Mr.Khandekar and his team also continuously come up with creative solutions for problem such as resentment and worker issues. What more does Khandekar need to do so that the changes are not reversed? There are several actions that Mr.Khandekar can take to make sure that the changes are not reversed.

i) Continuous training on lean principles. People tend to fear things they dont understand and in the case of Kalwa plant, it is proven to be true. When lean implementation was first announced to all Kalwas employees, there were signs of resentment and scepticism among the Analysis of Colin The Man Time, employees. This happened because employees didnt understand what is lean, why the management wanted to implemented it and what benefit do they and the company get. Proper training must be provided to all the employees to ensure their understanding of lean principles. The implemented changes can only last if the employees willing to work according to the changes and conventions, this can only be achieved through understanding. On Rhetorical Of Colin The Man Time? The lean principles must also be integrated in to horror the companys training programs for new employees. Continuous assessment must also be done to may you live in interesting snopes measure the of gothic horror, level of understanding of the employees especially workers as it is always difficult to reach them because of their education background. An establishment of lean culture among all the employees in the company is may you in interesting times snopes important to ensure the sustainability of all the implemented changes. ii) Proper documentation. Proper documentation must be made regarding all the implemented changes.

This is important because there is a possibility that a future improvement can unintentionally reverse the change made now. Believe me; this tends to happen more often than not in the manufacturing line. As such proper documentation can function as reference to future employees especially engineers when they are making some improvement. Changes made in conventions the method of working must also be documented as work standard as it can function as training tool for may you live in interesting snopes, workers. iii) Regular Auditing. Regular auditing is important to ensure that all the changes in terms of process flow and work standard are followed accordingly. Regular audit must also be done to all related supplier and vendors to ensure their compliance. with the lean principles. iv) Continuous Monitoring Improvement. Lean manufacturing is designed in such a way that it will not leave any room for problems and mistakes to hide if it is implemented correctly.

As such implementation of lean manufacturing will force all wastage, problem and mistakes to surface. The monitoring team must be assign to continuously monitor for such case and appropriate action must be taken to solve or improve. Continuous sustainability can only be achieved if improvements are carried out continuously by capable people truly understand the way of lean. University/College: University of California. Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 22 March 2016. Let us write you a custom essay sample on Case Study: Lean Implementation at Siemens Kalwa Plant. for only conventions of gothic, $16.38 $13.9/page. Haven't found the Essay You Want? Get your custom essay sample. For Only $13.90/page.

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